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A-ko does not have Power Incontinence when she's asleep

She does not wear her wrist bands to bed. In the first movie, she throws a pillow to silence her alarm clock while she's somewhere between asleep and awake. Nothing gets destroyed or even damaged.

B-ko's Super Power is Summoning Machine Parts

They're still made by her father's company and paid for with his money, but this is why she's able to get the parts in time to build mecha overnight. Once her blueprints are complete, the pieces are immediately teleported to her.


In the original hentai version, C-ko was going to have a fetish for pants wetting

C-ko is Shiko when spelled out. I looked this up in a Japanese dictionary and found something close: the verb oshiiko "to wet one's pants". Now, given her personality . . .

Originally D's criteria would mean she was searching for A-ko

Given that the most basic criteria we hear is the speed of approach, while A-ko is running and C-ko is being carried. At the end of the first movie, they finally decided nah, let's make the princess C-ko. Thus making all of D's criteria a complete Red Herring.

The universes were destroyed at the end of both series

In both Final and Vs. C-ko did, in fact, fail "the Test of Darkness". Going back to Earth was the right choice. Telling A-ko to never fight and A-ko agreeing is what set off the universe ending condition. Oblivious to her own role in the end of the universe, A-ko becomes Shiva as she dances with C-ko. Vs. B-ko remembers C-ko (at least in the dub) because she was never part of the agreement. Although it snapped Xena's control, declaring A-ko and B-ko idiots for always fighting destroyed ALL A-ko universes.


The Alpha Cygnans aren' t exactly female . . .

. . . they're hermaphrodites.

The other 3 Alpha Cygnan Princesses Died

C-ko is the 4th princess of the current queen, this makes her the fourth child. In Final, her mother wants her to come back to provide a royal heir. The way things work in most monarchies is that the oldest child gets the throne. This also explains why they were so obsessed with C-ko in particular: all of her older sisters are dead.

Either that or the Lepton Kingdom has some bizarre lineage practices, which wouldn't be all that surprising either.

There are Male Alpha Cygnans, the problem is: they're spiders

It helps explain the obsession with spider themed mecha.

Vs. never actually happened, it was written by A-ko and B-ko, and C-ko did the animation

At the end of senior year, Miss Ayumi assigned creative writing group projects. The -Kos all ended up in one group, but B-ko's flunkies had to work on their own. Lack of mecha? A-ko's tired of fighting machines. Toilet joke? B-ko remembered A-ko joking about her robots. Deliberately bad animation? C-ko isn't exactly the best artist.


There is a serious genetic defect in the royal family of the Lepton Kingdom

All non-royal Alpha Cygnans act like adults.

C-Ko wasn't the true Cygnan Princess. Mari was.

C-Ko doesn't look like a man. Mari, B-ko's hench-lady does. She also has a resemblance to D. The Alpha Cygnans were chasing the wrong girl.

  • Jossed mainly by the fact that towards the end in FINAL, the Queen, who is definitely feminine, arrives on Earth. It is revealed that she is C-ko's mother and seemingly has a similar personality to C-ko. This leads to C-ko willingly going with her. This scene further confirms that C-ko is the princess and removes any doubt.
    • Also, if you look at the Cygnans on the ship, not all of them look male.
    • Mari could still have been a lost Alpha Cygnan that grew up on Earth, maybe displaced by the same incident that brought C-Ko to Earth. It just seems too much of a coincidence that there would be an Earthling girl who looks and acts so much like a man in a universe where females aliens that already look like men exist.

A-ko is somehow related to Pippi Longstocking.
Both being red-haired girls with unusual strength. See also WMG for that page.

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