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  • Acting for Two: Quite a bit of the cast aside from the main ones also have secondary roles. However, all of them never meet their counterpartsnote  so Talking to Himself is usually avoided.
    • Yukana has Emma and Liza, as well as a random robot that Ange and Tusk encounter in the True Earth.
    • Nao Tōyama is Sylvia and Olivier, one of the Bridge Bunnies.
    • Nanako Mori is Hikaru who's a bridge bunny, Irma who's a pilot for Embryo, and Naga, who's a subordinate of Salamandinay.
    • Reina Ueda is Tanya, another pilot for Embryo, Akiho, Ange's former friend, and several additional Norma during the first half of the series.
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    • The dub also does this with a few of its minor roles too:
  • Actor Allusion:
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  • Casting Gag: Ersha is not the first pink-haired girl voiced by Christina Kelly.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Creative Producer Mitsuo Fukuda has apologized for episode 13's opening.
    • Though not a full backlash, he's wondering why Tusk's death was censored when the rest of the deaths in episode 21 wasn't even censored.
    • There's also the criticism Fukuda made when Sumire Uesaka was asked on a radio show about Momoka's fate is that she only said that "I would really like to think she was still alive." It wasn't even much of a spoiler comment but then he went on a rant and temporarily locked his Twitter account. Which then convinced some fans that Momoka would survive. They were right.
  • Enforced Method Acting:
    • According to Nana Mizuki, she was pinching Toshihiko Seki's hand when Ange stabbed Embryo's hand in episode 20.
    • According to Mamoru Miyano, he was slapping Mizuki's stomach for the crotch diving scenes.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Japanese fandom's nickname for Tusk is "Kirito note ", because he looks like Kira Yamato but acts like Rito Yuuki.
    • Also "Super Kira," owing to Mamoru Miyano's other notable role.
    • Tuskete on the other side.note 
    • Tusk F. Yamato for another. Not only does Tusk look like Kira, but he is also voiced by Mamoru Miyano who voiced another Gundam protagonist named Setsuna F. Seiei. note 
    • On the english side for some, Fluttershy for Ersha. Out of strange coincidence, Ersha looks almost indentical to a humanized Fluttershy, merely lacking the yellow turtleneck.
    • Angelise for Ange, pre-Characterization Marches On where she rejected Normas and wishes to eradicate all of them. Some also use Hitlerina.
    • Stripper vision guy for Embryo, thanks the opening where he stares at Ange who's running and somehow strips her clothes. Alternatively, he also garnered "Fetus-kun", in relation to his name.
    • Twitter bird for the bird that latches on Embryo in his first scene since the bird looks like the same logo from the Twitter website.
    • Top Meido for Momoka
    • Salamandinay might have been a victim of many many Accidental Misnaming (until most officially goes with either 'Sala' or 'Salako'). Still, that didn't stop many people to come up with any other creative misnaming for Sala as her nickname.
  • He Also Did:
  • I Knew It!:
    • Fans correctly guessed that the Toshihiko Seki-voiced Embryo would get to sing.
    • Absolutely nobody was fooled by Tusk and Momoka's deaths in Episode 21 and had already guessed they survived due to Never Found the Body. Sure enough, one episode later they show up no worse for wear.
    • Quite a few fans correctly guessed that Emily Neves and Austin Tindle would play Ange and Tusk for the English dub.
  • Killed by Request: Takako Honda requested to have her character Jill killed off in the Grand Finale, not because she hated the character, but she just thought that Jill's death would 'fit her character arc'.
  • Playing Against Type: Yui Ogura as a temporary villain. Not bad actually.
  • Playing with Character Type: In the English dub, Caitlynn French voices Chris, a shy, quiet, and reserved girl that fills into the characters she voices. Except, Chris's shy personality is more relating to the fact that she has a lot of personal issues.
  • Production Posse: Sentai Filmworks has Chris Ayres back as the dub's ADR Director, Emily Neves, Cynthia Martinez, Kira Vincent-Davis, Tiffany Grant, Carli Mosier, Hilary Haag and Caitlynn French are again part of the cast, and Katelyn Barr is writing the script.
  • Shrug of God: The initial response towards the status of Vivian's father. He finally made an appearance at the end of episode 25.
  • What Could Have Been: In the DVD extras, it's revealed that there were plans for Momoka to betray Ange and be revealed as being in on Julio's plan when they returned to Misurugi, however it was felt that there should at least be one pure-hearted character in the show.
    • According to the staff, Zola was supposed to die during the defense of Arzenal, however Michiko Neya had other plans so she couldn't stay long for the show.
    • Ange was supposed to have been The Captain of the First Troop, though that would have made her overshadow everyone even more, so they decided at first with Hilda, but went with Salia.
    • The second half of episode 14 was supposed to be a flashback episode where it depicts both of Tusk's parents and both would have been voiced by Miyano and Mizuki.
    • Salamandinay was supposed to show up on episode 7, however they had to delay it because Eri Kitamura at the time was trying to promote her album so they made it a Salia episode.
    • Ersha was originally going to have a somewhat darker complexion at first (as her design was based upon an unknown Indian woman). But was changed at the last minute.
      • The Design Works book also reveals that several other characters were to look different from their finalized counterparts. Some of these changes were minor, like Salia and Momoka having different hair colors and styles or Emma having a different outfit. Others drastic, like Tusk having a more disheveled look, or a clean-shaven, older-looking Jurai.
    • The end of the series would have had Aura returning to her human form. But the idea was nixed by Fukuda, who thought it went against the story.
  • The Wiki Rule: Right here.
  • This series made its debut in Super Robot Wars starting with V and then X. Much like another reviled Mitsuo Fukuda-directed series, a lot of Fix Fic elements were applied to the show to the point that fans considered that the series was improved by the game.

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