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"You like chocolate? That's cute."

"It's like Kubo based Renji's pose off of an underwear model."
"At this point it is clear Bleach is about fashion models pretending to be shinigami at war."
— Fangirls discussing the page image (Valentine's Day Best Bouts).

Bleach features all of your favorite Magical Girl tropes in Spear Counterpart goodness, starring an adorable Magic Warrior Idol Singer named Strawberry, who fights against Heartless animals and their fabulous leader, Aizen.


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  • Let us begin with the fact that Ichigo and Uryuu's mutual initial reaction to each other is to stalk one another at school and around town (Uryuu when Ichigo first becomes a Shinigami, Ichigo once Uryuu reveals his powers), instead of, y'know, having a conversation, or even punching each other in the face, like Ichigo usually does to get to know people better.
  • Not four minutes into episode twelve (in the English dub) Ichigo tackles Ishida to the ground, panting rapidly. Ishida responds "why is your face so tense?" Sure, Ichigo is pissed about the hollow, but if you ignore that..
  • In episode 14 as Ishida is saving Ichigo's life (by standing on Ichigo's sword and letting his bow get huge) he tells him the following: "If we both don't survive this we won't have each other to beat up!" Hell, pretty much all of episode 14 was definitely symbolic of... something. Uryuu's past is shown to be analogous to Ichigo's (horrible death of beloved parent figure results in burning need to prove worth) but without being shaped by positive relationships like Ichigo's with his sisters and with Rukia. Ichigo's reaction to Uryuu breaking down in tears is, "Shit, I can't hit a guy who looks that pathetic...".
  • Chapter 214: Even as Uryuu is becoming increasingly convinced Ryuuken's trying to kill him instead of restore his powers, he's still aware of the battle going on between the Shinigami and the Arrancar, and worried about Ichigo.
  • Ishida's desperate attempt to stop hollowmode!Ichigo from tearing up what he believes is Ulquiorra's corpse. Not for any concern about Ulquiorra, but because he knows how horrified Ichigo will be when he comes back to himself. Then he gets impaled on Ichigo's sword. And forgives Ichigo for stabbing him immediately.
  • Ever since the time skip, this seems to be taken even further.
    • Chapter 426: Not only is Ishida reintroduced kicking ass in perfect synch with Ichigo, but they proceed to argue because Ichigo is the one more concerned about maintaining Ishida's honor student reputation.
    • Chapter 429: Orihime ends up being the one who tries to get Ichigo to cop to what's bothering him... but only because she got there a little faster than Uryuu, who came over with the same intention.
    • Chapter 430: Uryuu is struck down by a mysterious attacker but refuses to tell Ichigo what happens, and snaps at Ryuuken when he points out that sharing information is in everyone's best interest. Maybe Uryuu was just generally irritated by his father's presence, but one exchange suggests that his biggest concern was keeping (depowered) Ichigo out of danger by preventing him from running after the attacker. Ichigo's reaction? To run straight to the creepy dude he's been avoiding for several chapters because Uryuu getting hurt means he needs his powers back NOW. note 
  • In chapter 459 one scene features Ichigo looking like he's giving Ginjo head all out in the open while the injured Ishida looks at them with an upset expression on his face.
    • In chapter 486, Ishida claims that he's unable to accompany the group to Hueco Mundo. Ichigo immediately agrees, and then the expressions they give each other...
    • Chapter 491: Ichigo's reaction to Qilge's... unique... appearance in Vollstandig is "If Ishida ever transformed into such a sad excuse for a costume, I'd have to cut him down on principle!" Oh really, Ichigo. Got a lot of opinions about Ishida's wardrobe, now?
    • Chapter 530: Masaki and Ryuuken are first cousins, which makes their sons second cousins. Awkward! By American standards, at least. The Quincies clearly have no problem with it at all, since Ryuuken and Masaki had an arranged engagement as teenagers.
    • Chapter 544: Uryuu has been established as Yhwach's Unexpected Successor, and now appears beside Yhwach with Haschwalth as Co-Dragons. This sets him up as a possible Boss Battle for Ichigo, if only to finally reveal his hidden motives. And given that Ichigo is known for insight into his opponents' psyches....
    • Chapter 586: Ichigo learns that Ishida has sided with Yhwach and is... not happy about it. Ishida uses this moment to tell Ichigo not to throw his life away. Furthermore, as Ishida leaves, he's asked if he "said his goodbyes". In other words, Ishida wanted to talk to Ichigo.

