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Asuka and Izayoi are related in some way
Okay, Although it might not sound possible at first, its revealed(?) in episode 6 that both Asuka and Izayoi came from different time periods (Asuka being from sometime "after the war", with Izayoi coming from "Sometime in the future") making it seem possible that Asuka is Izayoi's mother/grandmother/sister/etc... (Its also likely that You is related to them as well) would also make a good plot twist.
  • But even if they were related, they're also from different worlds. So the Izayoi that would be related to Asuka if this theory was correct is not the same Izayoi with her in Little Garden, and vice-versa.

You's necklace didn't give her the power... awakened her power, (In other words, She was either born with it (Similar to Asuka) or obtained the power earlier (It could have been the same incident in witch she lost her ability to walk temporary) and didn't fully awaken it until she obtained the necklace.)
  • Jossed: She loses all of her powers when her necklace broke.

The little garden is a saccharine version of The Abyss.
To make it sound less crazy; The Abyss is very dark, very gloomy, and quite scary.The little Garden is, on the other hand, Very bright, very cheerful, And not really that scary.Also the abyss is a place where, if you go in, you might not return to your current time, and the Little garden, according to what i heard in episode 6, the three problem children (Izayoi, Asuka, And You) come from different time periods. this makes it pretty much canon. (To me at least.)

Oh, and its also likely that Kurousagi (Transalated to "Black rabbit") is the saccharine version of alice (Who is often refred to as B-rabbit, short for "Black Rabbit") This just can't be a coincidence, can it?

Kurousagi has a third hair color, that would be, obviously, Black
well, the name has to come from somewhere, right? This form would be a Super Mode or, more likely, a Superpowered Evil Side. And because she isn't Medaka Box enough without it.
  • The light novel at Baka-Tsuki describes her hair as black that turns light red.

Shiroyasha feels guilty about what happened to the No Names
As the regional floor master, one of her jobs is to prevent demons from doing exactly what that demon did to the No Names. So the reason she's been trying to help them out is because she feels guilty for not defending them in the first place. It's not just because she lusts after Kurousagi.

Little Garden and Disboard exist in the same verse
The heavy focus on games to determine daily life implies a cultural bond and sharing. Violence is allowed because Tet founded the former before (s)he was traumatized by the War of the Old Deus.
Izayoi's gift will end up making him immortal
We learn in volume 12 that Izayoi's gift is actually the perpetual motion machine, perpetual motion machines are perpetually in motion, they never stop working. It's possible that at full power Izayoi's gift will make it so his body never stops working.
Algol will comeback at her full power some point

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