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Because every trope is funnier IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!

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    Season One 

Episode 1: Live With the Flow, Baby

  • Our introduction to Dandy: Opening on how women are objectified for their boobs...when they should really be objectified for their butts instead.
  • The Lemony Narrator.
    Narrator: So, I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but the Gogol Empire and the Jaicro Empire are currently locked in a life or death battle for ultimate control of the universe.
    [battle with thousands of powerful ships fighting]
    Narrator: But never mind all that, back to the Aloha Oe.
  • The ship's malfunctioning warp drive has landed them somewhere...weird. Dandy demands QT explain where they are, and QT prints out an old-fashioned punch-ticket.
    QT: It says, "I don't know."
    Dandy: And you printed that?
  • While the ship is in the void, a large chain of some sort is found, and Dandy immediately decides to grab it with an extending arm from the ship.
    QT: Oh wait, I know what that is! That's a cosmic string. If we go pulling on it all willy-nilly, there's a chance that space-time will distort even more and we'll be trapped here forever!
    [arm grabs the string]
    QT: Whatever you do Dandy, don't--
    [arm pulls the string]
    Dandy: Got it!
    QT: Really?
    Dandy: Yep.
  • Pretty much all of Dandy's interactions with Honey.
  • The very, very, very slow transporter.
    Meow: Um, this is oddly anti-climactic...
    Dandy: It's an older module, it just takes a while to warm up!
    Meow: Flying down there'd be quicker. I'm just sayin'.
  • After Doctor Gel loses Dandy and reports his failure to his boss. We get this gem:
    Dr. Gel: We might have lost track of him. But fear not sir, we'll find him again, soon enough. Would sometime next week work for you?
    Perry: Of. Course. It. Wouldn't! YOU IMBECILE! [Dr. Gel's ship explodes]
  • At the end, Dandy instructs QT to use Dandy's secret weapon. Dandy, QT, and Meow all promptly die when the planet explodes.
    Dandy: Well, my bad! I knew there was a reason I hadn't used this trick before! But hey, at least I die with a full head of hair.
    [Earth Shattering KABOOM]
    Narrator: And here our story ends. Tales of Dandy's bravery and sacrifice will echo through space for all time... or not.

Episode 2: The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby

  • Doctor Gel trying to track Dandy through Gogol Galaxy Street View...and completely failing.
  • Doctor Gel's assistant Bea succeeding in tracking the crew, because Meow keeps posting location check-ins on Space Facebook.
    QT: How did they figure out where we were?
    Meow: Who knows? Lucky guess, maybe?
    • At one point they're on them seconds after he checks in.
  • Scarlet.
    • To start with, when Dandy and Meow are making a ruckus on the alien scanner, she promptly shoots them both into space.
    • Later, Dandy runs into her in a restaurant, goes on a long spiel about how it's destiny they're meeting again (despite the fact that she clearly doesn't agree)...and then asks to be floated some cash for his bill.
    • When Golgol troops arrive to capture Dandy, they accidentally spill Scarlet's food. She kills them all with very little difficulty.
  • The old alien ramen chef, in a severe Mood Whiplash example, spent his youth as part of a biker gang with the sukeban girlfriend he adored - until the fateful day when he went to light her cigarette with his fire breath, and ended up INCINERATING HER instead.
  • The ramen at Fullmetal Noodleist contains chunks of metal. Dandy complains that it's too tough.

Episode 3: Occasionally Even the Deceiver is Deceived, Baby

  • Meow getting consistently entranced by the hologram of Honey.
  • Boobie Monster. That is all.
  • Dandy flees with QT in the Little Aloha, leaving Meow to die... before being reminded that Meow still has the points card.
    • At the same time, QT calling Dandy out for being a hypocrite.
    Dandy: Lucky for him, Space Dandy doesn't abandon his friends!
    QT: You mean like just now?
  • QT's response to Dandy's plan to transform the Little Aloha into the Hawaii Yankee.
    Dandy: Then maybe we should transform too.
    QT: What?
    Dandy: Let's use it. You know what I'm talking about.
    QT: No. I don't.
  • The Little Aloha transforming into the Hawaii Yankee.
    QT: No, seriously, how did I not know we could do this!?