    Strawberry/Other Rivals and Enemies 
Ichigo has Ho Yay moments with pretty much every one of his current and former rivals, starting with Ishida, and all the way up to Aizen (see chapter 388 below).
  • Renji/Ichigo: Take off your clothes! in episode 67. Also, the beginning of the scene here has Renji getting really close to Ichigo's face with a big smile on his face.
    • Not to mention this line from the third movie Fade to Black.
      Ichigo: (fighting Renji who didn't remember him) "Then I'll make your body do the understanding!"
    • The filler usually has fun with images like this.
    • In episode 333 after seeing Ichigo get hit by an attack and falling out of the sky Renji runs after him to save him while screaming Ichigo's name. And in episode 334 when Ichigo wakes up Renji is shown sitting by his side watching over him and whispers Ichigo's name.
    • This video highlights some nice moments.
    • Ichigo and Renji also tend to butt heads within moments of trying to do almost anything, often to the point of immediate physical violence, but will nonetheless put their lives on the line for each other at a moment's notice.
    • Chapter 682 has Renji telling Ichigo that he'll have his back until the day he dies out of gratitude for repairing his and Rukia's friendship.
  • Byakuya/Ichigo: Byakuya Kuchiki!
    • Chapter 473: Byakuya defeats Tsukishima not just because it's the right thing to do, but because Tsukishima has Mind Raped Ichigo and basically ruined his life. The kicker? Byakuya has, in fact, been brainwashed into thinking that Tsukishima was his mentor in swordsmanship. Ichigo is STILL more important to him. Not even Chad and Orihime were able to overcome the brainwashing and help like that.
  • Kenpachi/Ichigo: Ken-chan seems to get off on fighting, so many of his scenes with... anyone... can carry some suggestive tones. And Ichi is his best friend.
  • Grimmjow/Ichigo: Grimmjow, initially thinking him an annoyance that scarred his chest, gradually grows more and more obsessed with defeating Ichigo. He even keeps the scar to be constantly reminded of how Ichigo defeated him. After their second fight, Grimmjow's attitude towards Ichigo becomes more intense, and more obsessed with defeating him. The fact that Grimmjow is Ichigo's Evil Counterpart just adds more fuel to the already-sizzling fire.
    • In the dub, Grimmjow demands Ichigo say "That you want to get a hold of me and rip me apart!" or saying how much he's been waiting to fight Ichigo at his full strength and excitedly asking if Ichigo feels the same way. When Ichigo says he doesn't, Grimmjow gets pissed and screams "don't give me that pathetic lie!" After their fight, the anime has Ichigo lowering Grimmjow to the ground very gently.
    • After Grimmjow's return to the action in the Vandenreich arc, every word he's directly said to Ichigo comes across as him being obsessed with Ichigo. Saying the scars Ichigo left on him still burn? Accepting an Enemy Mine situation just so he can "gut" and "stab" Ichigo again? In the words of George Takei: "Ooooooooh my!"
  • Ulquiorra/Ichigo: Ulquiorra puts his arm through Ichigo's bare chest which results in a gaping hole. Grimmjow later mentions that Ulquiorra only puts that hole on his favorite victims. And later on Ulquiorra blasts Ichigo again which causes the hole to get even bigger. Oh, and how he gets noticeably pissed when he finds out Grimmjow made Orihime revive Ichigo after he defeated him for the purposes of fighting him.
    • Grimmjow got inordinately pissed when he found out Ulquiorra's been going after "his prey" (Ichigo).
  • Aizen/Ichigo: Apparently Aizen's master plan is to get Ichigo in the sack.
    • Aizen/Ichigo has catapulted every chapter since then, culminating with the ultimate stalking phrase: "I've known about you since the day you were born." Although, considering that, these continued revelations probably mean that Aizen sent Grand Fisher to kill Ichigo's mother. Meaning this could be Aizen/Isshin, with Ichigo being the kid Aizen wants to buddy with. Not to mention Aizen telling Ichigo "You are the very thing I'd been searching for" and telling him not to disappoint him because he knows he's a strong fighter.
    • Aizen leaves Ichigo to destroy his hometown with a promise to come back later to eat him. Aizen-sama only knows what the hell that means.
    • Even before that after Aizen reveals himself as a Big Bad he informs Ichigo "For a human, you were truly fascinating."
    • During the "White Day" note  event of the Bleach Brave Souls Mobile Video Game, several (male) characters appear to bring gifts. Most of these are for girls (read: Orihime) but Aizen and Gin show up... to mess with Ichigo. For the Evulz? Maybe. But did Aizen really have to put on a sexy tailored suit and disguise his Zanpakuto as a giant bouquet of roses?note 
  • On a slightly lesser note, Muramasa got this with Ichigo during their last fight, ending with Ichigo holding Muramasa's hand as he slowly dies, happy to have found someone that genuinely connected with him, that "connected" part is up for interpretation, of course.
