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Funny / Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze

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  • Sakura asks Tsunade what's the best way for a girl to get a boy to notice her, wanting to attract Sasuke's attention. Tsunade immediately answers: "your bust". Sakura is crestfallen, since, unlike Hinata, she doesn't have the necessary... assets. Tsunade interrupts her depressed monologue, saying that she was joking.
  • Sakura and Ino gossiping about Shikamaru and Choji's love lives. Ino suggests asking Temari for more details, but Sakura points out that this will probably earn her a smack with Temari's giant fan.
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  • Ino's reaction when she accidentally sees Sai when he opens his door, and he's not fully dressed yet.

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