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  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the first time Mitsuki Saiga voiced a character whose true gender isn't what we thought initially, though Hibiki's personality and mannerisms are very different from Tsukasa.
  • Big Name Fan: In the penultimate episode of Idol Time, all 8 of the main girls are drawn by Bkub Okawa at one point. Bkub is a well known fan of Pripara, and also had the heroines of Pop Team Epic pose as Nino and Shion for its anime.
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  • Cash Cow Franchise: In Japan, to the point that it's actually more popular than both the show it tried to Follow the Leader with and Pretty Cure.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Leona is voiced by a woman.
  • I Knew It!: Fans have guessed multiple things about the franchise that were later confirmed to be true in the anime:
    • This blog post gives us some observations made by fans about Leona actually being male. The same post also mentions that the user herself thinks that Falulu could be a robot, which was confirmed to be true sometime later in the anime.
    • Many fans also predicted that despite Hibiki dressing like a boy, she was really a girl when the character was first shown in the anime.
    • Due to the last three letters of the three group members' names, the bangs of the group's leader, The Stinger of the Everyone's Desire! Let's Go PriParis film showing that the person telling Laala to go to PriPara immediately to see the group, one of the members saying a catchphrase that the character said in an early episode and a performance by one of it's members being shown from a taped recording on a television rather than being shown "live" like the other two idol's performances, many people thought that the new idol group in Season 3, Triangle, was entirely controlled by Non Manaka.
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    • Many people also predicted that due to their similar looks, Jululu and Jewlie were the same person.
  • Release Date Change: The day before its' intended air date, MBS, the Korean broadcaster of the show, announced that their premiere of the 127th episode, in which NonSugar participates in the Kami Idol Grandprix, would be delayed for coverage of the September 2018 inter-Korean summit.
  • Science Marches On: One of the movies had the cast land on Pluto, saying it's another planet. Pluto, by the time the movie was released, had been declared a dwarf planet for years. The color is spot on though.
  • Screwed by the Network: The show ending was a result of Takara Tomy's "four years and done" rule for their arcade-based IPs that are successful and not any ratings or sales-based issues.
  • What Could Have Been: Early in development, Dressing Pafe was a group consisting of four girls named Nanami, Nagisa, Nodoka and Nina. These characters were reduced to cameos in the show (notably a scene where they become Laala's first fans) and also appeared on merchandising (mainly friend tickets and cards from the Millefeui Collection).
    • All three SoLaMi Smile girls were originally going to have their hair down when outside of PriPara. Laala's would have been long and down to her shoulders with a cowlick on top, while Mirei's was going to be semi-short. Also, Kuma didn't have wings, pompoms or a bowtie on him in this draft.
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    • The Cyalume Jewel Mic, a toy known for reading the collectible jewels incorrectly, revealed some ideas proposed for season 3 that didn't make it into the show:
      • The ultimate dress for the final Kami Idol Grandprix, the Kami Dress Coord, was originally named the Jewel Wedding Coord.
      • There was supposed to be a character named Shichimi added later on in the season.
      • Special jewels were supposed to be given away in Shogaku Ichinensei and Shogaku Ninensei magazines, but never did because of the latter magazine got discontinued because of low sales and a new replacement magazine, Shogaku Hachinensei. McDonald's was also supposed to give away jewels with Happy Meals, but they decided to give away Dream Tickets at the last minute.
      • It was recently revealed that Reina Ueda originally wasn't supposed to voice Ajimi, but she got a copy of the script, sent in an audition tape without authorization and ended up getting the role anyway. One can imagine how different things would've been had this not happened

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