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Characters / Bleach

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Over the years, Bleach has developed a notable ensemble cast of diverse and iconic characters - if you want to read all about them, you've come to the right page.


Soul Society

  • Thirteen Court Guard Squads 1 - 7: Squad 1note , Squad 2note , Squad 3note , Squad 4note , Squad 5note , Squad 6note , Squad 7note 
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  • Thirteen Court Guard Squads 8 - 13: Squad 8note , Squad 9note , Squad 10note , Squad 11note , Squad 12note , Squad 13note 
  • Soul King & Squad Zeronote 
  • Soul Society Dwellersnote 


Hueco Mundo

  • Hollowsnote 
  • Arrancarsnote 
    • Espadas 1 - 5note 
    • Espadas 6 - 10note 

Human World

  • Karakura Town Residentsnote 


Groups & Factions

  • Aizen & His Cohortsnote 
  • Visoreds & Exiled Soul Reapersnote 
  • Vandenreichnote 
    • Yhwach
    • Sternritters B-Mnote 
    • Sternritters N-Znote 
  • Xcutionnote 
  • Zanpakutonote 

Other Media

Alternative Title(s): Bleach Two, Bleach Two Point One, Bleach Two Point Two, Bleach Three, Bleach Five, Bleach Soul Society And Karakura Residents, Bleach We Do Knot Always Love You, Bleach Memories Of Nobody, Bleach The Diamond Dust Rebellion, Bleach Fade To Black, Bleach Hell Verse, Bleach The3rd Phantom, Bleach The Death Save The Strawberry, Bleach Cannot Fear Your Own World, Bleach Brave Souls