    • Not only in the last fight but mainly with all their fights, Muramasa insisted that he was greatly intrigued by Ichigo, that he had an interest in him.
    • And Tobiume once states to Haineko "You know, Muramasa-san seemed pretty infatuated with him (Ichigo), didn't he?"
  • Mayuri/Ichigo: Their interactions are... interesting, to say the least. Ichigo appears to have merrily escaped Mayuri's wrath for now. But it looks like Mayuri now seems very interested in him — both because of Ichigo's happy comment which pissed him off, and because of Ichigo's potential.
  • Toshiro and Ichigo have a bit of this as well. Specifically how Ichigo always calls him Toshiro without the usual "it's Captain Hitsugaya" rebuke.
    • And the Ho yay level between those two increase very much in the second movie; The DiamondDust Rebellion.
    • Following the theme of the movie, in the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc... Ichigo was also there when Hyorinmaru returned to Hitsugaya.
  • Kokuto gets some with Ichigo, and by some, we mean they have a Held Gaze moment...
  • Then there was this one (anime-only) fight with this snake-themed badguy.
    Ryo Utagawa: You're full of openings.
    • From that same episode Kariya the leader of the Bouts offers We Can Rule Together and "wants to get into his body."
  • Ginjou/Ichigo vibes include Ginjou teasing Ichigo as "cute" for liking chocolate, Taking the Bullet for Ichigo when Tsukishima tries to cut Ichigo and Ichigo's Say My Name scream in response. Chapter 459 has Ichigo looking like he's giving Ginjo head. Then in Chapter 477, Ichigo defeats Ginjou, they stare into each other's eyes and Ginjou thinks "Ichigo...". Ichigo then travels to Soul Society just to make sure Ginjou gets a proper burial.

    Strawberry/Other Friends 
  • Chad/Ichigo. Keigo, the lovable idiot, comments in one scene: "What the heck? The two of you didn't go somewhere together, did you?" Chad and Ichigo share a confused look prompting Keigo to scream "Why're you looking at each other?! Don't tell me something happened between the two of you over summer vacation..."
    • Also, Chad has sworn to only fight if its in defense of Ichigo. About as romantic a sentiment as you can get.
    • In chapter 456, Chad tells Ichigo with a pained expression on his face "I didn't get stronger to hurt you!"
    • In chapter 485 Chad said he wanted to help Ichigo against their newest enemy even when no one else would.
  • Keigo/Ichigo: Keigo glomps Ichigo in episode 15 by way of wrapping his legs around Ichigo's torso and his arms around Ichigo's neck.
  • Mizuiro/Ichigo: according to Keigo Ichigo is the first person Mizuiro has truly gotten close to, and Ichigo's unexplained disappearances caused him to retreat further into himself refusing to answer his cell phone and going to school alone.

  • When they meet in Soul Society Arc, Sui-Feng furiously fights her old master and mocks her for being a exile. But by the end of their battle, Sui-Feng breaks down crying. "Yoruichi-sama, why didn't you take me with you?"
    • Sui-Feng stalks Yoruichi in an attempt to see her naked, and in the video games expresses jealousy that Ichigo and Yoruichi had a bath together.
    • Certain flashbacks provide some very sweet scenes featuring young Sui-Feng looking flustered when young Yoruichi asks her to treat her with less formality, or Yoruichi resting her head on Sui-Feng's lap to stare at the moon. With red petals in the background. Yea.
    • Yoruichi demonstrates the proper kendo form to Sui-Feng... by doing the standing equivalent of spooning.
      • Sui-Feng has also received a Bridal Carry from Yoruichi a few times, such as here.
  • This is also speculated by some to be the reason Sui-Feng refuses to help the Vizards until Hachi says he'll seal up Yoruichi's best buddy/possible love interest Urahara for a month.
  • The ending themes seem to back this up. Human Yoruichi made her first appearance in Sui-Feng's captain ending theme and then there's the fact that in the 7th ending theme they are essentially cuddling.
  • Let's just go ahead and say this one is practically canon, at least on Sui-Feng's part. It's a running gag in the manga omake's that whenever the Shinigami Woman's society tries to do or make something, she votes for it to be Yoruichi-themed.
  • Also, there's this moment in the anime where Sui-Feng blushes and fangirls over pictures of Yoruichi.
