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"So many things were happening all at once, trying to change my life in tremendous ways—Were they all truly just coincidences, or had they always been destined to happen?"

Mr. Love: Queen's Choice, collectively known by its Chinese title Love and Producer (戀與製作人 / 恋与制作人 Liàn Yǔ Zhì Zuò Rén) is a SF Romance Mystery Visual Novel mobile phone game developed by Chinese company, papergames (of Love Nikki fame), and distributed by Elex for the English localization market, launched on December 20, 2017. After its explosive commercial success in its home country, the game was localized for South Korea and Taiwan starting in year 2018, UK and Japan in 2019, and South Asia in 2020 under title—Mr. Love: Dream Date.

You play as the main character, a young 22-year-old woman living in a modern day city called Loveland somewhere in China, and is the head of a production company that was previously run by her father. The company's flagship show Miracle Finder is on its final episode due to lack of financial support for the company. The MC and her team want to petition Loveland Financial Group (LFG) for funding but are unable to gain an audience with the notorious CEO. After hearing rumors that superstar Kiro is popular in part due to his inability to receive negative press, the protagonist tries to recruit him as the guest star for the final episode, but despite Kiro's affable personality and support, his schedule doesn't allow for him to make an appearance. On the way back from this encounter, the MC is saved from being hit by a car by a man with the ability to stop time. He seems to think she's something called an "Evolver."


Left without options, the protagonist follows up on a contact named Lucien, a legendary local neuroscientist who has claimed an interest in the kind of people featured on Miracle Finder, people with supposed supernatural abilities. With Lucien on board, the final episode of Miracle Finder becomes a sleeper success, giving the MC and her company enough leverage to meet with LFG's CEO, Victor, in a bid for financial support. Victor - the same man who saved her from being hit by a car.

With an ultimatum from the young but unapproachable Victor to come up with a production plan that will please him, the MC takes on another project following news stories with inexplicable circumstances, partnering with a young police officer named Gavin, who requested he work with her specifically. After realizing that Gavin is a familiar schoolmate rumored with a shady past who wants to protect her for mysterious reasons, the protagonist finds herself in a world of supernatural genetic powers called "Evol" and that she herself might also have the Evolver gene.


She begins to realize that the incidents of occult origins that have surrounded her all her life might put not just her struggling company in danger, but her own life as well. Because there was an incident in her childhood that she repressed, and the people behind it are after her again.

The uniquely interlaced, and intriguing story plot, mysteries surrounding all potential love interests, as well as the mystery behind the heroine herself is the major selling point of the game. Due to current affection values are only used for unlocking dating scenarios without effecting the main story line, as of date, the heroine's relations to any of her love-interest does not affect the outcome of main story events.

The game is played under four main features:

  • Main Story: Play through the main story to unlock and work through television production cases by selecting the best crew members and "Karmas" (see below) fit for the job. It's best to achieve a Three Star recognition in order to drop loots and in-game currency needed to unlock stages of Karmas and nurture the heroine's company.

  • Card System: Draw cards by the name of "Karma" relating to individual potential love interest; preferably of high rarity of at least Super Rare (SR) and nurture those cards through key stages to trigger phone contact responses by those love interests. Dating events would appear once Karma stages are unlocked.

  • Phone System: Potential love interests would contact and interact with you via your smartphone by text, calls, and social platforms. If player response works well to the love interest's liking, their affection value for the heroine would go up.

  • Company Nurture System: Nurture the heroine's company by scouting for qualified crew members by the name of “Experts” via "undercover part-timing" around the city equipped with qualified Karmas, nurture crew members by paying them salaries with your in-game currency, and hold workshops to boost criterions needed to achieve successful work cases. The heroine's company level is equivalent to the user's level.

Strong Karmas that can withstand challenging criterions are crucially needed to complete missions and advance the story. In addition to the main storyline, the game is interspersed with special events and minigames to which the player can produce additional different segments for the company, which grants loots to strengthen Karmas, in-game currency, and experience points to raise the heroine's company level. To sum up, the player needs to raise the heroine’s company reputation in order to unlock story chapters.

