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    Season 1 
  • The school rules can come off as this.

Episode 1

  • The 1st episode can tell you how this show is gonna be!
  • The argument between Kuma note  and Mirei in the WowMax dub, especially the "Mr. 15%" running gag.

Episode 2

  • Kuma and Usagi's overly long names...

Episode 3

  • Mirei's true self is Head Disciplinary Minami!!
  • Laala's excuse for eating her practice autograph in front of Principle Gloria: she was practicing her goat imitation. Then Gloria points out how she is doing it wrong and shows her how its done!!!
  • Our first appearance of Sophie in her Fancy Mode... Pushuu...

Episode 5

  • Sophie's fan club has some interesting members...

Episode 6

  • We see Mirei's home and meet her parents...
    • They argue on how they want their daughter to be a prosecutor idol or attorney idol!

    Season 2 
  • Kuma and Usagi's reoccurring crush on Neko...

Episode 49

  • Kuma's constant attempts to get Usacha to be his little sister.

Episode 51

  • Toriko is infamous for being the Bluebird of Misfortune. Despite her bad luck, Fuwari still wants her as her manager but her attempts in befriending her ends with her getting struck by lightning and struck by a washpan that magically falls from nowhere!

Episode 54

  • Some of the "cursed coords" Dorothy and Leona are forced to wear.
    • The reveal that the ghosts of the museum were actually three of Neko's customers who were blackmailed by her because they had to pay for their bar tabs!

Episode 56

  • The chase scenes between the main idols and Celebrity 4.

Episode 58

Episode 59

  • Garuru's constant biting issue... Especially since it's mostly on the butt!
    • The monster she summons is similar to Godzilla, except it's purple and has two black pigtails similar to hers...
    • Not to mention how she gained the ability to speak properly... by eating a pickled plum launched by a slingshot armed by Chanko in a helicopter.

Episode 64

Episode 65

  • Ajimi -sensei.

Episode 69

  • Pripara Police's plan to capture Phantom Thief Genius. Complete with chibi forms!

Episode 70

  • When breaking in to Falulu's home, Genius at first thinks Falulu is giving him actually her the silent treatment. In actuality, its because Unicorn told her not to talk to strangers.
  • Genius getting bit on the butt by Garuru!

Episode 73

Episode 76

  • After flying in on a hanglider and sliding through a chimney, Mikan is mistaken for Santa Claus by a group of small children!

Episode 78

  • Pripara's transformation into Celepara!

Episode 80

  • Gaaruru's debut performance of 0 week old has her constantly falling during the song. It becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight when you see her dedication

Episode 82

  • The ending has Hibiki getting a call from the "dreaded" Aijimi!!! Which we learn in the next episode is the person responsible for Hibiki's fear of sentence enders....

Episode 83

  • Despite the episode being about Hibiki's sad past involving nearly loosing her parents and being abandoned by her friends and mansion staff, it also showcases how Aijimi met Hibiki, and how she's the reason for Hibiki's fear of Sentence Enders..
    • Speaking of, apparently before getting interested in art, Aijimi's VerbalTics were fruit based.

Episode 84

  • Mirei performs her song which has a lot of Pri's....Needless to say, Hibiki did not enjoy it...!

Episode 85

Episode 86

  • Dorthy's Imagine Spot of Hibiki being her servant..
  • During the chase to stop Hibiki, the idols are seen chasing her down while riding various props from their performance!!!

Episode 87

  • After Hibiki dives into the blackhole to save Fuwari from falling any further, Aijimi, Ham and Toriko dives in to save them only for Hibiki to give the former a boot to the head!
    • Even funnier, Said boot to the head causes her to temporary speak normally!

Episode 88

  • In an effort to escape the blackhole, Hibiki attempts to climb the rope to freedom only for Toriko's, Aijimi's and at one point, Fuwari's Verbal Tic cause her to slip down a couple of times.

Episode 89


     Season 3 

Episode 90

  • The Meganii summit
  • Laala's a mother ?!?

Episode 91

  • Laala learns the hard way, Parenthood is NOT easy...

Episode 92

  • Junon's definitions of cool...

Episode 93

  • Adult Fear aside, some of the situations Jewlulu gets into can be considered this...

Episode 95

  • Now Mirei is a mama!

Episode 96

Episode 97

  • Who's Jewlulu's mom this episode: Sophie

Episode 99

  • Dressing Pafe is babysitting today but Dorothy still has a long way to go as a mother...
    • ...which is probably the reason why she didn't get her Super Cyalume Coord.

