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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Black★Rock Shooter (2009 OVA)
  • The near-final scene of the OVA, in which B★RS gets Dead Master out of Yomi's body with The Power of Love.

Black★Rock Shooter (2012 TV Series)

  • At the end of Episode 7 of the anime, Yomi remembers Mato, wondering why she was trying to forget her friend. Though it's as heartwrenching as it is heartwarming, since the return of the negative emotions her relationship with Mato caused has her crying in pain.
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  • A good portion of Episode 8, especially this line which summarizes why the otherselves are fighting.
    Black★Rock Shooter: "Because we love you"

Black★Rock Shooter: The Game

  • In the manga adaptation of the game, Stella spares XNFE's life and the latter returns the favor by commanding her drones to destroy the debris that are about to fall on Stella and Nana. And before the two leave, she mentions this line which is implied to be a genuine favor and a change for the better:
    "Stella... if, some day, we happen to meet again in another life... when that time comes... let's be friends..."
  • The manga presents the Apostles being with White★Rock Shooter even before the apocalypse started, and while the latter was still known as Sing Love. Even before they nebladed anything, they already have their dominant personalities, and are not totally the world-ending threats as they are presented.
    • SAHA is dressed up like a butler, waiting for Sing Love's orders and patiently watches her while she finishes her tea.
    • LLWO and MEFE share the same bed, embracing each other even when asleep.
  • SZZU falls asleep in CKRY's arms. When awake, she jokingly calls her brother's act of watching over her as "siscon". But she doesn't mind this, and wishes for the day when CKRY would finally be able to see her face (as CKRY is implied to be blind in the manga).
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  • In the final chapter of the manga, Nana is revealed to be alive and well. It's just that Sing Love took Nana's hair pin away and placed it in her tongue so that she can intimidate Stella into fighter her at full power, as the previous chapter implies that Nana has been nebladed. After the final battle, SAHA sends Stella back to Earth, and our protagonist can do nothing but weep upon seeing her sister again. There's also this final line of Sing Love which implies that she actually cares for her last "children".
    That's Sing Love's... Last Present.

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