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Headscratchers / My Bride is a Mermaid

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  • Why was Kai afraid of the cat I mean he's a killer whale and a mammal at that I mean I would get it if he was a dolphin but serously.
  • When that crazy miniature assassin Maki tries to kill Nagasumi, why doesn't he y'know, tell San? The same goes for when San's father tries to kill him.
    • Maki would put on her cute act, and San wouldn't believe him.
  • On a similar note, why doesn't Nagasumi ever just crush that shell gun Maki has?
    • 'Cause she would then go with her poisoned knife instead. The water bullets never seem to kill anyone, at least.
    • Make it look like an accident in front of San, and he'd be home free with Maki. Of course, that leaves San's homicidally insane dad...
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    • Meh. Probably because it's a comedy. If things were resolved they wouldn't be able to use the same joke. It bugs the hell out of me too.
    • Maki might rebuild it? Better. Stronger. Faster.
      • Sigh* I don't understand why horrendous murder attempts are supposedly funny.
      • It's because the attemptee of said murder plots is knee high to a pencil.
      • I would also like to note that she stops trying to kill him after the first few episodes anyway.
      • Well, maybe Maki realized that making a living hell out of his life is much more enjoyable than simply killing him.
  • Why does nobody care about the presence of a friggin' GIANT OCTOPUS in the school? Wouldn't it lead to suspicion about the existence of mermaids, and consequently, get all human students killed?
    • It's Japan.
  • How did a stereotypically Japanese character turn into a black guy with an afro?
    • Speaking of afro dude, does he make people gay or something?
    • Because it's funny.
    • If you think about it, the Seto Gang could have simply left Nagasumi alone from the beginning and no one would have had to kill, or marry, anyone. After all, only Nagasumi saw Sun, and everyone he told the story to thought he'd been daydreaming. If they'd left things as they were, things might have turned out quite a bit differently.
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    • Nagasumi's first kiss is technically Sun. Yes, its CPR, which is messy, but this is Japan where some consider drinking from the same cup to be considered a kiss.
    • Mawari gets bent out of shape when she thinks Akeno and Sun are being naughty in the bath. But what about her earlier treatment of the Class Rep?
      • I think it's because all Mawari was just trying to look and she thought they were having full blown sex.
  • Is San Telepathic? In the manga she always responds verbally to her fiancee's thoughts.
  • Why didn't Nagasumi at least try to explain that he was just drying off Lunar's tail in episode 12?
  • Why didn't Fujishiro simply turn back into his human form when he was stranded on land in episode 2? Rule of funny?
    • Rule of funny. That, and he was probably still wet, so he couldn't change back.
  • Does everyone have magic for blood or something? In the anime, at least, everyone's blood is white and sparkly.
    • Censorship, I assume.


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