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Welcome to the recap page for the Manga / Anime, Bleach

For such a long running series, Bleach has many a chapter and episode (even moreso in the anime thanks to filler) so rather going bit by bit, this recap page will focus on the arcs and the tropes within.

The only rule is that you don't get overly detailed with the recaps (like word for word conversations, blow by blow of the fights, etc). Otherwise please contribute.

Oh, and of course there will be SPOILERS.

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     Main Story Arcs 
  1. Substitute Shinigami Arc (Chapter 1—70; Episode 1—20)
  2. Soul Society Arc (Chapter 71—182; Episode 21—63)
  3. Arrancar Invasion Arc (Chapter 183—240; Episode 110—143)
  4. Hueco Mundo Arc (Chapter 241—315; Episode 144—167, 190—205)
  5. Turn Back The Pendulum Arc (Chapter -108—-97, Episode 206—212)
  6. Fake Karakura Town Arc (Chapter 316—398, Episode 213—226, 266—296)
  7. Deicide Arc (Chapter 399—423; Episode 297, 300—302, 306—310)
  8. The Lost Agent Arc (Chapter 424—479, Episode 343—366)
  9. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc (Chapter 480—686, Episode 367—Ongoing)
  10. Howl From the Jaws of Hell Arc

     Anime Filler Arcs 

  1. Bount Arc (Episode 64—109)
  2. New Captain Arc (Episode 168—189)
  3. Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc (Episode 230—255)
  4. The Beast Swords Arc (Episode 256—265)
  5. Gotei 13 Army Invasion Arc (Episode 317—341)