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Good boy...
Episode 1
  • It seems that Reality Ensues will be a recurring theme in this season. How so? Well look no further than the Comiket-level crowds at Gundam Base Tokyo, jostling Riku away from Yukio until they're over ten feet apart, before Yukio even notices.
  • Right off the bat we have Momoka trying to scout Riku and Yukio for the school soccer team... in the manner of a creepy stalker. It took half a season for an Art Shift gag involving Fumina. This is just the first episode.
  • The Digital Avatar can be customize to either an Original Character, characters from the Gundam series, anthropomorphic animals or even a weird looking Super-Deformed mobile suits, which can really weird new players like Riku and Yukio out.
    Riku: [weirded out after seeing a pair of deformed chibi MS waddle by] Are those divers too?
    Yukio: [equally weirded out] I-I think so?

Episode 2

  • Yukio wanted to try riding on a Gunpla's hand, which Riku was keen enough to oblige (and also convenient on his end since they need not squeeze themselves into the 00 Diver's cockpit.) Upon Yukio's request to go a bit faster, Riku went ahead and did a Barrel Roll... Only to realize that Yukio and Sarah are free-falling afterward. He did save the two, but he did get a quick scolding afterwards. So much for Giant Robot Hands Save Lives, then. Equally amusing is Sarah not giving a damn about falling, having the same flat expression as she usually has.
  • Momoka's still attempting to get the boys into the soccer club and is still with the creepy stalker look! Then we find out that Nanami can also do that... Oh, and rather than slide into frame like in some other animes, she fades in.
  • The end of the episode is a massive Mood Whiplash from Riku upset about how bad he lost with the 00 Diver to... Riku and Yukio finding Nanami forcing Momoka to cosplay as Lunamaria, Relena, and even a surprise Harry Ord Pajama look.

Episode 3

  • Kyoya couldn't resist touching Rommel's paw.
  • Momoka is joining our heroes for GBN game time now, and the actual reasons are skimmed over when we get to the actual joke - thanks to logging in as a guest and having no player data like Riku and Yukio, Momoka shows up in GBN-space as a pink Haro. And Magee gifts her with cat ears to turn her into the cat-eared Haro from the toyline. Also, Sarah starts cuddling her immediately. Even funnier when you realize that she should have limbs in this form, but never gets the chance to figure it out.
  • For some, it's the fact that Patrick Colasour shows up again, this time as part of a flow chart explaining the GBN campaign mode. It's a static photo but it shows Patrick clearly banged up after each succeeding wave, then looking a bit better after the intermission, then looking even worse for the final boss run... and going into tears of joy at the end of it.
  • When the group are relaxing in the Intermission Stage, Sarah is seen chasing Momoka around.

Episode 4

  • Momoka gets a lot of laughs this episode:
    • Her utter confusion over all of the Zeon Mobile Suit names.
    • When she shows off her brand new avatar, she gets ignored by Riku's desire to be trained by Tigerwolf.
    • Showing off her rental Kapool constructed by Koichi, Sarah's busy petting her.
    • Her failed attempt at launching, where her poor Kapool just drops like a rock, leading to Riku and Yukio to race in and save them. For an added bonus, Sarah actually freaks this time.
  • Tequila Gundam is back! And this time, it's customized as a desperado dragging a coffin that shoots missiles!

Episode 5

  • The beginning of the episode has Ayame driving up to our heroes and when Momoka says they're stranded, she just gives a nonchalant "Oh."... and proceeds to drive off, leaving them.
  • Patrick Colasour is back... as a new martial arts student at Toraburyu that seriously Can't Catch Up.
  • The Mass-Divers' end at the hands of the Seravee Gundam Scheherazade and its GN Rainbow of Death:
    "It's beautiful..." (dies)
  • Tigerwolf suddenly showing up to yell at Shahryar. One wonders if he actually ran all the way there. And given the nature of his training, it's quite possible he did!

Episode 6

  • Riku proves to have some creepy stalker in him during the group's initial attempts to recruit Koichi: repeated knocking on his door, stacking on his friends to try and enter through the porch, and ambushing the poor guy when he has to leave the house! It reaches the point where Koichi is angrily calling Nanami and demanding she make her little friends stop harassing him.
  • Just the fact that Koichi is logging into GBN for the first time in years, something that some viewers might empathise with (that feel when you log in your main for the first time in months).
    • Riku setting up his force registration hits an unexpected snag - Koichi's utter lack of gaming time drags everyone below the required level. The reactions of Riku, Yukki and Momoka are one thing, but then Sarah just tells him to his face "you're useless".