  • This scene where Sui-Feng blushes and acts flustered when she remembers how Yoruichi had her in a Bridal Carry.
  • And then there's this scene where Sui-Feng blushes when giving chocolates to Yoruichi.
  • When Sui-Feng first laid eyes upon Yoruichi when she was young, she likened it to looking upon a goddess. Sui-Feng admired Yoruichi's strength, beauty, and nobility to the point where it passed admiration and became worship.
  • In chapter 479 it seems Sui-Feng's obsession with Yoruichi is still strong, hinted when she tells Ichigo "Don't get so familiar with me. You're worthless to me if Yoruichi-sama is not with you!"
  • In Colour Bleach there's a 13 court guard squad aptitude test, some of the questions that get you into squad 2 are "I am attracted to strong women", "I like tall women" and "I want a beautiful women to kiss me" they can also get you into squad 10, but, yeah...

  • Yumichika hides the form of his shikai so he can stay in the 11th division with Ikkaku; he's willing to die rather than reveal it, which is a little hardcore for friendship. In the Final Arc, when Ikkaku is taken down by the enemy, Yumichika actually starts to release the real shikai to protect him, before being taken out. One episode reveals they have been traveling companions for a very long time, even before becoming Shinigami, where the anime team make Yumichika behave like Ikkaku's wife, following him around in a colourful kimono, and caring for him after fights.
  • Ikkaku can recognize Yumichika's laugh and be distracted by it while both are fighting in different fights... and there was at least the distance of a town between them.
  • When Ikkaku is defeated and his pillar crushed, Yumichika freaks out. When Hisagi tries to stop him rushing to Ikkaku's aid, Yumichika threatens him and has to be knocked out by Kira. This contradicts how calm he was to Keigo when watching Ikkaku fight Edorad. Seems like Yumichika's only okay when he knows Ikkaku is. "I knew you were okay, Ikkaku!"
  • In episode 229, Ikkaku and Yumichika are sitting in a park, with Ikkaku bitching about Keigo's sister. Yumichika smiles, says they should be grateful for the hospitality, and promptly unbuttons Ikkaku's jacket. He's teasing Ikkaku's attempt to hide the Ikkaku/Mizuho t-shirt Keigo's sister forced Ikkaku to wear, but Shipping Goggles gives it another interpretation.

How 'bout any of the same-gender shinigami/zanpakuto relationships? Weird case of Selfcest, true enough, but they're beings unto themselves - people in their own right — just spawned from, and based on somebody elses' consciousness.
  • BUT two boys, all over each other, with wind blowing through their hair, now that's sexy!!
  • Rangiku and Haineko. Since Haineko is portrayed more in the light of a teenager, despite looking in between 21-28, it's easy to view their relationship as that of a mother/daughter type, more specifically in episode 262. They have similar interests in fashion (Rangiku likes looking "cute", Haineko likes looking "sexy", both have good taste in their clothes), love drinking sake, and enjoy teasing others, male and female alike. Plus, don't forget the moments that have them very close together, with arms wrapping around each others' shoulders and faces close enough to make it seem like they're about to kiss, sometimes while flirting. For the latter, there was a moment where they were in the real world, wearing school girl outfits, Rangiku creeps up behind her, slowly moving her own face to Haineko's, whispering "All that's keft..." in her ear, before moving Hainekos' shirt down to reveal more of her cleavage, saying "You look much hotter this way". Finally, in episode 265, we have Haineko lying unconscious on the ground, Rangiku tickles her cheek, gently saying (like how a mother would) that if Haineko won't wake up, she'll "ruin her pretty face".
    • And before that, during their fight, Haineko slashes at Rangiku's chest, ripping off enough fabric to cause her boobs to jiggle. Cut to a smirking Haineko coyly licking the corner of her lips, saying "I was trying to make you sexier".
  • In Episode 232, Rukia fights the manifestation of Sode no Shirayuki, her zanpakuto; there are several lines on Rukia's part musing about how beautiful she is, and the battle ends with Rukia and Shirayuki pressed face-to-face in a Six-Rod Light Prison. And let's not forget Shirayuki reaching almost tearfully for Rukia's hand before Muramasa intervenes.
  • Tobiume/Momo. What with Tobiume praising her after their fight, which was before Muramasas' influence on her was lifted.
  • Byakuya/Senbonzakura for that whole "loyalty and obedience" bit, Yumichika/Kujaku and Ikkaku/Hozukimaru for being almost exactly alike, Hisagi/Kazeshini and Sui-Feng/Suzumebachi for being total opposites.