The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Mr. Love: Queen's Choice has gained an anime television adaptation based on the game’s Japanese title, Love and Producer (恋とプロデューサー / Koi to Producer): EVOL x LOVE produced by MAPPA, and is simulcast in both China and Japan dubbed in their respective languages with opening and ending theme songs of the same music composition featuring Chinese and Japanese localization, and customized cuts showcasing each region’s local written languages starting July 15, 2020. China’s international online video streaming site, WeTV has both Chinese and Japanese versions available on-demand.

SPOILER ALERT: Due to gaming content leaks and walkthroughs being passed around gamers internationally for over two years, plot information are bound to be spoiled with a good portion being unmarked. Viewer discretion is advised to those newly joined in from the animation adaption.
Editing Note: For the convenience of editing, characters will continue to be referred by their English naming. Alternate readings of character names are listed in the character subpage.

Mr. Love: Queen's Choice contains examples of:

     Gaming, Promotion Mechanism, Special Events, and General Tropes 
  • Ability Required to Proceed: To advance in the main story, you have to level up in order to unlock chapters.
  • Allegedly Free Game: Despite being free-to-play, a lot of Karmas are either only obtainable via purchase or are limited-event Karmas that require the player to buy gems to participate (that is, unless they stock up on gems).
  • Anti-Frustration Features: The Gold Karma Pool is free once per day, and the Gem Karma Pool is free every two days. Additionally, the daily sign-in gives gems every five days and a free rarity “R” Karma if the player signs in for 28 days.
    • A couple of annual month-long events will provide one free rarity “SSR” Karma if players manually sign-in to that specific event page loyally for a certain amount of days in a row through the duration of that event. But if players overlooked that event page with little to no participation from the start, they will miss out on that Karma.
  • Biseinen: Victor and Lucien are the older two love interests at 28 and 26 respectively, in comparison to Gavin and Kiro.
  • Bishōnen: Gavin and Kiro, being the younger two love interests, at 24 and 22 respectively, are this compared to the older Victor and Lucien.
  • Cap: As of current development, the player’s maximum company level stands at 70.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: Standard practice for otome games, all four main male characters are quite attractive. Even most of the non-romanceable NPCs - of either gender - are good-looking.
  • Character Blog: The four main love-interests all have official Weibo accounts.
  • Collection Sidequest: A series of side stories by name of “Rumors & Secrets” in relations to the Hidden Depths of love interests, Plot Hole fillers, and the heroine’s repressed memories can be unlocked and collected under hideous, and costly requirements.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each of the guys has an associated color. Victor is red, Kiro is yellow, Gavin is blue, and Lucien is purple. For her part, the MC's is pink.
  • Crossover: Doubles as Product Placement.
  • Dialogue Tree: Oddly enough for the genre, these are featured more in the City Strolls, dates, and Go See Him side stories, none of which are essential to the main plot. Dialogue trees are still seen in the main story, but to a much lesser degree than in other similar games.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Unlocking later chapters requires you to pass a company level checkpoint first, which can be seen as your company expanding over time.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Most of the side stories you can unlock are meant to be separate from the main plot, and therefore don't usually make any reference to the events there.
  • Innocent Cohabitation: “The Mini House” side game is a shared-house feature that enables the heroine to “move in” with her love interests into new houses to mingle, gain allowances, unlock rooms, furnish the house, give gifts to her love interests to up their affection levels, and unlock little trivias and or moments between the heroine and her love interests.
  • Megane: While Lucien is the resident glasses boy of all love-interests, the four main love-interests will wear glasses for various reasons.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • So, you end a main story chapter with a Cliffhanger, then the game tells you that your company needs to up 5 more levels to unlock the next chapter...
    • This can happen if you switch between the main story (especially after chapter 8) to a newly-unlocked date, or even the irresistibly cute Super-Deformed shared-house mini game.
    • Just running the main story alone will prompt up filmmaking mini games in-between the course of those dramatic story plots.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Most of the mobile ads for the game feature one or more of the following: events that don't happen in-game, your character romancing characters that can't be romanced in-game, your character being someone who isn't the player character, or gameplay that isn't in the game.
  • No More Emperors: The 2019 "If Time Flows Back" Chinese Valentine's Day event takes place between 1920's to 1930's Loveland City.
  • Only One Name: The English and Japanese versions of the game omitted surnames for all characters, including the love interests. This practice has extended to their animation adaption.
  • Permanently Missable Content: Certain Karmas are only obtainable through time-limit events, so if you miss an event, you'll never be able to get that Karma again.
  • Wuxia: Chinese Valentine's Day (Qixi Festival) Events—"West Moon Nation" (2018), and the 2020 event are based within Chinese high fantasy worlds. The 2020 event in particular holds elements based on Chinese Mythology.

