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Who would have known this franchise started off its popularity with a song! And the list expands to the other related works.

In General
  • "Black★Rock Shooter", the original song which became popular enough in its time (at least in the internet and mostly in Japan) to spawn this franchise! No one expected Hatsune Miku in an electronic rock song. It later had a PV featuring the title character.

Black★Rock Shooter (2009 OVA)

  • "Battle of BRS", the song used for the climactic fight between the title character and Dead Master in the OVA. An intense rock piece that completely fits the mood and setting of their battle.
  • "braveheart" by GOMBAND is a Japanese song inspired by the prevalence of rock songs used throughout the franchise.

Black★Rock Shooter (2012 TV Series)

  • The OVA got to only use an instrumental version of the eponymous theme. The anime? Miku Hatsune sings it again!
  • You'll know that the anime offers action once the very first scene of the first episode has an epic background track like "Blue Flames".
  • Black Gold Saw's theme in the 2012 anime, "Heaven", is a One-Woman Wail sounding like something played in a church. But it has the Irony of serving as the theme of someone who invokes the appearance of the Devil, with horns and a black-red color theme.
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  • Kagari/Chariot's theme, "Distorted Town", stands out from the rest for being generally creepy, and gives off the vibe of watching a horror movie or wandering in a ghost town.
  • "The Story" is like a marching tune, with trumpets pproviding most of the track's sounds. It starts of with triumphant drum rolls but later turns into a solemn piece for its second half. It has a faster and enhanced version with "The Story - Destiny".
  • "Waltz of Lonliness - Hell Fire" is all about an incoming dread, perfect for the theme of Insane Black★Rock Shooter.

Black★Rock Shooter: The Game

  • "NO SCARED", sung by the Japanese band ONE OK ROCK for the opening for the game, is Engrish screamo rock, which is rare for songs coming from Japan.

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