Episode 4: Sometimes You Can't Live With Dying, Baby

  • The entire universe becomes zombified. Even robots and the series narrator. However this isn't actually a bad thing with un-life continues on as normal; there's no more fighting or war because everyone is a zombie. Films from George A. Romero become exceptionally popular, though.
  • The narrator speaking in "Zombie-ese" when translating the team-as-zombies' speech.
    Narrator: Fortunately I am fluent in Zombie-ese.
  • Perry blowing up Dr. Gel's ship, again.
  • "They felt despair...followed by an inexplicable craving for raw meat. Despair...and raw meat."
  • In the middle of ths otherwise Nightmare Fuel filled first half of the episode, Dandy and QT enter the hospital, shrugging off all the blood and random devastation.
    • Upon figuring it all out, Dandy starts using QT as a weapon. QT somehow turns into a zombie too.
      QT: What are you doing, Dandy!?
      Dandy: Oh, quit your whining! You'll be fine, okay?! You're a freakin' robot, you can't catch zombie!
  • "We're not rotting... we're fermenting!"
  • Dandy remembers that he has life insurance and goes to report his own death. It takes several visits until the insurance guy gets tired of the team and gives Dandy his life insurance payout.
  • A zombified nurse and one of the mercenaries hired by Perry met at the hospital, becoming a very happy couple. When asked about where they go on dates, they both say they have an inexplicable urge to go to the mall.
  • The team gets used to their undead state, starting a routine of exercise, sunbathing, and eating yogurt...and hanging out at BooBies, of course.
    Narrator: Though Dandy lost his taste for hot wings, he wasn't about to give up the breasts.
  • When Dandy and QT go to the hospital to visit Meow, Dandy gives us this Earworm:
    Dandy: I found myself a nurse and her boobs are big and bouncy. They go boing boing boing and I feel it in my naughty bits!
  • Dandy sees all the hot nurses at the hospital and decides he wants to be hospitalized too.

Episode 5: A Merry Companion is a Wagon in Space, Baby

  • Normally when people's brains are transferred into a stuffed animal, they're too shocked to do anything. But Dandy is crazy, so he's fine.
    • When he succeeds at capturing Adelie, he starts singing while still in the plushie. When the timer on the "Freaky Friday" Flip runs out...
      Dandy: The boobies in Boobies go up and down, up and down, up and down~
  • Whilst having breakfast, Dandy and Adelie get into an argument over whether to put tabasco or salt on their eggs as they pour both on their plates. The next scene shows both of them having swollen lips.
  • Penguin!Dandy flying through the train station.

Episode 6: The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby

  • The aliens of the week speak with really bad universal translators that sound more like Google Translate than proper sentences.
    • The use of the word "Chesticles". Never thought you'd hear that on TV huh?
  • Dandy's surfing story
    Meow: So that perfect endless summer was...
    Dandy: I pulled it out of my butt!
  • The aliens' extreme visible reluctance to don each others garments.
    • Their subsequent slaughter of themselves.
  • The sleeping arrangement that involves Dandy sleeping with the Undian on a heart shaped bed.
  • When Dandy and Meow make their escape and live, the former gives a thumbs up to QT. Unfortunately, QT just stared at him as if he saw the weirdest thing in the world despite "Stardust Pipeline" being played in the background.

Episode 7: A Race in Space is Dangerous, Baby

  • The introduction of Dandy and the team to the public with Dandy known as Blockhead, Meow as Bonehead and QT as Pinhead.
  • Prince falling for Dandy.
    Dandy plowed into him from behind at the seventh space velocity.
  • Dandy's multiple last resorts much to QT's confusion.
    • The first of which he pulls out mere seconds after the race starts.
  • Dr. Gel gets ecstatic after passing Dandy in the race. But not before it results in a fatal collision with a metallic pillar.

