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  • The On the Next episode previews are hilarious to listen:
    • The next episode preview of the first has Ange complaining "I know this is supposed to be a bishoujo robot anime and I get the bishoujo part, but where are the robots?"
    • The next episode preview of the second episode has Ange complaining that "This week's story is terrible too."
    • Episode 4's Preview has Ange talking about the Pros of having shorter hair, and about how her popularity should go up.
    • Episode 6's Preview: Ange has totaly lost faith in previews, and she does not believe that Momoka (her maid) is coming to her base in the next episode.
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    • Episode 7's Preview: Ange AND Momoka do the preview and have this exchange.
    Ange: I so thought you were going to die.
    Momoka: That's so mean.
    Ange: Maybe you'll die next week?
    Momoka: Maybe you're the worst, Princess.
    • Episode 9's Preview: Amidst all the gun fighting on a Laria Board Ange is constantly saying "Pero" at the end of her sentences. This is because Ange was wearing a Perolina costume for a lot of episode 8. Ange also wonders if the staff even knew how to write a swimsuit episode with stuff like the pig racing going on, and if the staff was just making her say "Pero" for the heck of it, Pero.
    • Episode 11's Preview: Hilda and Ange are finally friends but Ange doesn't like it because it's too predictable that it happened. Ange then states that no one has died in awhile and whenever people become friends, someone dies. Hilda takes back what she said and doesn't consider Ange a friend anymore, dummy! Dummy! Dummy!. Even more hilarious that Ange and Hilda previously voiced one of the biggest yuri ships in anime history.
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    • Episode 12's preview has Sala complaining how she has been in the OP and ED since the start, but wonders why she has more lines in the preview than the episode proper.
    Sala: I'm an important character, am I not?
    • Episode 13's has Ange complaining to Vivian that she stole her song. This was because Vivian was a DRAGON throughout the episode. Ange then asks for money for copyright infringement.
    • Episode 14's Preview: Ange and Tusk are stuck again as the only humans around, Vivian is in her DRAGON form again. So Ange lays down some ground rules for Tusk.
    Ange: If you do things, or touch me funny, or suck on me again, I'll kill you.
    Tusk: So... pinching?
    Ange: Die!
    • Episode 15's Preview: Tusk is telling Ange that they aren't alone anymore, and that there are A LOT of girls.
    Tusk: Maybe I'll get a harem!
    Ange: No, so just die this week!
    • Episode 16's Preview: Ange says that they, She and Tusk, are running out of material for the previews so she is leaving for the day. Tusk yells in Surprisingly Good English for Ange to come back:
    Tusk: Ange, come back!
    • Episode 17's Preview is Sala coming up with failed nicknames for Ange.
    • Episode 18's Preview has Salia commenting on how her last line was calling Ange a fat-ass and then she shows up as a bad guy.
    Ange: Maybe the staff hates you.
    • Episode 19's Preview: Hilda is bemoaning her Demoted to Extra status with Ange telling her that it's what she gets for calling her fat. Hilda even pulls off a Third-Person Person bemoaning this fact.
    • Episode 20's Preview: Chris and Rosalie are bemoaning their Those Two Girls status and Rosalie finally vents out all of her frustrations with the show. She then demands more RosaChris episodes with Chris "correcting her" that it should be ChriRosa.
    • Episode 23's Preview: Ange voicing out the same thing fans are voicing out on Tusk's survival.
    Ange: What a convenient plot twist.
    Tusk: Whatever, I'm a convenient person!
    • Episode 24's preview has Ersha trying to repent by giving a PROPER episode preview, but Vivien keeps interrupting her. (Cue Ersha Headbutt.)
    • In the preview for episode 25, the cast speculate that the reason for the "Cross" in the title is because it's Ange's default emotional state.
  • Episode 2: Ange slapping Zola so hard her (cybernetic) eye pops out.
  • Episode 3: Ange sees the pudding she threw in the previous episode and starts eating it. She cries and says "It's disgusting!".
