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"So be brave, outside there are dangers
I might fall down into the ages,
I might stall out with all the stars off,
but for you I'll go."
Falling Up, "In The Woodshop"

Falling Up were an Alternative Rock band originating from Albany, Oregon. Originally the group was pegged as the Christian version of Linkin Park, but they developed into a very experimental band with a penchant for Science Fiction ConceptAlbums. In fact lead singer Jessy C. Ribordy has revealed that every album after the first one tells stories that take place in the same universe. Now what these stories are tend to be open to interpretation to say the least.

Originally gaining a following with their debut album "Crashings", on Tooth & Nail Records, the band progressively changed their sound with each album, before really jumping ship and releasing their first official Concept Album “Fangs”. The underwhelming success of said album prompted the band to leave their record label and go independent. Falling Up then proceeded to release four critically acclaimed albums and a number of side albums before finally calling it a day in 2015 with the final album “Falling Up”.

Since their breakup, lead singer and songwriter Ribordy has gone on to be part of the development team for Alchemy, an online tabletop roleplaying environment, because you can't keep a good storyteller down.

Final Lineup:

  • Jessy C. Ribordy: Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics
  • Jeremy Miller: Bass, keyboards
  • Josh Shroy: Drums
  • Nick Lambert: Guitar
  • Daniel Elder: Lead guitar

Former Members:

  • Tom Cox: Lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Joseph A. Kisselburgh: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Michael Humphrey “DJ Wax Wizard”: Turntables, keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics
  • Micah Sannon: Lead guitar
  • Adam Taylor: Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, electronics
  • Andrew “A-Dub” Wadlow: Turntables, keyboards, sythesizers, programming, electronics


  • “Crashings”
  • ”Dawn Escapes”
  • ”Exit Lights”
  • ”Captiva”
  • ”Discover The Trees Again: The Best Of Falling Up”
  • ”Fangs!”
  • “Your Sparkling Death Cometh”
  • “Mnemos EP”
  • Hours (2012)
  • “Midnight on Earthship”
  • “Silver City” (A Christmas EP)
  • “House Full Of Caverns”
  • “Falling Up”

Tropes associated with Falling Up include:

  • Christmas Songs: “Silver City” is this.
  • Concept Album: Technically every album after “Crashings” but the ones specifically released as concept albums include “Fangs!”, Hours (2012), and their self titled album.
  • Electronic Music: Prevalent throughout their entire discography, but especially prevalent after “Fangs!”.
  • Epic Instrumental Opener: “Circadian” from “Your Sparkling Death Cometh” is this.