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  • Chapter 32 - How does Ray finally convey his thankfully not-so final "fuck you" to the antagonists? He douses himself and the dining room in gasoline and sets himself on fire.
  • Chapter 33 - The kids finally outwit Mama in spectacular fashion, fooling her into thinking that Ray set himself on fire long enough to drop the trackers, which they had almost all already removed, but weren't planning to dispose of them until just the right time. By the time she realized something was amiss, everyone was long gone and virtually untrackable. Plus, Emma foils Ray's suicide attempt, revealing that Norman predicted he would try a stunt like that, and factored that into his plan. The escape is finally happening, and Ray left completely shocked.
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  • Chapter 34 explains the how. Emma bitchslaps Ray into getting a hold of himself. Turns out all the other kids were brought into the plan by Don and Gilda over time, and they used Ray's clothes, some meat and Anna's braids to convincingly emulate the smell of burning flesh, hair and clothes. Turns out Norman discovered the fire plan in advance, and realized that the key item Krone left was the materials to make a key. In the present, Mama is thrilled that the kids are still alive, and preparing to use some kind of device to track them... Only for Phil to show up and surprise her. What's he up to...?
  • It gets deeper. Phil was the only four-year-old who was in on the plan, and he was smart enough to figure out something was already up with the 'orphanage'. He volunteers to distract Mama and be left behind with the other kids. However, Isabella is able to sound the alarm earlier than Emma's group hoped. The chase is on.
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  • At the age of four years old Phil had not only worked out that something was terribly wrong with the orphanage, but upon being told the reality of their situation, he not only copes with a truth that would cause a Freak Out! in damn near anyone, but he voluntarily stays behind to do what he can for the other kids AND to distract Isabella so the older kids can escape. Given how much thought he'd already put into the situation, it's not likely he thinks everything will simply work out and his own escape is guaranteed. Possibly the most Badass Adorable person ever.
  • Chapter 36: The bridge is too far and the enemy knows the bridge is their only way out. So what do the kids do? They pick a spot that they figured out would be closest to the wall, and use special equipment they prepared to attach ziplines to the trees on the other side. By the time Isabella figures out what the kids did, they're long gone. Barring any other possible security outside the complex? The escape was a complete and total success.
    • The last page deserves mention. As the kids escape into the woods, Emma gives her on final glance before running after them. You can still see Isabella standing on the wall as she runs off, just processing what happened. Her farm is in ruins and her remaining livestock isn't ripe yet, her crowning achievement as a Mama was stripped away from her by the girl she shaped to be her successor, and she allowed a mass breakout to happen on her watch. They won. She lost.
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    • Even more awesome: Ray believed only he, Norman and Emma would be able to escape, and that the other kids were dead weight. Nope. If anything, it was because everyone above the age of 4 used their ingenuity, careful planning and training (with Ray and Emma being the distraction for two months to take Mama's attention away from the others) to be able to enable all 15 kids in the escape group to get away successfully, and in a way neither the adults nor the demons would be able to anticipate, and in a way the original trio could never have achieved on their own. Everyone was able to contribute meaningfully to the group's triumph.
  • Chapter 37: Now it's Isabella's turn. She accepts her defeat, silently wishes the children who escaped all the best and hopes that they stay safe, and gathers up the ropes and covers up all evidence of Emma's party escaping over the ravine, knowing her superiors won't even realize they've already escaped until they've spent a long time on a wild goose chase inexhaustibly searching the whole complex. And the chapter ends with the escapees seeing their first sunrise as free children, excited but also aware that they need to keep working hard and continue to stay on their toes to survive. The escape arc is over.
  • Chapter 54: ETR3M8 has Emma held hostage with a gun, and is threatening to kill the other kids if they don't leave their pen and get out. How do Ray and the others manage to save her? They don't. While Ray's still thinking, Emma hits ETR3M8 with a Groin Attack, proceeds to determine he was bluffing, and tells him off for threatening her family and giving up on his. It hits him so hard he passes out after having an implied hallucination.
  • Chapter 66: Emma ends up in a Hunting the Most Dangerous Game where demons hunt children. When she learns most of the contestants are from other orphanages and sees a group about to be killed, she grabs an axe and tosses it at the demon's weak point. He's saved by Grand Duke Leuvis, a demon that sees Emma as the perfect hunt.
  • Chapter 74: Turns out Norman isn't just smart by Grace Field standards. He's been moved to a facility where the tests are even harder and they're amping up the difficulty faster and STILL GETS A PERFECT SCORE EVERY TIME.
  • Chapter 77: Gillian and Nigel pull an epic double-team and take down not only one of the demons, but all his retainers as well. Bonus points to Gillian, who at one point dual-wields GATLING GUNS.
  • Chapter 78: Luce pathetically failing at fleeing and then begging for his life at the hands of the kids he tormented before Gillian finally puts him down is a sight to see. Not so tough without your henchmen, are you Luce?
  • Chapter 86: Nous has taken out most of team Nous & Nouma. He can still detect Violet's presence, and has her on the ropes when Ray and ETR3M8 show up. He detects Ray's presence, but not ETR3M8's, who kills him in one blow.
    ETR3M8: You want to be a sniper, kid? This is how you do it.
  • Chapter 91: The kids are getting desperate, but they still have Lewis on the ropes. So far, they damaged his mask, they figured out the weakness in his regeneration, so now they're just firing their guns as much as they can. When Lewis tries to escape by fleeing outside, the Stranger hits him with a sniper rifle. Then when he thinks he's ready for everything, the big child Adam punches him in the face, catching him off guard!
  • Chapter 92: The kids' battle with Lewis turns the whole park into a battle ground as they pull out all the punches such as Adam throwing chunks of buildings at him and all the other kids shooting him with whatever they got to destroy him for good after figuring out his regeneration is slower than the other demons, having age finally catch up to him.
  • Chapter 102: The Grand Valley kids show their stuff by making demon disguises good enough to fool actual demons, with the only things giving them away being their feet. Even then, it's implied that they've made these intel runs many times without bringing any sort of suspicions.
  • Chapter 104: Lucas takes down a guard with a clothesline. A ONE-ARMED clothesline.
  • Chapter 112: The death of the squad leader sent to kill the "cattle children". Half his body is mangled thanks to a well-aimed grenade, yet he's managed to kill two of the children. So what do the survivors do? They shoot him in the joints and the hand then take off running just as a feral "demon" arrives to eat him alive.
  • Chapter 120: Norman explains his plan: to use the Lambda children genetically experimented on by the demons to help destroy the farms and free all the cattle children and kill all the "demons". And these same Lambda children come with many different traits: super strength (like Adam), heightened intelligence, faster agility, etc. These are qualities the "demons" gave them via experimentations to produce better quality meat that can be sold cheap. And Norman wants to use those children to make an army.
  • We finally meet the Five Nobles and the ruler of the "demon" world herself, Queen Regula Valima. Not to mention witnessing what kind of forces that are available at her command, defining how much of a threat she really is.
  • How do Emma and Ray figure out the secret of the Mind Fuck room that leads to the "demon" god? By simply using their imagination.
  • Chapter 158: Musica defeats the Queen not by fighting her or even talking her to death. But by taking pity on her, revealing to her that no matter how much she ate and consumed and absorbed, she could never get enough and now it's taking a toll on her body. All the people and demons she's devoured and the toxins she's absorbed, they're all destroying her body. She even says "You Are Already Dead", and the Queen basically starts imploding only a couple of panels later.note  Musica pulled a Kenshiro without doing anything.

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