  • Episode 4:
    • Emma spitting out her coffee/tea while in communication with her father. Less funny when it turns out it's because she sees Ange wearing clothes that are ripped apart thanks to the trio of girls who are harassing her for the death of Zola.
      • Her father's reaction on the other hand was hilarious as he instinctively covered his face despite the fact that she's spit taking on the screen.
    • Rosalie's attempts to harass Ange for the death of Zola which all end in failure.
    • Ange not even caring about the harassment she got after they wrecked her clothes (considering she already appeared naked to the public, albeit just to two girls).
    • The entire Bedmate Reveal could count as this. Most of the episode has Ange being a Perpetual Frowner until that part and all of a sudden, she pulls off an Oh, Crap! face.
  • Episode 5: Take a drink however many times Tusk and Ange end up in a compromising position.
    • Vivian asking Ange if she's dead and that if she is, Ange needs to respond.
    • After a heartwarming moment, Ange asks if Vivian still has the mascots she's had in the previous episode. Vivian says yes, but they smell like curry, does she still want one? Ange's response?
    Ange: No. (Although Ange has one on her paramail next episode anyway).
  • Episode 6: Momoka's attempts to impress Ange.
    • Momoka DESTROYS half of the locker room to get a giant royal closet in there.
      • The "half of the locker room" includes Salia's locker, and she is seen "mourning" for her locker.
    • Momoka completely remodels Ange's room to more resemble a royal suite.
    • Momoka cooks Ange a special meal, but Ange tosses it aside. What makes it funny is Vivian's reaction:
    Vivian: Hey! You wasted good food!
  • Episode 7: The preview alone gives us Ange piloting Villkiss with a VERY bad cold, and Salia with a Sailor Moon-ish tiara.
    • Jasmine's Oh, Crap! moment when she realizes that she made Ange go to the wrong changing room number.
    • The entire scene with Salia posing as a Magical Girl is very priceless, followed by the events below.
      • Salia refers to this as "Psychological Maintenance" in her journal.
    • Ange seeing what Salia was wearing and Salia's embarrassment, leading to a Cat Fight between the both of them. Salia grabs Ange's boobs while Ange attempts to do the same but fails to grab anything. The awkward pause between the both of them was priceless.
    • We only got to see part of what Ange was wearing in the Sick Episode preview, but this is what she looks like in full gear.
    • The full text of Ange/Momoka's apology letter for the fight with Salia in Surprisingly Good English.note :
    I, Angelise Ikaruga Mitsurugi, wish to here provide an explanation regarding the altercation which occurred at the bathhouse between myself and Squadron Number One Captain Thalia.

    On the occasion of my daily sorties, my performance has been spectacular, and thinking about it now this was more than enough to make Captain Thalia jealous. However, for my part, I knew nothing of the captain's envy and unfounded slandering of me, and I had no idea whatsoever about the captain's mounting day-to-day stress.

    Even when the captain came to me at the bathhouse my only thought was that she had come to praise my usual work. Further, even when Captain Thalia came at me with a knife, I though that this was a unique manifestation of the captain's affection and I accepted the challenge without a thought.

    I knocked away the captain's knife, and after some bare-handed fighting, we entered into a battle with scrubbing brushes, and I felt that it was actually beating her that would meet her expectations, and so before I knew it, I had won a total victory. As far as this goes, I believe my behavior is as it normally is in my day-to-day life, but I have come to learn through this incident that my being elegant and luxurious causes some people to feel envy.

    I am guilty of no wrongdoing or misconduct in this incident, and I myself am not to blame in the slightest, so I can improve nothing, but if it may be said that the mere perfection of my existence begat it, then I do offer some apology.
  • Episode 8: The preview alone shows us that they're making Para-mails launch with catapults. Ange's face while experiencing said catapult is priceless. Less funny when you know the context why she was catapulted.
