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After their true identities were revealed, 3 different girls who were Triangle's biggest fans became Triangle themselves.
This explains why they were in the PriPara Collection fashion show episode, and why they performed their song multiple times in the show before NonSugar made their debut. This is possibly hinted at the fact that in the arcade game, you can put Kanon, Pinon and Junon on the same team as Non.
  • Jossed. Non is the only one who can do this, as she can still turn into them if she wishes.

The third Goddess Idol silhouette is actually an evil Goddess idol who wants revenge on people for taking pieces of her most beloved coord, which was made up of a mix of the legendary coords obtained throughout the show. This is why bad events happen whenever an important tournament happens in the PriPara world, as they are her attempts to divert the idols as she attempts to steal parts of the coords.
The idol's coord used not only the Kami Hair Accessory like the other Goddess Idols, whose tournament ended with
Triangle disbanding due to a computer glitch, but also contained either the shoes or dress of the Paradise coord, whose tournament ended with Falulu's death, and the shoes or dress of the Dream Parade Princess Coord, whose tournament ended with PriPara's system breaking down.
  • Jossed. We never get to see the pink Kami Idol silhouette.

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