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Funny / Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys

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  • Deoxys's Oh, Crap! expression as Rayquaza readies a Hyper Beam right in front of its face.
  • When Munchlax evolved into Snorlax Ash uses his head as a steppingstone. What does he say to said Snorlax?
    Ash: Sorry!
    • Actually, Munchlax does nothing but funny things during the whole movie.
  • After being separated, May's Hopeless Suitor, Sid, manages to find her. He immediately tries to glomp her, only for her to step aside, causing him to crash into a Metagross's face instead. Even Metagross saw all of this as funny, and says something somehow appropriate.
    Meta...gross. Metagross!
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  • May's picture on her ID card, and her subsequent reaction to it.
  • During the evacuation scene, a random guy pops out of the crowd and yells, "Yay! It's party time!"
    • When the train is leaving, you can see said guy's face pressed against the glass window.
  • Jessie rubs her butt against a helper robot's face at one point during the beginning.
    • And then she gets zapped for her troubles.
    • Also, the moment just before that. When the three assume the Block Bots will take their food orders.
    Jessie: Yeah? Well, I'm pretty good at giving orders. So, I'm gonna have five hamburgers well done, and don't forget the French Fries.
    Block Bot: Well done, it is. (then proceeds to electrocute Jessie)
    • When the power goes out, they help everyone else bring it back on with a pedaling machine. By the end of the movie, however, they don't know the power's now back on and they're still at it!
    James: I must have lost twenty pounds so far!
    Meowth: And you've already lost your mind!
    Jessie: And I'm losing my patience! So just shut up and keep pedaling!
  • The cheerleading Pokemon during the credits... pom poms and all.
    • Special mention goes to Metagross and Blaziken. Yes, even the two most threatening looking pokemon are cheerleading.