  • Hisagi and Kazeshini get about two or three episodes to explore their relationship. Kaze-fucking-shini is a Psycho for Hire while his wielder is a Technical Pacifist.
  • Muramasa and his master Kouga, especially when after Muramasa getting rejected by him he falls to despair.
    • Can't forget this scene. Yes, that's Muramasa talking.
  • There's also Nanao/Kyokotsu — the ninja girl half, that is. Thanks to Nanao, we've learned that, other than being a borderline sociopath, Kyokotsu is actually quite shy around people and has a very hard time expressing herself, leading her into becoming coldly distant and secretive most of the time. Case in point, Nanao is the Cool Big Sis, with Kyokotsu as the cute and shy little sister.
  • Haineko/Tobiume. Even as they argue almost every time they share a scene, they're nearly always seen hanging together, and later, while the teasing and arguing remain, it's more on the playful side, something both seem to enjoy pretty well. At one point, Haineko also gropes Tobiume's flat... ehm, slim chest.
  • Haineko/Yoruichi — Aside from playful taunting and Yoruichi posing for them (her way of showing that she's sexier), once her way of escaping was blocked, Yoruichi muses on how she'll have to fight more seriously (i.e. hurt them, not knock out or bind), earning a flirtatious smirk from Haineko, coupling it with a mischievous "Hmmmm", as if she was gonna say "I like the way that sounds". Plus, after forcing Yoruichi back underground, Haineko says a very playful "Hiiiii", once again flashing that coy, yet cocky smirk. Note that this was when Haineko was under Muramasa's influence, so chances are that they're on presumably friendlier terms nowadays, which means more "fun time with fellow felines!"
  • Ichigo/Tensa Zangetsu. Anyone remember that stabby bit in chapter 420, and the crying? And afterwards... "What you want to protect is not what I want to protect. What I wanted to protect… was you, Ichigo." Apart from being a Tear Jerker, it could easily be implying something else...

  • Tesla is implied to wear an eyepatch over his right eye to show his admiration and respect for his idol, Nnoitra. Tesla worries about Nnoitra's wellbeing: he shields him against Chad's last assault, despite Nnoitra's criticism of him; he runs to Nnoitra's side when Nnoitra is hit by Nelliel's Cero Doble; he cries over Nnoitra's death. Upon sensing Zaraki's reiatsu, Nnoitra screams at Tesla to flee. Tite Kubo has confirmed that Nnoitra was grief-stricken by Tesla's defeat.
    • In the timespan between when Nnoitra was 8th Espada to 5th, Tesla seemed to have followed him around so incessantly, that Nnoitra eventually made him his Fraccion. It's possibly why Nnoitra knows he can treat him so harshly whenever Tesla comes to his aid, but still tries to keep him from getting killed. Databooks confirms Nnoitra saw him as his confidant at least, enough to reveal his Despair Event Horizon.
    • Then there's all the implications in that 2010 calendar's February. And if that wasn't enough, when the Espada VA's get to do cover songs for the Bleach soundtrack, Nnoitra & Tesla sang Ranbu No Melody, which is a love song.
  • Renji to Byakuya: "If you had died, who would I aim for to get stronger?"
    • What about that scene right after, which went something like this:
    Renji (to Byakuya): "Captain... I..."
    Ichigo: "RENJI!"
    Renji: "Shut up! What do you want? I was just about to say something heartfelt!"
    • And if that's not enough, in the Bleach Concept Covers, the voice actors of Renji and Byakuya (Itou Kentarou and Okiayu Ryoutarou, respectively), sing a cover of "Sen no Yoru wo Koete", the love song ending for the first Bleach film.
  • Isane's strong admiration for Retsu Unohana. Post-manga canon confirms that Isane was indeed in love with her now deceased captain.
  • Explain why Aizen and Gin aren't listed here. My God, there's not much in canon besides the "I have never considered anyone my Lieutenant but Gin" scene, but when you get into the theories on subtext and then the fanfics... Again, My God.
  • So much between Izuru Kira and Gin Ichimaru. Or at least on Izuru's side.
    • Some of which is arguably present in Rock Musical Bleach.
  • And if we go to the manga... the words that Rose used to describe the either dead or on the brink of death Kira in chapter 495 simply ooze with Ho Yay.

  • The cover of Chapter 223 shows Rukia and Orihime standing together and holding hands while naked.