     Main Story 
  • Genre Shift: Around Chapter 8, the game shifts from mostly romance with a slight science-fiction twist to a 50-50 blend of romance and science-fiction. By Chapter 12, the story becomes a full blown dark SF suspense.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: The Black Queen sets the time sequence between Chapters 1 through 18 into an infinite time loop as her way to to make her past self escape from the cruelness of reality.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Season 2 and along with Karma dates gradually push the boundaries to sultry mature relationships as they roll out.
  • Invasion of the Baby Snatchers: 17 years prior to the beginning of this story, The Black Swan Organization conducted a grand underground EVOL gene experiment project by using children as test subjects under the guise of an orphanage located in Loveland City. It was then busted by news organizations and made light as "The Mass Child Abduction Case of Shuang Ye Orphanage."
    • Childhood Friends Victor and The Heroine were kidnapped together and became the organization’s experimental subjects due to having natural EVOL powers. Victor was rescued out of the facility, but The Heroine was not.
    • The Heroine and Kiro were part of the group of kids led by Victor in attempt to escape the facility, but Kiro and The Heroine were captured back to the facility while Victor was one of the few lucky ones who successfully escaped.
    • Lucien and Kiro were normal human children whose parents were deliberately killed off by the organization and taken away to be experimented and engineered into man-made Evolvers.
  • Mutants: Victor and The Heroine were natural born Evolvers.
  • Orphan's Ordeal: The Heroine, Lucien, Kiro, and by extension, Gavin had this plot written for them since childhood. For these four, surviving on your own in society becomes the challenge itself.
  • Power Incontinence: The Black Swan Organization conducts an at least citywide mass Evolver awakening project by first identifying their “Queen” Evolver, then use their technologies to obtrude her powers around Loveland City. All Evolvers within the region will find their powers go berserk; including Gavin’s wind powers cranking up to hurricane level, Kiro’s fans stirring citywide Groupie Brigade riots prompting him to retire from the entertainment industry, and Victor absorbed into time space.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory:
    • The Black Queen's "Groundhog Day" Loop is set to infinitely repeat itself, by the laws of time, anyone who breaks out of her time loop would not be able to recollect any memories of their incarnations or reincarnations. But Victor, granted by his Time Master powers, is able to retain his memories by holding on to the right artifacts, in his case, a pocket watch.
    • Once Victor broke out of the Black Queen’s "Groundhog Day" Loop, and got himself into trouble with the Time Administration Bureau, he’s forced to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence note  and has full knowledge of all universes that comes and goes, as well as all fates of all of his own incarnations by the end of Season 1. Victor will drop hints or “missions” to The Heroine whenever she decides to “screw the destiny of her settled universe”.
    • Lucien on the other side, though he doesn't have the full power to handle any form of time powers, has a hand in Neurology and the research resources from The Black Swan Organization. Through out The Black Queen's time loop, Lucien tackles by "developing memory-recollecting medications" and mix them in with his lifetime medications that he has to take everyday to trigger memory fragments which his past carnations believe should be important for the timeline. Through Lucien's Mini House, and manuals, Lucien is also found to have the hobbies of drawing, photography, and cinematography; which may all help him keep records of memories.
    • Throughout the Season 1 timeline, Shaw’s memories relating to The Heroine were intact. He achieved it by one, complying with The Black Queen’s wishes in order to universe travel (he broke his contract once The Heroine safely merges their universe), and two, his discipline as an archaeology/history scholar; where he has the habit of recording events diligently, and “leave messages, and markings” around the city relating to important events for future scholars (and hopefully himself) to dig up.