    • While looking for Ange, Emma goes towards the commander's area and opens the curtain only to find Jill, Jasmine, and Maggy who proceeded to scream like they encountered a pervert. The fact that they're even putting their best Troll faces is hilarious.
    • Salia in a cinema watching an incredibly cheesy romance movie in French. She's driven to tears by it... but everyone else in the theater is bored to tears. One girl sitting behind Salia is even asleep.
    • The others' reaction to Chris in the sports competition. This also counts as an awesome moment for Chris.
    • Ange as Perolina. Especially when she tells two lesbians who were about to get it on to get out of the hangar so she can relax on their cot.
      • The fact that she blames Hilda for how smelly the Perolina costume is with Hilda having no idea why she's even accused of that is hilarious.
    • Misty's maid fainting from Ange's presence is hilarious.
    • Hell, the episode itself, when you think about it. It's a Beach Episode that has the least fanservice of the entire series so far. For example, it sets up a swimming contest with swimsuits that will slowly dissolve in water, only to cut away as soon as the race begins.
  • Episode 10: When Tusk TRIES to pull a dynamic entry rescue on Ange he is able to steal her ring back from Julio and prevent Ange from being hanged. Yet he still ends up face first in her crotch.
    • Ange beating up Tusk because Tusk commented that Ange's hair is beautiful. In her crotch. Tusk just can't win, can he. Even the Para-mail veers a bit thanks to the beating.
    • After hearing about Ange's experience outside Hilda says she was attacked by 50 people and beat them all. It was actually the four cops at the end of Episode 9. This act to save face is less funny when you remember that Hilda was going through a BSOD after reuniting with her Mother. Otherwise, she would have kicked their butts.
    • Ange telling Hilda not to die because the cell will stink if she dies. Hilda certainly had a laugh at that.
  • Episode 11 is a goldmine despite the seriousness of the situation:
    • Ange tossing Salia out of Villkiss must be seen for the hilarity.
    • Hilda playing as Ange's sane woman.
    • Salia telling Hilda that she stinks.
    • Jill knocking out a mind controlled Emma.
    • Ange and Hilda complaining about their "current accomodations".
    • Ange's priorities a little bit mixed up after Momoka advises both Ange and Hilda to take a bath first when the situation is dire.
    • Salia's squad, minus Ange and Hilda, are enjoying their meal at the table and four of them got the best parts of the food while one got the short end of the stick? That last person? Salia.
  • Episode 12:
    • Vivian, as a DRAGON, causing Emma to faint.
    • Vivian, as a DRAGON, trying to eat a pot of curry left in the cafeteria.
    • And no, Vivian has no idea that she is a DRAGON the whole time.
  • Episode 13:
    • There's just something funny about Jasmine carrying Momoka on her shoulder with just one hand like she was a sack.
    • Followed by Momoka pulling out two cans of pepper powder and making her and Ange disappear like a ninja. At this point, fans were convinced that Momoka is on her way to becoming a Ninja Maid.
    • This is then followed with both Momoka and Ange sneezing from all of that pepper powder.
    • The only thing Embryo says after the episode is over?
    • Hilda's reaction after Ange destroys the debris and soldiers blocking the runway:
    • Salia's angry rant over Ange abandoning her duties caps off with a line that has to be heard to be believed.
  • Episode 14:
    • DRAGON Vivian's reactions to Tusk and Ange kissing and about to get it on the bed.
    • The fact that the only working building that has electricity in Japan is a love hotel.
    • There Is Only One Bed. Tusk, ever the gentleman, is going to sleep on the couch. Except the instant he sits down on it, 500+ years of wear-and-tear cause it to collapse into a wreck.
    • Tusk ALMOST made it a whole episode alone with Ange without falling face first into her crotch.
    • The fact that the hotel is called the Hotel Mu La Flaga and the fact that even after 500+ years, equipment is still working is hilarious that some fans have thought that the hotel can make the impossible possible.