Episode 8: The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby

  • When Meow and Dandy start throwing things at QT, look closely and you'll see Meow give up in exchange for eating chips and reading a book.
  • While being eaten by a black hole, Dandy always wanted to die by extreme sucking. Considering that he's a Handsome Lech, this... makes a lot of sense.
    • While Dandy is bemoaning about how the Aloha Oe's warp drive never seems to work when they need it to, QT nonchalantly mentions that it does work.
    • Even funnier is that QT didn't mention warping because he thought Dandy hated it. Dandy promptly retorts he hates the idea of painful death by black hole a lot more.
    • But immediately before that:
      Dandy: I can't die now, I have too much to live for!
      Meow: I cannot for the life of me imagine what that might be.
    • Before that, Dandy remembering a lot of the women he's been with. It starts off with some normal, bikini clad human girls, then goes to Scarlet (no, he DOESN'T have feelings for her)... then begins a pan across a group of very NON human looking alien women. Then, he hallucinates Honey wanting to hang out with him...and that makes him realize that he "has too much to live for" and can't die yet.
  • Dr. Gel and Bea warping into the black hole, while Dandy and Crew warp away.
    Dr. Gel: Hold me tight, Bea!
  • DJ Bea.
    Bea: Lay me down some sick beats.
  • Remember that fridge from Cowboy Bebop with the mutated rock lobster inside? Well...
  • From the preview for episode 9, found at the end:
    Dr. Gel: My name is Dr. Gel. They don't give me very much screen time and for some reason I keep dying. I am officially very dissatisfied. Next time, Plants are Living Things Too, Baby...
    Bea: I don't think we're in that one.
    Dr. Gel: Oh, sonova-
    • And true to form, they don't!
  • Dandy tells Meow to give his attitude a 360. Meow responds by turning around in a circle.
    Dandy: Math!

Episode 10: There's Always Tomorrow, Baby

  • At the beginning, Dr. Gel implores his boss not to use their super weapon as it is still in development. They use it anyway, and it blows up.
  • The Narrator finally giving in to his frustration and informing the clueless trio that they're caught in a time-loop and don't have super powers to predict the future.
    Narrator: No, you idiots don't have super powers, you're in a loop! A time loop! Get it through your heads and get on with the story!
    • He also calls them Blockhead, Bonehead, and Pinhead again.
  • Desperate to get to BooBies, Dandy steals a space car from Meow's school friends and they take off into the sky... The car blows up and they die yet again, but due to the time loop, they're just fine the next day.
  • The lunacy of the time loop makes Meow say this line at the bar:
    Meow: You know what, maybe I should stay here and marry Katie. I'm just kidding, I got the jokes, ha HA! I kill me!
    Katie: I can't marry you.
    Meow: What? I said I was kidding. Maybe kind of awkwardly but-
    Katie: I'm sorry. I thought you already knew...
    Meow: Uh, knew what?
    Katie: I'm gay.
    Meow: Uh-
    (Katie and Lil Mama lovingly touch each other's cheeks)
  • The crew's attempts to destroy the calender in order to break the time loop, complete with Dandy using a rocket launcher and Meow a chainsaw. Of course, the calender doesn't take a scratch.
    Dandy: TOMORROW! *FOOM*
    • When Meow breaks out the chainsaw, QT is horrified that the chainsaw may destroy the calender, rendering it useless. Dandy, meanwhile, is visibly impressed.
    • And of course while nothing the trio could do to harm the calendar, Meow's dad manages to break it perfectly using a simple metal cutting machine used for making screws. A piece of old factory machinery and Meow's middle aged father are more powerful than our protagonists.
  • Despite the "Groundhog Day" Loop having been broken, the final scene of the episode is exactly line-for-line identical to the opening scene.
    Narrator: Whether or not they're caught in a loop, they're still pretty much caught in a loop.

