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Being an all-female cast, and the overall emotional theme of the series, expect a lot of Les Yay examples.

Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)

  • There is quite a lot - Mato even tells Yomi "I love you!" at one point (she's joking... perhaps). In fact, Les Yay is the driving point of the story, if you consider their close attraction love. It's definitely a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship.

Black★Rock Shooter (noitaminA 2012 Anime)

Oh dear Lord, so much so than the OVA.

  • To begin with, the redesigned Dead Master is wearing a wedding veil, and the trailer has her wrapping up B★RS in chains...
  • The website takes this Up to Eleven, ranting about their "bonds" together and even dropping the word "love" semi-vaguely in there.
  • And of course the anime just completely runs with it in the first episode with Yomi calling Mato "beautiful".
  • The second episode has Yomi's mother refer to Kagari as having always felt "love" for Yomi since childhood. Wonder what kind of love that is...
  • This exchange should pretty much sum it up:
    Yuu: "Hey Mato, you want a boyfriend?"
    Mato: (incredulous look) "Eh? Too soon!"
    Yuu: (slyly) "I guess you have your Tiny Bird."
    Mato: (flustered) "Don't make assumptions!"
  • Not to mention the whole "Mato and Yomi blushing at calling each others' first names", Mato and Yuu apparently the only ones to share a bed at the training camp, and the part where Yuu points out that Mato's been with her "Tiny Bird", Mato reacts all giddy and embarrassed.
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  • In Episode 3, Kohata slaps Mato on the butt. As Mato leaves embarrassed, Kohata says she is cute.
  • Mato and Yuu may have possibly the sweetest moment in the anime (Episode 5), to the point where they almost kiss in the middle of a sunset.
  • And then we have young Saya's relationship with the real Yuu and a Counselor/Student Romance of older Saya and Strength.
  • And in the final episode, Yuu and Strength. Though that's practically Screw Yourself.


Black★Rock Shooter: The Game

  • Just before we get to fight MEFE, she gets to chat with our protagonist and proceeds to smell her up close.
    • The manga adaptation however turns the scene Up to Eleven by having the two share a chest-to-chest-contact with MEFE repeatedly caressing Stella's face. And they even retain this posture while having a short conversation.
  • Stella and Nana Gray have their moments alone during the latter half of the game, such as sharing the same bed and riding-in-tandem on the same bike.
    • Just like the above example with Stella and MEFE. It gets even better in the manga adaptation with Nana Gray hugging Stella several times, and guarding her while she is sleeping naked in the Memory Unit.

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