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Black★Rock Shooter (2012 TV Series)

  • Most can agree that many of the B★RS action segments are the best parts of the OVA and series. The anime series itself ramps the action up to brutal levels. For an early 2010 series making use of visually-pleasing CG models and backgrounds, plus the fitting music being played during fight scenes, the 8-episode TV series was even awarded technical achievement in broadcast animation at the 65th Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan Awards in 2012. Here are some notable parts worthy of being mentioned:
    • Chariot marks her entrance by ramming Black Rock Shooter into the wheel of her Giant Spider.
    • Anytime the ★rock Cannon transforms into a different weapon is gloriously animated even for a 3D model, as we get to see its parts moving and changing, like when the protagonist summons the cannon in the first episode's opening, and turns it into a gatling gun against the aforementioned Giant Spider of Chariot.
    • In Dead Master's domain, BRS fights an undead army using her sword and gun. But just before she enters into a Blade Lock with Dead Master, B★RS grabs a skeleton's axe in midair and times it perfectly with the former's attack.
    • The fights with Insane Black★Rock Shooter become more brutal as she became insane she no longer holds back. A couple of her feats include launching a sneak attack into Black Gold Saw using a concealed barrel of her gun, as well as an unflinching walk when walking towards Strength.
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    • Where else have you seen someone skate on lava using the blade of a BFS?
    • How was the final enemy defeated? Mato Kuroi unleashed the power of the rainbow using a cannon whose barrel is even larger than any man. And no, its not a mounted weapon, Mato is holding the cannon with her hand, it just grew tremendously large during its transformation sequence.
  • The idea of an otherself. That there is someone who cares about you so much that they take the suffering meant for you, no matter how much you are loved or hated, is epic, heartwarming, and a tearjerk all wrapped into a you-shaped package.

Black★Rock Shooter: The Game

  • The fully animated 2D intro(and also a trailer) for the game, is made more awesome with ONE OK ROCK's "No Scared" playing in the background. One may think that it is a generally improved version of the music video's PV with more vibrant colors but with this game's setting and characters. Such a shame that they could have made more like this rather than having 3D models with limited animations during cutscenes.

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