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  • How come there are no remnants of the first failed Libertus? Did Embryo instantly repair everything?
    • Temporal control cannons, and very liberal use of mind control are the foremost explanations.
  • In episode 13, why did Ange have to go the trouble of slicing Salia's Arquebus' arms? Was she that paranoid that Salia may Back Stab her while she's dealing with a fleet?
    • Salia was trying to stop Ange from getting involved in the fight on Jill's orders. It was more insurance to keep Salia out of her way than paranoia because Salia has that undying loyalty to Jill.
      • Okay I can deal with that, but then why did Salia fall in the ocean. The only thing Ange took out were her arms instead of her propulsion systems.
      • Ange did not just took out the arms, she sliced them both off with brute force, while Salia was having an emotional breakdown.
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    • Ange wanted to render the Arquebus hors de combat, as an alternative to just murdering Salia (which she was seriously considering). Given that Salia was trying to recapture her for a cause she didn't support, she was trying to be polite.
  • So in episode 19, somehow Ersha and Chris can't hit a stationary submarine with most of its personnel just waking up from the gas incident, yet is capable of hitting a smaller Para-mail. And considering Vivian was shot down, there was no way they were holding back at that point (even Salia shot Ange in her chest). Did they somehow have accuracy skills compared to Lunamaria?
    • Considering that the same weapon that broke DRAGON shields with one shot did not even irreparably damaged the lightest-armored Para-mail, they were definitely holding back. Shooting in the direction of the Aurora seems to be part of Salia's plan to capture Ange by forcing her and her group to stay and protect the sub rather than teleporting away like last time.
  • In episode 21,
    • When Embryo pulls out the revolver, why didn't he just shoot Tusk right there and then instead of just shooting himself to quickly get to where Ange and Momoka were at?
      • He cares more about Ange than killing Tusk.
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    • When Chris attempted to snipe Ange, why didn't the Villkiss just teleport like the last two times when being in danger, instead used the beam shield?
      • The most likely explanation is that Villkiss didn't fully understand the nature of the threat. The two times it teleported away, it was facing Embryo's temporal cannons which is something you want to run from, not try to defend against, and the second, Ange specifically ordered it to "fly" because it was pinned down by Salia, Ersha and Chris with grappling cables.
  • Is it just me or did Tusk just hijack the final episode and became the protagonist instead of Ange? While both of them did kill Embryo, Ange only killed his true body while Tusk deals the final blow.
    • It's not just you. He clearly gained more prominence than originally planned.
  • Was there even a point in that final upgrade for Villkiss? Other than changing its color scheme?
    • The Villkiss somehow gained the ability to use its Golden Supermode without Ange having to stop everything she was doing and sing her version of El Ragna.
    • It actually gets all the abilites of the various modes, or at least is also shown to have the energy barrier/sword and presumably the warp too. It also gets arm mounted beam shields back, which the other Ranga Mails had but Villkiss originally lacked.
  • If the old Humanity are the last descendents of old Earth, how were they able to go to new Earth and why?
    • Embryo may have some godlike abilities, but he didn't create the Mana-humans from scratch: he genetically engineered them from original humanity. He had to have brought some old humans to the "false" Earth from the original as a starting point. The "Ancient Humans" are simply the last remnants of the unaltered humanity.
  • So, considering how Ange (and everyone else) has officially disowned humanity. How the hell are they going to reproduce (there being only one man whom they're willing to accept, while the other men are either dead or with Sylvia)? Hell, are they even planning to have decedents?
    • Remember, Salako stated that males transform into massive dragons out of duty. They may not be born that way, meaning: Tusk has a harem out of necessity, then g1 is a bunch of half-siblings with a common father, then the dragons (who are humans) keep a few males around in reserve.
    • I believe it's clear that Ange will not allow Tusk to consummate with anyone other than her. Also, considering the dragon girls are born with dragon traits, the theory that males are treated differently doesn't hold up.
      • That was in episode 15, prior to Ange making a move on Hilda. So, given the current status of things, it's possible with at least Hilda.
    • The Dragon-men are stated to "assume Dragon form" and the doctor also notes that none of the women have seen an adult male human in their lives, suggesting that the men are born human but change into Dragons before adulthood. Further, the Dragon women are able to go back and forth between their Dragon and human forms, so there's no reason to assume the men cannot as well. Admittedly, this does beg the question of why only the women of the Dragon society live as humans, while none of the men do?
      • The men are storing a lot of Dragonium in their bodies and generally doing the heavy labor of cleansing the Earth. It might be too hazardous for them to humanize with their hearts full of polluting crystals. Alternately, the male D-gene may be simply impossible to bring under control with medication like the female version. It's indicated that women return to human form to give birth, but that implies that they mate in DRAGON form.
    • There's three possible (if not certain) sources for genetic material to ensure diversity.
      • 1.) The ancient ruins on True Earth. (The Dragons had to repopulate from there, and at least one shelter is still fully functional as Tusk and Ange found out.)
      • 2.) The med bay on the Aurora. It was the base for the last remainder of pre-mana humanity. There could be samples there, provided the med bay wasn't destroyed in the final battle.
      • 3.) Embryo's lab on "True Arzenal." He had to have some material besides his own an Ange's for the sake of "starting over."
    • DRAGONs are human. I imagine Ange and Tusk's children (if any) will be given DRAGON genetics and join the rest of the population, because there's no real reason for them to remain a separate species - and even if they don't get gengineered directly, there's no reason their male children won't marry DRAGON girls. Given this consideration, there's no reason why the other Normas have any kind of reproductive duty even if they had a male to reproduce with. (Tusk and Hilda might make babies, or not - doesn't matter either way.)
  • If Mana-using humans are basically hard-wired to despise Norma, what's the deal with Misty? Momoka I can understand because of her Undying Loyalty to Ange, but considering how unbelievably irrational the hatred toward Norma is in this show, Misty doesn't have much of an excuse for her brain not being programmed to spew hatred at Norma on sight.
    • Because they're not hard-wired. Just indoctrinated. In other words, nurture, not nature. After all, Ange herself hated normas, until she found out she was one.
    • Liza said in episode 22 "The humans were programmed to instinctively despise the Norma." Unless it's just a fansub choice, that makes it sound like they're not simply taught to hate Norma, but rather their brains are wired to compel them to hate Norma beyond all reason.
    • Liza's not an expert on the subject though: she's lived among the Mana-humans for a while, but that's all. Embryo (aka the guy that actually created the Mana-humans) implies that the Mana-humans are simply easy to manipulate: he told them to hate Norma, and they did without any resistance. This is one of the things he sees as being "wrong" with the Mana-humans: they're too easily manipulated.
    • Misty knows about Arzenal, the predominance of "humans" don't. Emma lives in Arzenal, and she's somewhat reasonable.
  • They never did explain why the song is activation code to unlock the full power of a Ragna-mail now did they?
    • Embryo says something about the song being "scientific laws in musical form" (probably just refers to the tune, not the lyrics). Since he also built most of the Ragna-mails (or at least re-engineered them for combat), he may have set that song as the trigger as a kind of poetic justice: the ultimate weapon is only unleashed by invoking universal law.

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