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Funny / Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

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  • In episode 3, we have Yuuya trying to name his fellow test pilots (Vincent remarks that this seems to be a habit with Yuuya), and we have the following: "Chobi" for Tarisa Manandal, "Macaroni" for VG (Valerio Giacosa) and "Venus" for Stella Bremer (VG was going to go with 'Giant Tits', which was also Yuuya's first choice, til Yuuya stopped him. Oh, and later he gave Yui Takamura the nickname of "Annoying Japanese Doll".
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  • Episode 4, after Yui has pulled some strings to get Yuuya released when he stumbled upon the Scarlet twins, there is one funny scene of Tarisa trying to cheer up Yuuya while on a miltary jeep. Her behaviour is hilariously funny.
  • Episode 5, Tarisa getting jumped on by Natalie Duclert to put on a cat waitress dress. The entire scene is laugh out loud funny.
  • Episode 6, Yuuya and Valerio Giacosa trying to sneak up on the girls, that is until Yuuya backs out and informs Stella about "suspicious characters" (and unintentionally getting a really nice view of her breasts), cue later we saw VG having something like a slap on his face at the night party.
    • VG's imagination when at the beach party was freaking hilarious!
    • The way Yui cries out suddenly when Yuuya carries her was quite funny too.
  • Episode 7, Yui stumbling upon Yuuya and Cryska in a scene of Not What It Looks Like.
  • Episode 16 After being defeated by Yuuya, Yifei makes a simple statement.
    • "It's all right for you to fall in love with me if you want!"
  • Episode 19. Guylos McCloud pulls a hilarious You Shall Not Pass! moment to guard the girls' bathing area from peeping toms.
    • Buck-naked Inia and Cryska walking into the men's area, which contains Yuuya and Leon alone.
  • Late in the Visual Novel, While Yui handing over her sword to him before he escapes for good and telling him that only the legitimate Takamura heir can wield it (indirectly trying to tell him of his heritage and their relationship) is a heartwarming moment for her, there is something funny about Yuuya failing to pick up the implications and later fastening the sword to the wall of his cockpit using duct tape.