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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: For some that hated her, they may have sympathized with C-ko's feelings of alienation and fear of being left alone.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: B-ko believes herself to be the best friend C-ko can have. However, A-ko remembers B-ko as someone who abused and ribbed C-ko all the time, and while C-ko herself doesn't explicitly support or deny this version, she clearly doesn't regard B-ko as a friend either. This implies that B-ko's obsession over C-ko has made the rich girl literally delusional about their past together.
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  • Americans Hate Tingle: C-ko was at least more or less accepted in Japan, at least in the series' heyday. Viewers in the West, however, were far less forgiving, and she became one of the earliest examples of this.
  • Awesome Music: You could put the entire soundtrack to the original film in this section.
  • Crazy Awesome: Project A-ko is an over-the-top parody of Japanese pop culture from The '80s that features manly alien ladies, gigantic spaceships, a high-tech armor bikini, a millionaire yandere, and the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. Fans of the Japanese animation scene may have grown accustomed to this sort of craziness, but for the time of Project A-ko, if the latter was not Crazy Enough to Work, then it deserved to be.
  • Cult Classic: Though its popularity has faded to the sands of time on both sides of the globe, numerous older anime fans (particularly in the US) remain grateful for this series, for some of those fans, it was their gateway to anime to begin with. The gigantic A-ko reference that was the fan favourite 2013 anime Kill la Kill also helped to keep the memories alive.
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  • Die for Our Ship: C-ko is a victim of this, especially with A-ko/B-ko shippers. Kei also falls victim to this in the hands of both Yuri Fans, as well as other fans for stuff described under The Scrappy below.
  • Fangirl: C-ko.
  • Fanfic Fuel: The identity of A-ko's parents is just a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo, but FanFics based on this series set it somewhere in The DCU far more often than not due to them. So committed were A-ko fans to this that some of them felt a crushing disappointment when, in Kingdom Come, Superman and Wonder Woman had a son together instead of a daughter.
  • Foe Yay: By the fourth film (Final), C-ko begins to worry that A-ko's enjoying her rivalry with B-ko a little too much.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The original film was successful enough at the time in Japan to spawn three sequels and two alternate universe OVAs, but it is now all but forgotten in Japan. In America, the series (especially the original film) is better remembered due to its status as both a cult classic and a gateway anime for numerous early '90s anime fans.
  • Les Yay:
    • The original film has a bath scene where B-ko lightly fondles one of her own breasts, while thinking of C-ko. Which was likely a holdover from when the film was going to be a part of the Hentai Cream Lemon series.
    • In Final, C-ko begins to worry that she's losing A-ko, due to her escalating rivalry with B-ko. It culminates in a brief dream sequence where A-ko shoves C-ko on the ground, allowing B-ko to smugly take her place at A-ko's side, which promptly scares C-ko awake.
    • Lampshaded by B-ko near the end of Final, as she and A-ko burn upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere, seemingly to their imminent demise:
    B-ko: "How ironic... a lover's suicide with A-ko..."
  • Like You Would Really Do It: You didn't really think B-ko was gonna stay dead in Uncivil Wars, now did you?
  • Moe: C-ko could be considered one of the forerunners in anime, given she embodies many of the qualities commonly associated with it: short, cute, childlike, vulnerable, and seemingly innocent.
  • Porting Disaster: Central Park Media's original DVD release of Project A-ko looked horrible; the master had degenerated to a point where the film was nearly unwatchable. (The earlier LaserDisc and VHS releases looked better in comparison.) CPM eventually released a Special Edition with a completely remastered version of the film, and Discotek Media later released their own Special Edition of the film that features an even better transfer than (and retains nearly all the special features from) CPM's Special Edition. (The only worthwhile features missing from Discotek's release are CPM's remastering video — understandable, as Discotek uses their own remaster — and the full-length soundtrack CD).
  • The Scrappy:
    • C-ko isn't well-liked liked for being seen as loud, annoying, weak, too girly, and whiny. She also gets a lot of hate for being a helpless damsel in distress, since the plot of the original film, Plot of the Daitokuji Group, and A-ko the Versus involve A-ko and B-ko having to rescue her. She is especially hated by feminist viewers, who see her as sexist or even misogynistic, and by moe/lolicon haters, who see her as sexist and pedophilic. Another big factor is that either A-ko/B-ko shippers believe that she gets in the way of their pairing, or jealous fanboys want A-ko to themselves and believe that C-ko is "stealing" her away.
    • Kei has it worse, due to A-ko, B-ko, and Ms. Ayumi all falling for him at first sight. In B-ko's case for Yuri Shippers, she eventually gets over C-ko in favor of pursuing Kei. While it's possible that Kei was intended to be a parody of the Bishōnen Chick Magnet character archetype, he ends up seeming more of a Parody Failure.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Spanish fans were disappointed that Graciela Molina, A-ko's voice actress from the first film, had to be replaced in the second (the rest of the franchise never reached Spain).
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Miss Ayumi, you just told A-ko and B-ko to fight in the classroom. Have you forgotten how B-ko uses Powered Armor with Macross Missile Massacre capabilities and how A-ko is strong enough to level a building on her own?
    • Mr. Daitokuji gets one at the end of Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group. He attempts to catch an entire spaceship with his bare hands. He was wearing Powered Armor, true, but even he should know even that it couldn't hold up the weight of a space fortress the size of a small island!
  • Woolseyism: C-ko's voice is a lower pitch in the English dub, which some fans consider an improvement. This only applies to the first dub, as her dub voice in the sequels is probably her most hated voice.

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