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Despite the darkness and seriousness of the series, there are plenty of light moments scattered around to ease the tension.

  • Whenever Emma freaks out over her siblings, her reactions are usually very humorous.
  • Near the beginning of episode 3 of the anime is a shot involving several of the plantation children playing. One boy gets a ball kicked straight to his face before an abrupt cut to the main trio discussing their next step forward.
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  • Emma, Ray and Norman decide to test sister Krone and challenge her to a game of hide and seek. She's super-humanly fast and strong, to the point where she can crush a rock with her bare fist. The look of surprise and horror on the child who was hiding is priceless, especially as Krone keeps up her placid smile as she shows off her skills.
  • Emma's expressions when Ray or Norman explain something to her and she can't exactly keep up.
  • Ray being super cheerful when Emma suggests breaking a bone so his shipping date would be pushed back. Norman in understandably shocked at this. Certain anime subs get a tint of Black Comedy in this context with their choice of translation.
    Emma: "Let's get cracking!"
  • Phil appearing out of nowhere when Isabella prepares to chase after Emma and the others after they escape is such a Mood Whiplash that it comes off as hilarious.
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  • After Emma foils Ray's attempt at suicide he begins to yell at her for stopping him. In response she slaps him hard across the cheek. Complete with the most blank and somewhat annoyed face.
  • Upon reaching B06-32 and finding nothing there, the five-year-olds immediately throw a temper tantrum at William Minerva, despite him not even being there. Afterwards, Don asks if it made them feel better. It did.
  • The kids obviously can't have ETR3M8 walking around free after the trouble he's caused, but they can't kick him out either. So they essentially duct-tape him to a table with a folded-up jacket as a pillow. The look on his face when he realizes this is PRICELESS.
  • Emma's "incentive" to get ETR3M8 to help them out. If he doesn't, she and Ray will just blow up the shelter. If they can't have it, he can't have it. He's clearly disturbed by Emma's cheery smile while she says this.
  • The various nicknames ETR3M8 uses for the kids (and the fact that he outright refuses to learn their actual names).
    • For the record, the Four-Man Band are Antenna (Emma), Sleepy (Ray), Bean (Don) (short for beanstalk, because he's the tallest), and Four-Eyes (Gilda).
  • When picking weapons for the Goldy Pond expedition, Emma briefly considers a bazooka that's almost as big as she is. Leading to an amusing Imagine Spot from Ray...
  • Violet and Zack discover Grace Field's standards are much higher than Grand Valley when Gilda casually states that she memorized the map. Of the longest track they've yet to follow. And then Emma mentions that compared to the tests at Grace Field, it's a simple task.
    Zack and Violet: Grace Field is a scary place...
    • Later on Ray gives orders to the FIVE-YEAR-OLDS to get specific books from the library. They grab them without pause, while Nigel returns Violet's sentiment.
  • When the group get to Khavitidala, Emma's mind sees a mysterious vision while her body stays motionless. Violet's solution to wake her up? A big ol' slap in the face… after Emma's already come back. She then defensively explains that it's Zack who suggested the idea.

     Volume Extras 
  • As a child when Norman got sick everyone in the orphanage freaked out to the point they thought Norman was going to die. Isabella tries to keep them calm and assure them that Norman would be fine as long as he could get his rest.
    • Emma repeatedly sneaks into Norman's room and Isabella resorts to nailing wood panels to his door. Emma somehow manages to break them off and sneak back in.
    • Emma saying she wanted to stay with Norman because she couldn't get sick, leading to Isabella carrying her out to Ray who says, "I read that idiots don't get sick".
    • Norman's embarrassed reactions when Emma's words come out a little less innocent than she seems to notice, and the fact that he has a growing crush on her.
  • One of the demons can be seen reading a book about holidays in Japan and notes at how interesting they were. A Mama nearby radios Isabella about how her farm would be trying out this "holiday". Emma admits she doesn't understand what "Children's Day" was, but found it to be fun in the end.

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