  • Shades of Conflict: As the fate of the universe rests on the shoulders of "The Queen" Evolver; which is The Heroine, anyone she encounters in society will affect her decision on how the course of her timeline would go. Her surrounding key persons have different Evolutionary Levels, and stands on different scales of social and morality alignments. The conflicts between the parties each key person represents is what drives the plot:
    • (White) Gavin stands Pro-Evolver as being superhuman gives him the power to protect his loved ones. But his morality alignment stands purely For Great Justice. No matter if a person is an Evolver or a normal person, if they do wrong, he will prosecute them.
    • (Ivory White) Victor is a top-of-the-chain natural Evolver who believes being an Evolver is not a bad thing (Pro-Evolver), but takes the harmony of society, the happiness of his loved ones, and hopefully the happiness for himself as his top priority; he understands he cannot please all parties nor save all humanity, simply because that’s unrealistic, but he will do the best he can with all of his abilities.
    • (White-Grey) Kiro /Helios’ alignment is about the same as Victor in Pro-Evolver and For Happiness philosophy, but due to his circumstances and upbringing, he has to survive within the dark side of society, and empathize with those with status and identity issues.
    • (Grey-Neutral) Lucien /Ares stands mainly neutral as he is a scientist who respects the laws of natural selection (evolution) and the wills of each person; to be, or not to be an Evolver are all fine, there is no law in forcing "most" people in making their decisions, all but the Queen Evolver MUST evolve and make her decisions for the fate of all humans—because he as a fellow human being, also has his right to choose his way of living; if given the chance, he will choose to fight for the survival of his loved ones; even if it would cost him his own life and happiness.
    • ( Active Neutral) Shaw as of current development, stands true neutral by not aligning himself with any agendas nor alliances to keep his diligence as a historian in check by appraising the persons and events after he verified the truths behind them, and also keep track of events as they unfold. Unlike Lucien, who is a scientist capable in supporting The Heroine in turning the fate of their existing universe, the only gestures Shaw could provide to The Heroine is guidance if she lost her way (when no other key persons are there to support her), discover MacGuffins, unravel mysteries, fact checking, and his blessings in hoping their universe can have a future.
    • ( Passive Neutral) Hypnos is a natural Creature of Habit who prefers peace and stability and doesn’t like any discord in society that would affect his lifestyle. Be it issues of evolution, devolution, faction or alliance politics, he doesn’t care for any of those things; he just wants to live a peaceful and stable life, period.
    • ( Grey-Black) Joker stands Anti-Evolver due to aligning with Muggles who were abused/bullied by Evolvers and supports Evolvers who wishes to be normal, but he "does not necessarily" rejects the process of Evolution due to seeing Evolvers as a form of "entertainment material".
    • ( Black) Commander Leto stands Anti-Evolver and Anti-Evolution. He believes Evolvers poses chaos and danger to society as a whole, and should be fully extinct.
  • Split Timelines Plot: Has its own subpage. Beware of massive spoilers!
  • Wistful Amnesia: Season 2 of the game starts from the point where The Heroine warped her timeline by rewinding the universe she settled in back to when she was 5 years of age, and in the middle of The Orphanage Abduction event. All living beings, including the love interests, rewinded back to where they were 17 years prior from Season 1’s setting to relive their lives again. All love interests however, felt a great degree of “oddness” as they grow up, and knew they have to find the identity of “someone” (The Heroine) to unlock their sense of confusion.

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