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Nightmare Fuel / Cross Ange

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
Dying from fighting Interdimensional Dragons can leave messy results.

Cross Ange is a very dark series featuring lots of gore and blood. It is not for the faint of heart or stomach. With that being said, there's many horrifying scenes in the show itself.

  • Ange witnessing her mother's death after the former is exposed as a Norma and being subjected to a cavity search when she is conscripted into the military towards the end of "The Fallen Imperial Princess".
  • Ange suffering a Near-Rape Experience courtesy of Zola.
  • Pretty much how the Normas are sent to Arzenal once they are exposed, which happens to Ange.
  • In Ange's first battle one pilot was bifurcated by a laser, another was quartered and devoured. Then again, the over-the-top nature of said deaths, specially the ridiculously copious amount of blood, may drive said deaths straight into Narm territory.
  • Hilda suffering a Police Brutality and Ange being tortured by Sylvia towards the end of "Traitorous Homeland".
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  • Ange witnessing the DRAGONs being burned by Jasmine in "The Right Arm's Past" and realizing that she killed humans all along.
  • Julio's assault on Arzenal and Chris's death in "Arzenal Burns".
  • Anytime a pilot or even a DRAGON spurts out High-Pressure Blood, which happens fairly often. Seriously, be careful when watching this series if you are afraid of blood and gore.
  • What World War VII did to humanity's existence on Earth. There's no human life left and all we see are decaying skeletons. Ange pukes at the site of what happened. War Is Hell, indeed.
  • Revenge mode Jill, in general, since her allies were killed by Embryo.
    • Also, her plan to use the DRAGONs as a decoy to kill Embryo in "Conclusive Ocean" and her plan to kill a tied-up Momoka.
  • There's also Marika's death at the hands of the Embryo-influenced Chris in "The Survivors".
  • Everything that Embryo does in the series caught others off-guard.
    • He did a Mind Rape on Jill, which caused her first Libertus to fail.
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    • Even Julio's Karmic Death at his hands was pretty disturbing.
    • He made the Normas The Scapegoat to the humans and captured Aura to use it as the source for the mana.
    • The part where he convinces Sylvia to join his side and whip Liza to the point of sending her straight to the dungeon.
    • He attempts to rape Ange, but it backfires on him every time to the point that he straight-up tries to kill her.
    • He abandons the Diamond Rose Knights to their fate in "Eve of Destruction". Watching two of them get killed at the hands of the dragons was awfully disturbing. Before that, Embryo strangles Ersha and begins to merge the two worlds together in "Necessary".
    • And also Jill's death. His Hysterica shoots her in the stomach and it takes a short time for her to die by the beginning of "Beyond Time".
    • In the Grand Finale, he attempts to kill Tusk and Ange and get into Salia, Ange, Sala and Hilda's Ragna-mail to save his skin.
    • Embryo's Karmic Death at the hands of Tusk caught people off-guard because of its gruesomeness. His look of terror is suitably unsettling.
  • Mana is basically Government-Encouraged Magical Meth; it breaks down the willpower of mages for a few circus tricks, leaves them susceptible to fear and decadence, and generally makes them the slaves of Embryo, especially in Episode 22. They've been poisoning their minds with the very thing that keeps them at peace, and they use it decadently because they believe it's unlimited (it just comes from a really, really, really big dragon). Once it runs out...
  • Picturing the demise of the other Norma. They get seduced by Embryo at his most affable nature and join him. But then his sadistic personality shows and they would know that not only is he insane, but he's homicidal. And it's already too late to escape and no one's coming to save you.
  • Anyone who died from being sucked into Embryo's merger of the two worlds.
  • Chris going absolutely insane with her Ragna-mail in "Eve of Destruction" when Embryo abandons her can also catch people off-guard. Considering the fact that she was trained to hunt down DRAGONs while at Arzenal, she does end up killing some of them during her rampage.


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