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  • Episodes 7 and 8 have the rivalry between Lunar and Sun starting a war, which is resolved with a suitably epic sing-off. Then throw in Saru, who pulls off the most epic use of A Storm Is Coming ever. The whole deal is topped off with the revelation that Maki was not attacked by Lunar's bodyguards. Maki attempted to attack them by launching herself with her shell gun, missed, and pancaked into a wall.
    • Mawari and the rest of the school's female population storm the school during Sun and Lunar's singing contest. They stop when Mawari sees a crazy fan...and the rest behind him is covered with tons of "CENSORED" stickers...
    Mawari: Burn it all down....
    Class Representative: No, you can't.......
  • The second episode has Nagasumi and Sun at a festival, with Nagasumi always getting the short end of the stick with the snacks they get.
    • Sun gets enormous Cotton Candy while Nagasumi gets a tiny piece.
    • Worse, Sun gets a high candy apple, while Nagasumi gets an apple core on a tooth pick. At least the last thing he could eat.
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    • Finally, Sun gets a large chocolate banana. Nagasumi gets a chocolate covered gun!
    Nagasumi: That’s gotta be some kind health code violation! Who knows where that gun’s been!
  • "I will calm everyone down with the Mermaid Lullaby!!Lalee-Lo!! Lalee-Lo!! La Lee La Lee La Lee LOOOO!!"
    • Bonus points for Sun's facial expression and dance while singing it.
  • Episode 5. To escape Shark Fujishiro Nagasumi runs into the girls changing room to the tune of an old fashioned Enka ballad.
  • Mawari's investigation.
    Mawari: Seto Sun, you are...A FISH!
    Sun: So close!
  • Anytime Nagasumi swoons over Masa-san.
  • Bob & Michael. Just where did Lunar find those guys?
  • From the DVD special, Ms. Sun's English lessons.
  • Fact: Mer-people are afraid of cats.
  • Nagasumi gets a love letter.
  • Young San and Kai playing house. San imagines it as a Yakuza house (with all that entails) while Kai imagines it like a submarine docking for repairs.
  • "Shibazaki-sensei is... ON MATERNITY LEAVE!"
    • For context, Shibazaki-sensei is a man.
  • Kai's Oh, Crap! face after his helmet broke.
  • Sun's attempt to cure Nagasumi by throwing a spear at him... and failing initially because she trips and falls, followed by the spear getting crushed by Octopus Nakajima finally landing after being thrown into the air a while earlier.
    • All of episode 11 was pretty hilarious, really.
  • Pretty much every time Lunar's Dad is on screen:
    • Most of Episode 10 is an Affectionate Parody of Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Total Recall (1990). Hilarity Ensues.
    • Lunar's Dad choosing to exit the school premises by lowering himself into a garbage incinerator with a thumb's up held above his head.. Even his exit is manly.
    • Lunar's dad in drag.
    • The entire episode where Lunar and Sun's fathers try to "understand" them by playing gal games and then cosplaying as schoolgirl cliches is made of gold (Sun's father dressed as catgirl is not something easily forgotten) but there's one particular gem of a line at the beginning, when Lunar's Dad is talking about Nagasumi about how to make Lunar happy. Lunar's dad remarks about how Lunar is so pitiful and miserable (she had to miss a school trip and is depressed about it), and Nagasumi suggest that he cheer her up somehow, suggesting that her father take her on a trip. This results in Lunar's dad bursting through the window and greeting Lunar with this:
    Lunar's Dad: Lunar, you are pitiful. Let us go to Dubai.
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  • Sun hitting Lunar and then Kai with volleyballs without even trying.
  • Sun imitating other people's laughs.
  • Furiyo dressing up as a human girl named "Brittany".
  • Sun and Lunar turning an all-out gang war into a dance party.
  • Nagasumi shifting into permanent Kenshiro's appearance at the end of the series.
  • One episode has Nagasumi drinking a potion to increase his popularity, causing all the girls in the series to see him as what their ideal man would look like, including Mawari seeing him as a defenseless grade schooler and his mom just seeing Masa.
  • Sun agrees to pretend to be Lunar's boyfriend to help her prepare for a soap opera role. Cue her shifting into a more musclebound, macho persona and taking the term "beard" a little too literally.
    • Hell, just about anytime Sun transforms into "Setojima Sanpachi."
  • Sun and Akeno's epic Les Yay in the bath on a school trip. The short version is that young mermaids revert to their mermaid form when their legs get wet, so Akeno and Sun reserve a private bath so they can train themselves to resist the transformation. Naturally, their dialogue sounds like they're doing something completely different, which nearly drives both Nagasumi and Mawari insane as they listen. The best part is that while Nagasumi figures out what was really going on, Mawari, who's not in on The Masquerade, never gets the true story, and for the rest of the series thinks that Sun and Akeno had sex during the trip.
    • There's also Akeno's plan to break Sun and Nagasumi up by giving everyone alcohol. Unfortunately, that included her and her underlings...
    Akeno: Michishio have so many friends. GIVE ME SOME AFFECTION!
    • Mikawa explaining Ikedaya to Nagasumi at hyperspeed.
    • Akeno's superior being flabbergasted at the whole turn of events...
    • Actually, just the entire second half of episode 18.
  • In the episodes flashing back to Masa's past, he is shown to be a (presumably Japanese) man with waist-length hair instead of a black guy-complete-with-afro. How he got that way was never explained.
    • Also, how did he lose his memory? A drunk Gozaburo sucker-punched him.

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