  • Episode 15 has a few:
    • Because the DRAGON kind have not seen a human male in their entire lives, Tusk is strapped onto a bed naked. This is then followed by Ange slipping on a water bottle and falling face-first (with open mouth!) on Tusk's (naked) crotch. Finally, there's Vivian's response to that little mishap:
    Vivian: Gureito. *thumbs up*
    • Sala casually standing up from her Japanese sitting position while Ange is holding a broken pot at her throat. And walks away like nothing has happened, leaving Ange to have a Flat "What" moment.
    Ange: Wait, I'm the one holding you hostage!
    • Vivian not being able to answer her own quiz.
    • Ange's dream where Tusk suddenly changes into Sala.
  • Episode 16's preview has a Funny Background Event while Sala's talking with Ange. Apparently, golf is the most expensive sport.
    • Sala believed the sporting complex to have been an ancient coliseum where warriors gathered to compete against one another. A bit over-romanticized, but not exactly untrue.
    • The entire first half, apparently DRAGON world entertainment runs on Mundane Made Awesome. Take your pick: the tennis game, the baseball 70s sound effects, the car race, the crane game, all of it.
    • Salamandinay getting turned on from Ange biting her tail.
    • Ange not being able to pronounce Salamandinay's name throughout the entire episode.
    • When Villkiss explodes from the power of the Spacetime Convergence Cannonnote :
  • Episode 17:
    • After four straight episodes Ange finally snaps and throws Tusk off of a cliff for the "falling crotch gag". Sad thing is Ange fell on him this time.
      • Well as he tripped over his screwdriver, he accidentally swiped her legs, causing her fall.
      • During the night, she scared off the girls trying to woo him over. By eating what looked like a penis-shaped mushroom. Tusk reactively held his crotch over the view out of fear (doubles as a Call-Back to the previous episode).
    • Salia, calling out the formation Shining Rose Triangle. Both Ersha and Chris think it was pure Narm incarnate.
    • Ange's reunion with the Arzenel group. Particularly Hilda meeting Tusk for the first time after Ange was all over him in fear.
    • In a bit of Lampshade Hanging, Ange states to Sala that the next time they continue their competition, it'd be in a karaoke competition... The very competition they had in chapter 16 of the official 4-koma manga, which itself is a parody of episode 16.
    • What does Ange think of Embryo? A creepy narcissist.
    • Despite being enemies Ange and Salia still bicker with Ange accusing the latter of sleeping with Embryo.
  • In episode 18 Why Ange rejects Jill's plan. Both heartwarming and funny
    Ange: Because if we did it your way, I can't have Cafe Ange.
    Jill: What?
    • When Rosalie introduces the three new pilots of Aurora, all three of them rush towards Vivian and start gushing over her for being the Ace Pilot of the First Troop. Rosalie's face and reaction towards it is hilarious with both Ange and Hilda, who are also Ace Pilots in their own right, not even caring about the entire thing.
    • Emma's Drowning My Sorrows moment.
    • Vivian's hammy reaction when Tusk initiate's "Plan B". What makes it funnier is the gas mask she's wearing.
    • Vivian declaring that she misses the horrible Norma food. While eating it in the most cheerful way possible. Followed by Maggy inspecting Vivian and finally finding out that Maggy was the one who chopped off Vivian's tail and wings.
  • Episode 20 has one in a mostly dark episode: Ange and Salia still bickering with each other just like old times at Arzenal while Ange has Salia in a choke hold.
  • Episode 22's title might as well be renamed as "Fukuda, you damn troll!", the episode.
  • Episode 24:
  • Episode 25:
    • All of Hilda's expressions when Ange reunites with Tusk. It's small to see since the focus was on Ange and Tusk.
    • The cast's reaction in the credits when Lamia introduces Vivian to her FATHER.
    • How does Tusk swoop in to save Ange from Embryo? By picking her up from the ground while flying Villkiss upsidedown, and by the time Villkiss is flying right Tusk is face first... Guess where? Ange screaming and flailing about really sells it.
    • Ange's speech of why Embryo sucks has loads or Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking in it.


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