  • At one point, Rukia comforts Orihime and wipes away her tears with her hand while leaning into her... and then Hiyori interrupts. Orihime has stated that she loves Ichigo, but she ends up in tears over her jealousy of how easily Rukia fixes Ichigo's mood. The reason why is because she thinks Rukia is so kind and beautiful, and that she loves Rukia very much. Rukia didn't have much of a social life as a Soul Reaper prior to the events of the manga. Ukitake implies Orihime is her first new friend. As a child, she was the only girl in a group of boys.
    Orihime: "Kuchiki-san is really something, isn't she? Even though Kurosaki-kun was really, really upset, she was able to cheer him up with just one whack...She's so kind and strong and pretty. I really like her!"
  • In the Bount Filler arc, Orihime frees Rukia from the influence of a Bount by hugging her and using her powers on her.
  • Kubo drew this picture, which contains more Les Yay than simply Orihime and Rukia (look at Chizuru's hand).
  • The 10th opening, titled "Shoujo S", has some scenes where Rukia and Orihime dance together and hold hands.
  • When Rukia defeats Aaroniero, she is gravely injured. Her last conscious thoughts focus on Orihime; she swears to reach her, no matter what, because of how well she understands Orihime's feelings. In a scene reminiscent of a shoujo manga, the imprisoned Orihime senses the disappearance of Rukia's distant reiatsu and collapses in tears, calling out Rukia's name.

Hush, everyone! Father and Mother are talking!
  • They're old student colleagues, now fellow captains who've been best buddies for more than three thousand years. With that amount of time they spent trust each other so completely that they'll even break the law together without asking any questions of each other, and understand how the other thinks even though they're total opposites. Fatherly and kind, their role in the story is usually mentoring the younger characters (who actually get to fight /mini-rant), expositioning, and embarrassing people (Byakuya, Nanao, and Hitsugaya are favorites).
    • And then we get the battle with Starrk. Protagonists trying to kill people in shounen are not supposed to be so casual about it (or in Shunsui's case, fight so dirty). They even point out everyone else is getting 'serious' in a Final Battle manner. Quietly confident, dealing with one another and fighting Starrk with ease, you can easily believe they've been doing this kind of thing for centuries, confounding enemies (Starrk doesn't know what to do with Ukitake, and they know it). And then there's Kyoraku's reaction to Wonderweiss. Put it down to shock, fine, but in that fight it was the only moment he got upset. They work too well together for there not to be subtext. As this troper had the supposedly Real Life Spartan example of Battle Couple explained to her once — 'the idea was that if you killed one person, the one behind him now had a really good reason to kill you. And had a sword.'
    • Kyouraku (who Ukitake has effectively got wrapped around his little finger) calls him "iro otoko" which means "lover, lady-killer, sexy guy" (make of that what you will).
    • Shunsui Kyoraku is the Brilliant, but Lazy Chivalrous Pervert who would rather spend his days sleeping, drinking, or flirting. But when Ukitake was stabbed through the chest by Wonderweiss, it was the one time he lost his cool, as he instantly responded by trying to attack the arrancar.

  • The scene where a very naked Matsumoto tickles and straddles Orihime to, um, cheer her up. With more to add, they have similar personalities, so their relationship is both an older/younger sister type on most cases, and as a mother/daughter one whenever Character Development decides to show itself, like in the video above.
    • There's also the scene before that where Rangiku visits Orihime at her house, hugs her, and asks her to join her in the bath, and says that she loves Orihime because she's so kind.
  • There's also the scene where Ichigo woke up in bed and saw that Tessai was under the covers and on top of him, about an inch from his face.
    • Mustn't forget about Tessai putting Ichigo in an armbinder during his shinigami training.
    • Around Ichigo and Urahara, Tessai seems to have No Sense of Personal Space.
    • This happened to Ikkaku, too, in the filler. Tessai had him half-stripped and Ururu was helping to hold Ikkaku down. It made Yumichika very upset.
  • Kisuke/Mayuri. That jail scene was pretty heated and you can bet that Mayuri reacts super pissed off at Ichigo upon mentioning Urahara's name. Mayuri and Urahara might have a similar situation to Sui-Feng and Yoruichi. Abandonment issues much?
  • For Orihime's worst enemy in the Hueco Mundo arc, Loly has a lot of extremely uncomfortable moments with Orihime. Both times she and her sister go after Orihime, it's very easy to read their interaction as that of a Psycho Lesbian rapist and her intended victim or a Depraved Bisexual targeting the girl she's jealous of. To elaborate, whenever she's not trying to kill Orihime, Loly is stroking her hair, invading her personal space, pinning her against walls, calling her "Orihime-chan", almost seductively whispering in her ear, caressing her face, tearing her clothes... you get the picture.