Episode 7

Episode 8

  • Riku and Yukki letting their win in the previous episode go straight to their heads. Even worse, they do their goofiest impressions of Magee.
  • As they leave for the event area, everyone enters enthusiastically except Ayame who stops just shy of the gate and prepares to turn around only for Momoka to drag her back in anyways.
    • Even more hilariously, her Zeromaru has a "Why am I doing this?" look on its face and Ayame can't even do a proper launch call because she's dragged into this.
    • Triple point for the fact that only Momokapool's arm come out to drag Zeromaru back through, as if the former anticipated the latter running away. Quadruple points if you bear in mind that the Momokapool still can't fly, and the only possible way Momo can do that is if Koichi slowed down the Galbady Rebake while carrying her... basically throwing Ayame under the bus again.
  • In the brief still demonstrating a sports competition at a festival, fans were quick to spot an Acguy in the background curled up in the fetal position for some reason, in contrast to the other spectators.
  • The fact that the park has rides based off the Angel Halo and the Bugs, two of the most notorious weapons of mass murder in the entire Gundam saga.
  • The force on the teacup ride. Momoka and Sarah are having fun, Riku and Yukki are spinning themselves as fast as they can, and poor Koichi (with Ayame) is already dizzied out. To the side, you can see a poor Patrick sitting alone in a cup with a handprint on his face, and someone who looks suspiciously like Kati standing with her back to the ride.
  • With everyone's back turned, Ayame finally succumbs to the cuteness of a Petit'GGuy. But as she's cuddling it, everyone else has turned around, seen her, and even have a camera app out. Even better you can see that Ayame's is clearly struggling not to cuddle the Petit'GGuy, complete with a Twitchy Eye.
  • When the various Gunpla hunt down the treasure chests, an EWAC Zack uses its radar to find a chest... and proceeds to get said head stuck in a crevasse, allowing a Zogok to slip in and steal the chest.

Episode 9

  • One of the Hyakki's members is named "Nuts."
  • Momo in her Momokapool rolling all over the place like a terrified beachball to escape Oboro and his modified Rig Shokew.

Episode 10

  • Though easily one of the darkest episodes of the season so far, it's not devoid of comedy.
    • Tigerwolf and Shahryar begin their petty squabbling when they meet up with Riku and the others, leading to a scene where Shahry asking for Tigerwolf's paw like he was his puppy!
    • The implication that the rest of Magee's force are all like him.

Episode 11

  • There's humorous irony that a mercenary using a Break Decal to supercharge his MP Qubeley Mk-II accusing Ayame of cheating when she uses her very in-canon NT-D Mode.
  • Just the fact that the Patrick Colasour cameo is reduced down to one word. ONE WORD.
    • But then he is properly credited in the end credits. So that probably counts as a step up.

Episode 12

  • Patrick is found near the end of the episode. FLOATING IN SPACE. Apparently this version is still immortal.

Episode 13

  • Our required Patrick cameo is seen in the beginning of an episode, holding a whole fried chicken leg.

Episode 14

  • In the new OP, you can very briefly see the Momokapool being airlifted by Galbady Rebake... and flapping like a stuffed toy.
  • Poor Tigerwolf gets to be the Butt-Monkey this episode, twice getting denied a one-on-one match from Riku, both because of Shahryar. The first one's particularly chuckle-worthy as the guy heard of Riku coming to visit him, went to wait at a waterfall and the moment he tried to ask for a fight, Riku was already gone.
  • It's just hard to see Rommel giving out orders on his subordinates during training... While Sara's cuddling him from behind.

Episode 15

  • We get more G Gundam goodness with Force Lotus, which is entirely sea themed... and then we see their base, which has the La Vie en Rose shoved inside a conch.
  • The Running Gag of Rommel appearing with various drinks makes its return, this time in the form of him enjoying a zero-gravity sippy pouch.
  • When Rommel joins Avalon for a watch of the Lotus Challenge, he's seen... sitting on Emilia's lap.
  • When Force Lotus' leader finds himself staring down the barrel of the Gundam 00 Sky's Beam Cannon, all he can do is panic and pull a Looney Tunes-esque token shield as his Mermaid Gundam's faceplate slams up.
  • When Momoka saves Ayame from one of the attackers, she realizes its ready to smash the cockpit. Momoka asks about weapons which Koichi said he didn't put in any, leading to both of them freaking out.

Episode 16

  • Our required Patrick Colasour cameo has our Immortal pilot getting bit in the arm by Usso's dog, Flanders. Also, look at the brand of dog food on the next scene. Blu Duel Dogfood. Really, Sunrise?
  • When Sarah presents the pet they bought, Ayame repeatedly tries to hide the fact that she's squeeing over it.
  • A lot of today's hilarity comes from Momo's Epic Fails:
    • During the explanation of how the combat of Flag Battles work, we see the RX-ZeroMaru constantly beating up the Momokapool.
    • During the actual battle, Momo gets too anxious and hops out of her hiding spot in the water and lands on a bunch of mines, blowing up.
    • Immediately after her minute respawn time is up, she's shot down by SG Nu Gundam. Accidentally at that.
    • During a montage of shot down scenes, we see that she also gets caught in a cage trying to get a fish and also caught in a net. Even better, there's always two of the SD Gundams looking at her like they're thinking "wait... this again?"
    • She does get an adorable moment during the Training Montage: since the Momokapool can't fly, it keeps up with the 00 Sky and the Beam Master by jumping along with them with the most cheerful "^_^" expression on its face.
  • The match result was decided by Petitkapool, who landed right next to Chat Noir Neo's flag. For added bonus, the tense music has stopped right after it pulled the flag out.