Episode 11: I'm Never Remembering You, Baby

  • Admiral Perry complaining about long distance space phone calls.
    • At the same thing, Perry's reasons for conquering Planet Legato.
    Perry: No one harasses the Great Admiral Perry about an overdue book and gets away with it. I'm going to make them pay.
  • The Phantom Book alien, AKA the head Librarian of the library planet, discussing all the things she wanted to see for herself, rather than just read about in books. The funny part being that she's essentially a little girl, and all the stuff she wants to see happens to be the most disturbing, deranged, horrific things in history and literature that you could possibly imagine.

Episode 12: Nobody Knows the Chameleon Alien, Baby

  • The search for the chameleon alien starts by Dandy proposing to go to a planet that looks like it has chameleons. They go to a planet whose name is, "A Planet That Looks Like It Has Chameleons."
    • While there, QT ends up getting obsessed with fishing.
    • Their most common catch? A tsuchinoko...which is considered disappointingly common, even by Dandy. (Given that tsuchinoko are a famous Japanese cryptid, that would be a little like going hunting and being disappointed that you "only" caught a Bigfoot.)
  • Just how freaking LONG it takes them to figure out that the Chameleonian is on the ship. Initially, in a Goldilocks fashion they each notice that someone's been using their stuff without their permission, but they insist that it wasn't any of them. But they don't catch on. Meanwhile, a completely random man walks on-screen in the background whilst they bicker over who's fault it is. Of course, they don't notice. Then Dandy finally theorizes that there's a stowaway on the ship, prompting an exaggerated gasp from everyone including said random man. Again, no one notices. Then they decide to call roll call, and everyone, including said random man, calls in. No one NOTICES. It ultimately takes a brief run through the ship with the random man coming along with them, QT noticing that his black tsuchinoko mysteriously disappeared, and the random man inadvertently admitting that he's the Chameleonian and running off before they catch on. Case in point, our heroes are truly the living manifestation of Too Dumb to Live.
  • QT and Meow try to find out which Dandy is real by having a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?-style question game show, in which QT gets way too into his role as the host.
    "IS THAT YOUR FINAL DANDY?" (makes a hilariously creepy expression and leans up in Dandy's face for no reason)
  • Dandy and Chameleonian Dandy eventually realize that neither one of them can tell if they're the Chameleonian. Their response is... to abruptly decide that they don't care.
    • "Drowning in the introspection he couldn't even spell."
  • Dr. Gel finally captures Dandy with his ultimate weapon, demanding that Dandy bow to him as he is brought into his ship.
    Chamelionian disguised as Gel: Hello, there, sexy!
  • That walk Dandy does with his clone.

Episode 13: Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall in Love, Baby

  • At a coffeehouse, Dandy of course attempts to flirt at one of the waitresses, only for said waitress to reveal that it is a mustachioed flesh alien using her skin as clothing.

    Season Two 

Episode 14: I Can't Be the Only One, Baby

  • The crew tries to get a cow registered. Scarlet is so embarrassed for them that she doesn't even get angry. She just sits them down later and gently tries to tell them that they really ought to quit being alien hunters.
  • In contrast to the first alternate version of himself that he meets, Dandy proves completely incapable of even spelling his own name.
  • This exchange that takes place in the dimension with the Michael Jackson/Goku Dandy:
    alterna-Meow: Oh no! Don't tell us you scoundrels have come here to steal our Miracle Heartful Balls!
    Dandy: ...your what?
    • Apparently, in one universe, Dandy is a Titan!
  • To escape Michael Jackson/Goku Dandy's attempt to kill him, Dandy ends up surfing on Meow down a mountain slope for a few moments.
  • The contradictions that start to show up. Such as beefy chicken flavored ramen, jobs offering 7 days off per week, and frantic relaxation.
  • Eventually, alternate narrators start showing up.
    • Which makes no sense given that the narrator is God.
  • Apparently all future episodes will feature the Emo Dandy and Crew.
    • Cue a remake of the intro, which plays nonchalantly over the depressive and terrifying Emo Dandy crew.
  • Several of the side effects brought about by having so many versions of the Aloha Oe Crew in the same universe are rather hilarious.
    Full-tilt half-assedness. Precise malarkey. Frantic relaxation.