Episode 100

  • Dorothy gets trapped inside Jewlulu's pact
    • And becomes chibi sized in the process!
  • A side note: Happy 100th episode Pripara! (though it was pretty obvious)....

Episode 101

  • The scene in which Triangle malfunctions.

Episode 102

  • An elaborate prank by Hibiki has the main idols going through extreme changes for a movie!
  • With Sion becoming a Lovely Idol!

Episode 116

  • Pepper in Pripara!!!
  • Her dinner dance omplete with pandas playing tribal drums around a campfire as she cooks Usacha
  • How she sees the other idols as animals for her to eat
    • Except for Leona and Principal Gloria who she sees as a lion and a lioness respectively!
    • She even does a mating dance for the former!!!
  • Licky Sticky!
  • The Chiri shan shan dance!!

Episode 123

  • Chiri's way of roughing it on a deserted island....
  • Even Pepper's afraid of Ajimi...
  • Chiri finally losing it after Pepper licks her!

Episode 125

  • Ajimi and Cosmo announcing their unit's third member to be no one other than Nanami "Kyupikon" Shirai and screaming their catchphrases together:
Nanami: Kyupikon, Kyupikon, Kyupikon, Kyupikon, Kyupikon, Kyupikon, Kyupikon!
Ajimi: [joins in] Da Vinci, Da Vinci, Da Vinci, Da Vinci, Da Vinci, Da Vinci, Da Vinci!
Cosmo: [joins in as well] Cosmic, Cosmic, Cosmic, Cosmic, Cosmic, Cosmic, Cosmic!
  • Not to mention that aside of them passing the Divine Challenge, many other bizarre units did so, including one featuring Laala's mom, Gloria Ookanda and... the latter's vacuum cleaner, Rina.

Episode 128

Episode 129

Episode 131

  • When the Divine Idol Grand Prix participants find out that the order of pulling is determined by the unit's weight.
  • Hibiki's face after she interrupts the lottery just to find out that Fuwari has already pulled instead... and Tricolore's opponent is Ucchari Big Bangs.
  • Gaaruru biting Dorothy's butt after Garmageddon and Dressing Pafe were announced to be opponents.

    Idol Time Pripara 

    Pri Para the Movie: Everyone, Assemble! Prism Tours 
  • In a contest between So La Mi Smile and Dressing Pafe, the winner is.... Falulu?
  • While everyone is freaking out about the Prism Rails traveling to Mascot Hell, Meganee is still calm and smiling.
    • Even when Prism World is falling apart, she simply smiles and replies:
    Meganee: It's the system!
  • The Door 4 route begins with Lala running towards door 1 only for her to slip on a banana peel all over the place and into the creepy Door 4.
  • At the end, the girls realize to their shock that they left Kuma and Usagi in Mascot Hell!! Oh, Crap! indeed!
    • Also, Penguin Sensei is still there apparently....

    Pri Para: Everyone's Longing! Let's go Pri Pari! 
  • The beginning has the idols going to Pripari to save Falulu in the style of Wacky Races!
    • To add to that, a prank by Arromageddon ends with the idols, including themselves, being blasted across the world.
  • The movie gives a "special" performance of Fuwari's Kono Uta Tomareihi. What's so special about it? Fuwari performs it with an actual goat and Aijimi!!!
    • Also the Palps Pri Para audience consists of all animals.
    • Aijimi confuses Fuwari's Grandfather for Da Vinci.
    • Said Grandfather asks Fuwari to braid his beard and at the end of that segment, Fuwari apparently did it!
  • After getting stranded in the Gobi "cursed sentence ender" desert, Hibiki finally succumbs to the desert's power and is given the same Verbal Tic as Mirei: ~Pri! Naturally, Dorthy, Shion and somehow Mirei get a good laugh out of this!
    • Before that, Dressing Pafe and Andou get their own Tics too!
  • Chanko's idol battle and performance of Just My Chance Call
    • Also counts as a Moment of Awesome during the fight as she ended it in the beginning and we get to see her performance.
    • Goes back to funny with her Making Drama.
  • The cause of the movie's main problem: Principal Gloria and her sister get into a fight on which is better to eat: croissants or baguettes!!!
    • the dark energy causes them to grow into giants!!!

    Pri Para: Everyone Shine! Sparkling☆Star Live 

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