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While the music video and the franchise in general became a hit, there were plenty of references to Black★Rock Shooter in other forms of media, particularly the blue flaming eye or the design of the titular character spawning Expies.

Anime and Manga
  • AKB0048 - Mari Okada wrote most of the script, and the "entities of collective consciousness" is also used before, as she also wrote the script for the Black★Rock Shooter anime.
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  • Blue Exorcist - Only in the anime, later episodes have Rin's right eye light up in blue flames.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid - Sieglinde Jeremiah is an Expy of Black★Rock Shooter, with her long, black Girlish Pigtails, exposed midriff, and black jacket.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Near the end of the music video, a chain breaks in a fashion similar to the PV of this franchise.
  • Re:CREATORS - The show's creators have admitted that Black★Rock Shooter was a heavy influence on Altair's backstory. Both are Original Characters who took the Internet by storm, starred in a music video, have gone on multiple adventures across different realities and are heavily associated with stars. Not to mention that both of their stories had to do with losing a friend, though Altair's case is more permanent.
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  • selector infected WIXOSS - Hitoe resembles Yomi Takanashi in many ways, especially the part where they lost all of their friends mid-season.
  • Soul Eater - In the color page of Square Enix for Chapter 77, Maka's outfit looks quite similar to Black★Rock Shooter.
  • Super Sonico - She isn't really an otaku, but Super Sonico has cosplayed a lot thanks to her gravure model job. Some of the costumes include Black★Rock Shooter.
  • Wooser No Sono Higurashi - Black★Rock Shooter appears in Episode 2.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V - Yuya shares many similarities to the 2012 anime version of Mato, as both of them are All-Loving Heroes with Disappeared Dads, and Stepford Smiler issues who got stuck inside the Big Bads of their respective series after a specific traumatic event, only to end up Fighting from the Inside and being extracted from them at the last second. The key difference is while Mato took the form of Black★Rock Shooter and fought an Ax-Crazy version of her other self, Yuya gave Reira and Ray a chance to win against his original Evil Counterpart by rigging the Duel on purpose.


  • Infinity Game - One of Long Wei's D.D.s looks very much like Black★Rock Shooter.

Tabletop Games

Video Games

  • Age of Gunslingers Online - Meina (The Judgement) has a weapon resembling Dead Master's Scythe.
  • Arcana Heart - One of Scharlachrot's alternate costumes make her resemble Black★Rock Shooter.
  • Bayonetta 2 - Bayonetta's eye ignites into a blue flame before she fights Gomorrah.
  • Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma Extend - Performing a 100-hit combo using Arakune unlocks the "Black Bug Shooter" achievement, a pun on this franchise's title.
  • Disgaea - One of the Rifle Demon's specials references Black★Rock Shooter. He summons a big cannon that resembles the one B★RS uses and fires it while one of his eyes is aflame.
  • Elsword - Lu in particular resembles Strength, down to Dual Wielding her Power Fists. Even more as Chiliarch where she gains a hood and wears shorts.
  • Final Fantasy XV: ''Episode Ignis has Ignis Scientia get a blue eye-flame when he puts on the Ring of the Lucii and loses his vision to borrow its power.
  • Kantai Collection - The blazing-blue left eye of a few remodeled Abyssal Fleet flagships looks very familiar.
  • League of Legends - The Chinese splash art for Subterranean Nautilus features in the distant background, oddly enough, Black★Rock Shooter sitting on a ledge, just like in the first episode of the anime.
  • Lord of Vermilion - Black★Rock Shooter makes a cameo appearance as a playable character in the game.
  • Skull Girls – Ms. Fortune has color palettes referencing Black★Rock Shooter.

Web Comics

  • Black Adventures - Episode 16 shows that Missing No./Mary's powers are manifested through her eye, much like Black★Rock Shooter.


  • Gaia Online:
    • Sasha cosplays Black★Rock Shooter in 2011 for the Halloween.
    • The Blue Rubble Stocking item contains a huge gun that can only be held in one pose.

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