    "I can do whatever I want to you...and he won't get mad at me."
  • Yammy and Ulquiorra? Watching their interactions, it is really hard to see a reason why Yammy keeps tagging along with Ulquiorra and always wanting to help him in spite of Ulquiorra's general jerkiness. Logistically speaking, its probably for the best that Yammy seems so Uke about it.
  • Grimmjow/Ulquiorra. Especially on Grimmjow's part, what with knowing things about Ulquiorra that Ulquiorra hadn’t even known about himself. And the shirt grabbing. And the very phallic-looking cover page on the Corrosion of Conformity chapter.
  • There's also Wonderweiss and Tousen in the one anime omake where Wonderweiss is rubbing up against Tousen and then the background turns pink with sparkles and flowers.
  • Kenpachi/Byakuya This vid.
  • Don't forget about Chad/Noba.
  • Rukia's "Younger Sister" Homura from the third movie is one hell of a Yandere towards her. After all, she wants to kill all the Shinigami to keep them from coming between her and Rukia, and is fond of Glomping her.
  • Chizuru is a very open and proud lesbian and generally makes advances towards any girl she considers attractive. She has a very open infatuation with Orihime. This includes calling her "Hime" (meaning princess) and "my Honey!", trying to hug her and gaze at/fondle her chest every chance she gets, and complimenting her. She's always thwarted by the protective Tatsuki, whom Chizuru would also find quite attractive if not for her boyish persona. Against anyone else, Chizuru flies into a homicidal rage if she feels Orihime is being insulted or kept from her. Chizuru will ogle other girls, but Orihime is the obsession that "gives her an erection". In anime fillers, where the animators make her target Rukia instead, describing Rukia's chest as "peaceful and so very adorable". In the manga, Chizuru gropes Orihime's breasts often, although the anime changes this to her pushing up Orihime breasts when hugging her. Her superhero personal is called "erotic" with powers that only work against girls. She killed a female Arrancar with "Hyper Erotic Mode".
  • In chapter 408 we see Michiru and Chizuru sleeping in Karakura town with Michiru resting her head against Chizuru.
  • Amagai/Ukitake. This clip featuring a drunk Amagai glomping a surprised Ukitake.
  • Tatsuki/Orihime. Tatsuki's constantly protective of Orihime, ever since rescuing Orihime from bullies cutting her long hair. She's especially vigilant against Chizuru's obsession with Orihime. Orhime vowed to keep her hair long to honour her friendship with Tatsuki and calls her "Tatsuki-chan". especially from Chizuru. When Numb Chandelier tries to kill Tatsuki, Orihime destroys her because she doesn't forgive "those who hurt Tatsuki-chan". They say goodbye to each other under the August fireworks before Orihime departs for Soul Society, and when Orihime is kidnapped by Aizen, Tatsuki is so worried about her she puts Ichigo's head through a window for refusing to involve her in what's happened to Orihime.
  • Hisagi/Kira. They're usually together most of the time they're in omake segments, and even spent some of the time standing next to each other as they barely have any clothes on.
  • Hisagi/Renji. Seem to be on pretty good terms, mostly on omake segments, plus their looks and physique are very popular with fangirls, so it's natural for them to be paired together.
  • Kira/Renji. There was a scene in the anime where both got drunk and Kira got really close to Renji's face.
  • Luppi and Gin Ichimaru seem to have been on good terms, as Gin comments about being lonely after Luppi's death, citing the fact that the two often spoke.
  • Yoshi and Rukia in the Bount filler arc. Yoshi calls Rukia "cute", seductively says that she's making her excited, gets close to her, and tears her clothes with her sword.
  • Rock Musical Bleach — Live Bankai Show also features Rukia laughing creepily when she and Momo Hinamori outnumber Yoruichi. She starts shouting loudly that breast size is unimportant. Cue Yoruichi singing and placing each of their hands to her breasts multiple times throughout the song.
  • Based on their scene in chapter 241, Kurosaki Isshin and Ishida Ryuuken seem to have the same kind of comfortably vitriolic relationship as their sons. And then you look more closely at what they're doing and saying: Isshin is pleasantly surprised by how familiarly Ryuuken addresses him and remarks on how hot his new Shinigami robes look; Ryuuken shoots him down while lounging against a ledge, jacket off and tie loosened, smoking languidly. All that panel needs to be the page image for Smoking Hot Sex is a little nudity and a bed with rumpled sheets.
  • Tatsuki remarking about how beautiful Rangiku was in chapter 412, and thinking "Damn that Ichigo, I never heard anything about him knowing a babe like that."