Episode 17

  • While Yuki and Dogi are battling the enemies of phase 1 of the mirror mission, Sarah is randomly shown playing rock-paper scissors and tic tac toe with a random NPD.

Episode 18

  • Patrick appears once again. This time losing during the first round of the Ryukosai.
  • We find out that, in the past, Tigerwolf challenged Magee to a fight and lost. Then, kept pestering him for more and more fights.
  • The ending of the fight with Tigerwolf and Riku. It seems that Riku has come up on top, having created the Higher Than Sky Super Mode and smashed the Jiyan Altron with a katana of light. Tigerwolf's impressed, Riku gives his thanks... then gets kicked to the curb because the match wasn't over. Momoka, Ayame, Yukio and Koichi are not happy over the turn of events.

Episode 19

  • Rose, in the lead, makes it to the first checkpoint, where the task is to build a Gunpla, one that you can display in your Force Base or My Shelf feature. So she picks up a Master Grade Sazabi ver. Ka, a model she's wanted in the real world and a kit infamous for its size and complexity. Emilia, on the other hand, remembers that this is a race, and picks an easy-to-build Haro. Rose internally notes her genius in picking such a fast-building model, only to see every other contestant picked a Haro, Petit'gguy or Ball.
  • Emilia finishes her Haro, but loses the lead it gained her when she sees Nami(Nanase) trying to pry the pieces out of the sprue by hand, and stops to correct her. This gives Rose the time she needs to catch up... Only to see Sarah doing it wrong too, by cutting out every single piece at once. This gives Momo and Ayase time to take the lead.
  • Gunstagram: Instagram for Gunpla.
  • The third checkpoint has an array of Gunpla laid out(again). Rose figures this time it may be a straight fight, and picks a massive Neue Ziel. Unfortunately for her, it's a fight alright: a Puppet Sumo match, and between having no legs, HUGE shoulders, and a huge central maneuvering binder at the bottom, a Neue Ziel can't even stand up on it's own. Cue every single contestant challenging her and winning easily.
  • After crossing the finish line, everyone gets immediately disqualified for using a Gunpla or any original vehicle. While Momo, Ayame, and the members of Chat Noir Neo are royally pissed, you can see Stea in the background breaking down.

Episode 20

  • Just the fact that the Patrick cameo is on a tournament bracket... and his first opponent is Ogre. Welp, it's been a blast...
  • The machine scanning the girls of Build Divers end up scanning their chests. Cue viewers calling the machine a pervert.

Episode 21

  • This episode's Patrick cameo has the guy running around in his PJs. And they say you can't sleep in GBN.

Episode 23

  • Karuna has to take his new Impulse Lance to the underground waterways, since Emilia thinks Build Divers might try to sneak in by that route. At the same time, Momo takes the Momokapool through the waterways because they really did think of it first. And somehow Karuna taking the elevator to reach the waterway brings him face to face with the Momokapool. Cue one beat after another as Karuna and Momo take WAY TOO LONG to realise what just happened.

Episode 24

  • The Civil War is finally reaching a head as Riku is brought down by all of Kyoya's funnels, Yukki loses an arm to Emilia, Ayame and Koichi are pinned down by a ton of gunfire, and Momo is... just flailing in her Petitkapool as Karuna merely grabs it like an angry child.
    • Karuna's modified Impulse Gundam Lancier also has a face covered in scratches and manages to look suitably displeased with this development, like a cat owner who's had a rough time of it.

Episode 25

  • When Build Divers are meeting Magee, Kyoya, Tigerwolf, and Shahryar in the real world for the first time, Shahryar is running late due to his flight being delayed. Then a really long limousine tools up, door opens and a red carpet is rolled out, and out steps Shahryar. Needless to say everyone is shocked, especially Tigerwolf. Well, everyone except Magee.
    Shahryar: (with sparkles all around him) Hey everyone. I'm Ruck Arge. Or Shahryar.
    Magee: It's been a while, Shahry!
  • As Magee serves everyone drinks, he makes sure not to give the Build Divers minus Koichi and Nanase alcohol, reminding them they need to be 18. Tigerwolf corrects him that they need to be 20 note . The fact that the one running a bar gets the legal drinking age incorrect is amusing in of itself.
    • Meanwhile, while also extremely cute at the same time, Sarah gets her own tiny teacup!
  • The fact that Shahryar revealed he flew to Japan on a private jet... and still got delayed somehow.

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