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The Grandma is Isabella's biological mother
It seems like there's only one Grandma and many more Mama candidates than there become Mamas. So perhaps all of the prospective Mamas have one child to prepare to be a Mama, and these are the children that are sent to the plantations. Since intelligence is partially genetic, it'd make sense to want to use the Mamas, all fullscores, to produce more kids. Since the Mamas have their own sort of a Mama, the Grandma, it's possible the best Mama will become the next Grandma. In this case, it would've been Isabella. I'm not as sure about this part, but what if the current Grandma is Isabella's biological mother or was the one whose plantation produced Isabella, and that's why she seems to intent on her rising to the top?

Mama has been Good All Along.

"William Minerva" is actually two different people.

This manga will end at 40 to 50 chapters.
The events of Chapter 32 looks like the beginning of an endgame, and Straighten Up! shows that an author at Weekly Shonen Jump can end a manga short if they really wanted to. I can't really see Emma and the others fighting off the monsters for that long, at least not without a shift in tone and genre.
  • The manga has gone well past 50 chapters by now.

The manga will end with Emma taking kids yaway to a Promised Neverland and essentially become Peter Pan.

"William Minerva" is one of the monsters.
But he's genuinely on the side of the kids and personally finds it cruel to keep them in the condition they're in, working from the outside to slip information in while the other monsters don't suspect a thing because he can pass as one of their own. He appears to have detailed knowledge on the unusual flora and fauna of the outside world, namely how to beat them, suggesting he is at least intimately familiar with them. Wherever these creatures are from, the easiest explanation is that Mr. Minerva is also from there.
  • Jossed. The original Minerva was a the head of a clan of humans maintaining the current state of affairs in order to sustain a truce, and since then the name has been adopted by Norman.

The world isn't Earth at all, it's the demon's planet and the humans are imported livestock.
  • Jossed, as the friendlier demons outright confirmed that this is not the case. Its just the part of the planet that the demons inhabit has such odd ecosystem. The humans in the plantations are the descendants of the unlucky ones that remained in the newly established demon territory when the world was divided between the humans and the demons.

In chapter 47 it is revealed that there's a 'promise' a.k.a. a contract that nothing shall ever pass between the borders of the demon and human parts of the planet, yet it is (most likely correctly) assumed by Emma and Ray that W. M. is the one responsible for the channel through the objects from human part of the world are smuggled to the demon part of the world. While he could simply be a Well-Intentioned Extremist that wants to save the human children regardless of the risk of scandal once the kids interact with the public, it is also possible that he hopes to orchestrate a conflict between the demons and the humans, perhaps even Playing Both Sides. Nobliss Gordon, anyone?
  • Jossed. Minerva was actively trying to keep his plans hidden and smuggle children into the human world out of the kindness in his heart.

Even if Emma and co. menage to pass the border, they will not succeed in integrating into the human society.
There are (at least)
3 ways this could happen:

1) They will be seen as non-human by the 'real' humans;

2) They will be seen as a fifth column sent by the demons;

3) Authorities in the human world will either outright try everything in their power to either eliminate them before word about them spreads through the human part of the world (or worse, the demon part of the world) or quietly return through the smuggling chain that provided the demons with objects from the human world.

They and their descendants are kept around in zoos.

The promised Neverland is the human world
Songju is or will be at Goldy Pond.
He and Musica are probably still around the area. The guy'll likely be taking his time to make a detour at a place where he can finally hunt some human meat.
  • If he shows up, it'll probably be as an ally of the humans. His "religion" dictates he must only naturally-grown humans (hence why he helps Emma and the others, so they can survive long enough to give birth to a next generation, which would be fair game), and that doesn't include any of the humans in Goldy Pond. The hunters and him want a similar thing, but not exactly the same.
  • Jossed. Goldy Pond has been destroyed and Sonju never made an appearance.

The man found at the shelter is named John.
He appears to be the former leader of the Glory Bell group. The names scrawled by the beds at the shelter have "John" and "Lucas" written in the center, distanced from all of the other ones, and Emma finds Lucas, who appears to be their former second-in-command, alive at Goldy Pond. This suggests the leaders wrote their name first, with everyone else writing their names in around them, and that the man's name is John.

The Promised Neverland will receive an anime adaptation in either late 2018 or early 2019.
It debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump about one year after Black Clover, which received an announcement for its anime adaptation in the spring of 2017 and debuted in the fall that year. As a ratings winner in the magazine, The Promised Neverland looks to be the shoe-in for its next manga to get an anime adaptation, and if its process of greenlighting is similar to Black Clover and My Hero Academia before it, this will put its announcement between April and June 2018 and its debut between October 2018 to January 2019. All bets are off as to which studio will animate it and who will voice whom though.
  • Confirmed. The anime will air in January 2019.

Izabella is dead.
Well, someone had to say it. The demons really wouldn't take the loss of two top quality goods and the destruction of one of their plantations well.
  • The color pages for Chapter 72 depict Phil and the others being raised by someone else, a woman with short blonde hair. Not completely confirmed, but very likely. It is possible Isabella was fired or demoted, but I doubt it.

Norman is biologically related to William Minerva in some way
Whether he's William's son, nephew, descendant, or clone, Norman looks like the Ratri family and may have been taken to Gracefield as some kind of North Korea-esque punishment. However, his brilliance meant he was spared from his intended fate.

"That Man's" name is censored because he's more important to the plot than is let on
It's possible he could be related to Minerva, although he himself doesn't know it.
  • Jossed. His parentage isn't known but his name is just revealed to be Yuugo, which doesn't have any specific meaning to the plot.

Norman is running a new style of farm, the "hideout" that every demon knows about, and the new "hideout" is just a way to keep all the kids together for the eventual culling. Of course, Norman is a human traitor training the young children to become smarter for better demon meals.
I just can't see having all of these buildings and supplies just "accidentally" fall into the orphans' hands. This is not going to be a happy ending for most of the little kids.

The Demons are Kroot from Warhammer 40,000 and this is happening on a backwater Imperial Planet taken over by them.
If what Minerva says is true, then the Demons function exactly as the Kroot does. The fact that the entire ecosystem is demon-based fits exactly with the Kroot homeworld of Pech, where every single organism (due to Kroot hunting everything to extinction) is now Kroot-based.

Zazie is a brainwashed Isabella.
Really, the only basis for this is the fact that Zazie is derived from the name Isabelle. After the orphans escaped, Isabelle was stripped of her position. But because of the very strong meritocracy in place, it would have been a waste of Isabella's skills and talents just to kill her, so they put her through extensive experimentation to make her a killing machine albeit one with no memories of her past life.

The series takes place after Instrumentality.
The "demons" are actually aspects of Rei after she achieved godhood. After Shinji and Asuka escaped Instrumentality, others began rejecting it, too, and tried to rebuild the world. Keyword being "tried", because eventually, Rei was corrupted by Lillith's essence, and split various aspects of herself to go down to Earth and enslave mankind. Her ultimate goal: reunite with Shinji and have him all to herself, even if she has to kill Asuka (the two haven't aged since Instrumentality due to prolonged exposure to LCL, the Eva Pilots' Curse).

There will eventually be a La Résistance. against the demons.

Chapter 135 theory Ayse wasn't a pet
Chapter 135 introduces Ayse a girl who was supposedly kept as a pet by a demon. But what if she wasn't actually a pet, she was adopted by the demon? Norman's team didn't rescue her but actually killed her family.
  • Confirmed, now she wants to rebel.

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