  • Komamura and Tousen have a surprisingly tender moment that could possibly be seen in this manner, right before Tousen gets blown up seemingly by Aizen
  • In chapter 425 there's a panel where two schoolgirls spot Tatsuki, blush, go all googly eyed, squee, and scream "Ah! Arisawa-senpai!"
  • Szayel Aporro Granz, the 8th Espada, toward Ishida Uryuu. (Arguably, Renji, too — all three of them have some interesting lines in those chapters, whether Szayel telling Renji "he's not into that sort of thing", Renji telling Ishida "flattery will get you nowhere", and Szayel's extreme reaction to learning that Ishida is a Quincy).
  • Riruka takes a great deal of interest in Orihime. She invades Orihime's personal space, shares her doughnuts with her; they end up sharing a bed when recovering and secretly appreciates Orihime crying for her. When she returns to the action, she isn't just tsundere with Ichigo, she focusses on Orihime, too. The Chapter 451 cover depicts them together under an Umbrellaof Togetherness.
  • Ishida and Renji. For example, although they fight a lot they're quite quick to jump to one another's aid if one gets in trouble and Renji acted quite upset when he saw Ishida get attacked/tortured by Szayel.
  • Chad and Keigo in episode 342, where it was revealed that they were at the ice skating rink together before, just before Keigo talked about how it was a popular date spot. Sure, it could be that Keigo just wanted to pick up some chicks with Chad, but after saying that, Keigo and Chad look at each other smiling... and Mizuiro smiles at them knowingly...
  • Shishigawara is utterly devoted to Tsukishima and is willing to throw away his life for him. And in chapter 478 he carries an injured Tsukishima and says he's glad Tsukishima didn't die. Tsukishima is shown to be touched by Shishigawara's loyalty and tells him "Thank you...I was never alone."
  • Karin once says in episode 115/116 that "Tatsuki-chan's become a bit sexy since she entered high school, you know." as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
  • During their confrontations, Tsukishima and Ginjou argue Like an Old Married Couple. Flashbacks show just how far back the pair go, and just what Ginjou once meant to Tsukishima, in a chapter full of not-so-subtle subtext. When Ginjou dies, Tsukishima's anguished screams lead to a desperate attempt to seek revenge and the revelation that Ginjou taught him how to do everything... except live without him.
  • Episode 228 beach episode. Rangiku is suspicious when Lieutenant Nanao Ise suddenly has larger breasts than she remembers. She hugs Nanao from behind and gropes her breasts to discover that she's using falsies under her bikini to make her breasts look bigger.
  • Lisa Yadomaru is often seen reading what seems to be porn magazines with lots of bikini-clad women on them.
  • Pretty Haschwalth and distressed tsundere Ishida and Bleach Chapter 565, page 13.
  • When Bazz-B comments that Renji's eyebrows look cool, Renji actually blushes and gets really happy.
  • Bambietta wants something from Giselle . VERY BADLY.
  • Both Hitsugaya and Bambietta who had their clothing ripped apart from their previous battles were changed into new quincy ones by Giselle. Whether anything happened or not during the changing was left to imagination.
  • Charlotte states Hitsugaya is quite a beauty and loses an arm for it.
  • Just for the sake of Seireitei, Mayuri impales Hitsugaya, releases into Hitsugaya, while Hitsugaya begs him to stop.
  • Hisagi falls in love (no really) and unites with Senbonzakura who also falls in love and fights Byakuya for the sake of love. And gets beaten by Kensei for it.
  • When Byakuya kills the Espada Zommari, Zommari loses it and starts yelling for Byakuya "Take my love from me!" It makes more sense if you know that he had a voodoo-based power called "amor". The anime lampshaded the "Take my love!" line in the Post-Episode Trailer: Isane stated that she didn't interrupt because she thought Zommari was proposing to Byakuya.
  • From the Vandereich we had the Emperor Yhwach and his right hand man Jugram Haschwalth whose very first line to each other was "So I have found you, my other half". Yeah. Throw in the violently protective Bazz B who considered himself the weakling Jugo's personal protector and we have a classic Love Triangle with Bazz as the Unlucky Child Hood Friend. As a corollary, when Haschwalth dies in 681, there's a close-up to his sword... and the hilt has Bazz-B's personal symbol engraved on it.
  • In Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World it's revealed that Tier Harribel and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck became co-queens of Hueco Mundo. This has led several fans to headcannon that Tier — already often headcannoned to be a lesbian due to her all-female squad of Fracción — married or is otherwise in a relationship with Nelliel.