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Project A-ko

  • Mari's Vocal Dissonance, going from growling and grunting in a deep masculine voice to speaking in a feminine voice.
  • B-ko's Sanity Slippage while drafting plans for her newest mecha, as her repeat losses to A-ko begin to take their toll on her:
    B-ko: (psychotic smirk) "Just you wait, A-ko... Revenge is sweet, sweet, SWEET and, you A-ko, are GOING TO die, DIE, DIE!!
    (her pen finally snaps in half, due to B-ko pressing it harder into the desktop)
    B-ko: (stifles laughter, then...) "Haha... MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!
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  • The reason B-ko's second attempt to beat A-ko with her massively-engineered MAX-5000 mecha fails: when it transforms from vehicle to robot form, the cockpit is reshaped so Ume can't reach the controls, and she gets electrocuted by a short circuit trying. While the robot is left standing motionless, A-ko ponders it thoughtfully for a second, before delicately kicking its foot out from under it, sending it to the ground in a heap of scrap.
  • Seeing Captain Napolipolita cope with the realization that she's running out of booze. She steadily loses her composure, as she begins to go through withdrawal.
    • By the end of the film, she and D are marooned on Earth and forced to beg on the street with 'Help Wanted' signs.
    D: "Help homeless aliens."
    Captain Napolipolita: "Expensive habit to support."
    D: "Help homeless aliens."
    Captain Napolipolita: "Expensive habit to support."

Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group

  • A-ko goes to a public pool and decides to do a high-dive without her wristbands. She ends up nearly drowning, after spiking the water hard enough that her entire upper body gets stuck in the floor tiles!
  • During the fight aboard Captain Napolipolita's ship, Mari parodies Kenshiro's "You're already dead" line on one of the secret service agents.
    Mari: (high-pitched girly voice) "In three seconds your body will explode... Right now."
    (agent's body becomes bloated, then farts and expells gas everywhere, leading to some hilarious facial expressions from A-ko and C-ko)

A-ko: Uncivil Wars

  • Just as B-ko's putting the finishing touches on her battle skimmer, A-ko takes a look at it and asks:
    A-ko: (monotone) "So why do you need a giant toilet...?"
  • A-ko's first reaction to Maruten after he reveals his true form: "Oh give me a break!"
  • A-ko and B-ko's subsequent reactions to Martuen's tool of "infiltrating without detection", a.k.a a disguise kit, followed by B-ko's choice of outfitnote  and A-ko lampshading it.
  • This exchange, as Maruten prepares to pilot his ship through the hyperspace gateway:
    A-Ko: Will we be safe?
    Maruten: Don't worry! Before I joined the Space Patrol, I wanted to be a racer!
    A-Ko: *hopeful* Really?!
    Maruten: Yeah! In kindergarten, heh heh!
  • When A-ko finally catches up to B-ko at Gail's lair, she sees Grash is half conscious on B-ko's back with his hands on her boobs. A-ko can't resist snarking about it:
    A-ko: (arm fold) "Oh-HO!! So THAT's how it is. You finally went and found yourself a man, HUH??"
    B-ko: (indignant) "WHAT??"
    • Made funnier, once Grash fully regains consciousness and realizes where his hands are. Since B-ko is distracted by bickering with A-ko, Grash takes advantage of the the situation and starts groping B-ko, while happily nuzzling her back!
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    • He suffers karmic payback, when an explosion rocks the pyramid. Grash ends up on the floor, while A-ko and B-ko are still in each other's faces; not realizing they're both stepping on his crotch! Grash's face steadily turns deeper shades of blue as they apply more pressure.
  • Also, this exchange from the English dub.
    Guard 1: Your highness!
    Guard 2: Prince Wood Berry Berry Tissue!
    Prince: I told you never to call me that name!
    Guard 1: We're sorry, your highness. But it's terrible! A fire-breathing dragon is approaching!
    Guard 2: Yeah, and he's already eaten our entire army!
    Prince: What?!


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