Episode 15: There's Music in Darkness, Baby

  • There really is a Misunderstanding Grand Prix! And Dandy won!
  • When Dandy storms off from Boo Bies:
    QT: Where are you going? Don't you want to stay and eat pancakes?
    Dandy: *sigh* Pancakes are too sweet for the bitter pain consuming my heart.
    Meow: What do you think he meant by that?
    QT: Maybe he wanted waffles instead?
  • Dandy's awkward conversations with The Comically Serious capybara alien woman that he encounters.
    • Not even the Narrator and his ramblings are spared from her firm, no-nonsense attitude.
    • Dandy telling her much less dignified fellow natives to stop trying to eat his space ship.
  • Gel's reunion with an image of his mother in the River of Time.
  • QT and Meow running afoul of the planet's wildlife as they teleport from place to place in an effort to find Dandy (before the Mood Whiplash sets in). It's capped off with the two of them falling from a great height and Meow landing on his feet, despite him definitely not being a Space Cat.
  • Dandy ditching the Ukulele Man because he didn't come all that way for a "sausage festival".
  • The River of Time reminding you of what it does when under the Pororoga Effect by regressing a bunch of ducks, some buildings, Space Battleship Yamato, and Mothra that just happened to be there for some reason.
  • Even Dandy now refers to himself and his crew as Blockhead, Bonehead and Pinhead (or Team BBP for short).

Episode 16: Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby

  • The planet they're on is called "Planet Pushy Boyfriend."
  • Dandy being completely unaware that only his head was teleported to Planet Pushy boyfriend, right until QT and Meow transport the rest of his body to him.
  • In contrast to how emotional he's been during the last two episodes, Dandy is almost completely ambivalent during this adventure. His reaction to falling down a hole into the heart of the planet and an approaching sun that is coming dangerously close to him are rather subdued. It takes (his hair) getting burnt by the intense heat of the passing star to get a rise out of him, and even that doesn't last long.
  • Meow stupidly teleporting himself and the teleporter to Dandy by shining its light at a mirror.
  • Carpaccio ditching Meow and Dandy to escape to Planet Girlfriend on his own, followed by a famished and frenzied Meow chasing after him.
    • Meow ends up falling back onto the craft he and Dandy are stuck on and lands on his feet, prompting Dandy to make a note of this cat-like action.
  • While riding on a gigantic column of water to cross the immense distance between planets, Dandy still finds time to fix his hair during the chaos.
  • The moral of this story, if any, is definitely not "Slow and Steady Wins the Race". This doesn't stop Dandy from constantly insisting that this is the case, even at the very end.

Episode 17: The Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby

  • Dandy trying to enforce The Glasses Gotta Go on Freckles. The results are less than impressive.
    Dandy: When you get home, you need to smack your parents.
    • Keep in mind, Dandy's taste in women is eclectic to say the least. The fact that Freckles managed to elicit that response from him is hilarious in itself.
  • "Believe in the Backside."
  • "Nobody puts Dandy in a corner!"'
  • Dandy's dejected reaction when he's told he can't sit with the popular kids.
    "But I'm Dandy!"
  • The bottom rung of Baberly Hills High School hierarchy? The anime freaks.
    • If you're wondering the janitor is over there.
  • Dandy manages to pass the final exam needed to graduate high school by distracting the class by screaming "LOOK! THERE'S A GREMLIN ON THE WINDOW!!" and switching his test paper for another student's.
  • During the final musical number everyone was dancing including the giant security robot.
  • After all is said and done, Dandy muses that his adventures in high school were probably the best years of his life. Meow points out that he'd only been there for about a week.

