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It wouldn't be a Pretty Series show if it didn't make us laugh and this is especially the case when you get the director of Robot Girls Z and the 2017 version of Magical Circle Guru-Guru to direct this iteration of the franchise.

  • In episode 2, Anna shows up and unveils a piranha plant, Emo & Mirai freak out (which Anna takes offense to) while Rinka has Cuteness Overload.
  • Episode 5 has the girls win an event at Anna's theme park. The prize for said event is a giant Anna doll, which is said to represent "a year".
  • In episode 6, Emo and Mirai are doing a video together, but because Emo feels nervous about her brother, she keeps making weird faces and fails each activity they try.
  • In episode 7, Emo pretends to be a wall to try and avoid the cats they are doing a video about.
  • Episode 8 starts with Mirai & Emo pitching various ideas for their channel including them in rabbit costumes getting chased by a cheetah (and Mirai gets bitten by said cheetah) and summoning an alien spaceship, only to be eaten by said ship, all of the ideas get rejected by Rinka.
    • Emo proves how much of a dumbass she is by confusing cosmetics and fashion accessories for unrelated things that sound phonetically similar which disappoints Rinka. For example, she mistakes "hair scrunchie" for the sound trains make while dressed up as a Captain Ersatz version of Thomas the Tank Engine.
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    • Emo and Mirai try doing make-up only to completely overdo it (with Emo basically resembling a lost member of KISS) and be horrified when they see each other.
    • Mirai using Hikari as a test subject for a makeup (and Mirai apparently really digs the KISS makeup) after looking in a photo album, who's photo album? Their mom's, and she's very happy about it and reminisces about when she was in a metal band in high school.
  • Anna & Emo's B-plot in episode 10 pretty much counts, especially in the scene pictured above when Emo got too overconfident and ended up getting shocked when she tried playing the piano.
    • Also from episode 10, Mirai declaring that she wants to be a better idol and Sara encouraging her? Pretty standard stuff. Sara kabedon-ing Mirai while encouraging her (with green bishie sparkles to enhance the Ship Tease) and Rinka being a total yuri fangirl after seeing it? Priceless!!
  • Episode 14 has many funny moments:
    • Mirai comes out of the bathroom to her fanclub cheering for her for no reason.
    • The two fanclubs are in class when a student announces that "Ready Action!" will play through the speakers. The song then changes to "Play Sound" after a few seconds, making the Miracle Kiratts fans mad.
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    • In one scene, a student shows a statue with an Anna head and a duck's body.
  • Episode 20 ends with Anju watching a commercial for the Akagi Animal park where Anna does silly things as the song plays.
  • In episode 25, Anna is showing the person she thinks is Mickey of Designer's Seven a home that is also a vehicle. He opens the closet and is greeted by Anna merchandise, and turns around to see Anna's butler, freaking him out. He then gets crushed by a golden Anna doll.
    • In the middle of the episode, there is a scene where Meltic StAr is at a meeting and Anna's phone starts going off. It turns out to be Mel, driving a car in a crazy manner into the stadium where it is taking place. This is then followed by the actual Mickey (the one Anna and Sara saw earlier was an impostor) going through a weird Transformation Sequence.
  • Episode 42, Rinka and Yuzuru's Absurdly Youthful Mother, Junko finally shows up and she provides all of the funny moments of the episode.

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