Episode 18: The Big Fish is Huge, Baby

  • Dandy's screaming during certain parts of the episode can actually be pretty funny to listen to. The most prevalent moment is when he's dragged through the sea while trying to capture the Unagi. It's a pretty fun sight.

Episode 19: The Gallant Space Gentleman, Baby

  • The Narrator is a stitch in almost every line.
    Narrator: Where does one find a dandy man in space?
    (camera pans to the Aloha Oe)
    Narrator: Just left of the camera, apparently.
  • Dandy and Meow trying to pass themselves as women for free food—they don't dress up, they just say they're women. The doorman actually buys it, since he's gay.
  • Scarlet spending most of the episode in a drunken stupor. She winds up getting Meow wasted too.
  • The Admiral being questioned about firing on the Cloudian's ship while Dr. Gel is aboard.
    Admiral Perry: All ships, open fire!
    Random mook: But Admiral, Dr. Gel is still on board!
    Admiral Perry: Screw him!

Episode 20: Rock 'n' Roll Dandy, Baby

  • Johnny's introduction. You're expecting them to say some interesting or at least peculiar name, given the setting, but instead you get... JOHNNY.
  • [Johnny's] dream is to become a rock star! How original.
  • Johnny and Dandy fighting over everything, and in overdramatic fashion.
  • The fact that the Golgo Empire's decoy spaceship is made out of plywood.
  • Dandy trying to imitate Johnny's absent guitar with his mouth at Space Budokan. Cringe Comedy, par excellence.

Episode 21: "A World with no Sadness, Baby"

  • The ship flying into a dark nebula, because they were too cheap to fix the radar.
  • In a darkly humorous way, QT and Meow assuming that Dandy was just taking a nap, when he was in fact dead.

Episode 22: "We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby"

  • Why does the mayor of Planet Grease think that Dandy can revitalize his world with dance? Because he's got the booty for it. A booty that he proceeds to grope.
    • Not having any actual money to give them, he bribes the Aloha-Oe crew into helping his scam by offering them a magazine featuring Agnes Lum (which the trio happily accept) and says that he's all too willing throw his wife into the bargain if that isn't enough.
  • Dandy tries to get the edge over Tohn Jravolta by having QT and Meow play an LP he bought earlier in the episode, believing it to be an energetic music track he can groove to. It turns out to be classical music and to save face, he engages in what can charitably be called "interpretive dance".
  • One of the side effects of playing the other-dimensional record is time acceleration. When Dandy realizes this, he makes the record play backward, which in turn makes everyone turn into babies. Even QT, which turns into a vacuum cleaner. Meow tops everyone by turning into a spermatozoid.
  • Tohn and Dandy engaging in a real dance-off at the end that culminates in the two of them admitting that they're "both great" before simultaneously dropkicking a singularity and recreating Planet Grease, reducing everyone on it to base protoplasmic beings that start their new existence by just rolling with it and continuing to dance.

Episode 23: Lovers are Trendy, Baby

Episode 24: An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby

  • Dr. Gel and Bea's Galaga and Space Invaders-esque adventures in the 2D World they're trapped in.
  • Honey fantasized about marrying Paul and have him be her "Prince Charming" until she sees that he's actually just a rectangle wearing a crown.
    • And even then, she says, "My rectangle prince!"
  • Dr. Gel and Bea going into zero dimensions at the end of the episode.

Episode 25: Dandy's Day In Court, Baby

Episode 26: Never-ending Dandy, Baby

  • Dandy casually turning down the offer to be God so he can go back to BooBies.
  • Dandy's Heroic Second Wind is caused by looking at Honey's ass through his video feed.
    • Even better, a quick glimpse on the feed shows Scarlet motioning Honey over to position herself in the camera to do exactly that to encourage Dandy to keep pushing.
    • Dr. Gel's ship undergoes a Battle Strip from a fully clothed Statue of Liberty to a scantily clad valkyrie, a mix between Narm and Moment of Awesome.


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