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Fridge Brilliance

  • The entirety of episode 5 has a lot of Foreshadowing smacked in the viewers faces but is disguised as either Fanservice nature or unintentional comedy purposes.
    • Why would Tusk tie Ange in the bed? It's probably because he thought she was a DRAGON that can turn into a human.
    • The Moment Killer when five helicopters started shooting at random towards the Schooner-DRAGON and got themselves in a friendly fire. A lot of people thought that was stupid and hilarious and nothing else. Turns out, the mana-using people can be possessed by DRAGONs and that Norma are immune to them. It also foreshadows that Tusk can't use mana as he clearly is in control of himself despite the DRAGON kept roaring in rage.
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    • Tusk is visibly disturbed by how Ange kept stabbing at the DRAGON and makes a cryptic foreshadowing about "the DRAGON wanting to save its friend." At first, this can just be dismissed by sentimentality but as episode 12 shows, a DRAGON is formerly a human. Tusk is stopping Ange from stabbing a human being repeatedly.
  • In episode 22, Momoka's survival actually makes (some) sense, unlike Tusk's. The convenient frying pan stopped the bullet, but the issue of her falling off a kilometer-high cliff and having a car explode on top of her is still open... until you recall that just before that, Embryo has enhanced her physical capabilities to their limits to fight Tusk and she already knew how to use her Mana to survive long falls from a much earlier episode.
  • How did the DRAGON people of True Earth build their own Ragnamails (especially Sala's Ryu-en-go)? By harvesting parts from defeated Arzenal Paramails and combining them with what few relics remained after WW 7.

Fridge Logic

  • Embryo' backstory alone contradicts itself in several prominent places.
    • Jill mentions, in episode 10, that Embryo fled Earth after World War Three nearly caused the complete extermination of humanity, and came to the "Earth" of the world setting using genetically modified humans as the foundation to set up a society based around some power called "Mana." The "Norma" were an accidental byproduct, and what few pre-mana humans were still around are all focused on the submarine named the Aurora.
    • Episode 14 has Ange find a still-functional war shelter, on True Earth, with full records that show that the Earth was perfectly habitable up until World War Seven which ended as a result of a Ragna-mail attack destroying a Dracunium reactor causing deadly fallout.
    • Episode 15 has Salamandinay explain that the Dragon's leader Aura was kidnapped by Embryo, and lets Ange come to the conclusion that Aura is the source of mana before adding horror to the story by explaining how each and every dragon expedition that was sent to rescue her was not only shot down by Norma, who didn't know any better, but that Aura was being force-fed the hearts of her own people to keep her alive and to continue producing mana. Note that Aura didn't even exist until at least a century after WWVII ended.
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    • Ange's capture in episode 20 confirms Salimandinay's story as Embryo shows Ange the trapped Aura with the dragon cores of all the Dragons slaughtered by Salia's squad.
    • Episode 23 shows that Embryo leaving Earth, and entering his pocket dimension, had nothing to do with war at all, but rather was an exploration mission where the original Arzenal was a laboratory experimenting in extra-dimensional (ie parallel universe) physics, and he was thrust there accidentally. The many graves there are the burial site of his fellow researchers who either didn't survive the trip or were killed by Embryo.
    • The penultimate episode has Embryo showing us through flashbacks when he mentions "ending wars" where attacks were led attacks against "Columns of Dawn" repeatedly.
  • The only logical conclusion one can get from this tangled timeline is that Embryo didn't just end wars, he started them by trying new and interesting ways of mind-control and getting fed up when humanity as a whole resisted until he wiped out "True Earth" in WWVII and found a way to start a "mana" society where he would be in absolute control, and once he had a sufficiently stable "homonculous" population, he turned his temporal cannons on the "Ancient" humans because they're all just primitive monkeys and of no further use to him.

Fridge Horror

  • Many fans laughed at the "Zombie Apocalypse" element of episode 22, but after just a little thought, the implications are downright chilling.
    • Embryo can control ANYONE who can use mana, at any time, anywhere regardless of distance, and the people being controlled have no knowledge of it, or what they were doing unless informed by someone else.
    • Embryo sees nothing wrong with mentally, physically, or sexually assaulting people. Period.
    • Remember the tagline in episode 1 concerning the Norma, how they are "always vicious, violent, and anti-social?" How relatives and close friends for years will instantly turn on them and either scream in terror or demand their death?
    • Well, it's not too hard to figure out how that would happen. The most likely explanation is that Embryo didn't tell mana users that Norma were dangerous. He forced it by using controlled people to repeatedly assault or traumatize them until they fought back, and then release the control. The poor people who were once controlled would have before them wild-eyed, frantic, hysterical, and especially violent women, and they wouldn't know why. If that happens enough, it's very easy to conclude that it's "nature" and not "nurture."
  • Embryo's institutionalization may have help in one occasion. One is how the Mana users became too complacent and too much of wusses to fight for their own lives, making only Mecha-Mooks a problem. More importantly, taking what happened to the Ancient Humans into account, every Mana user has the potential of becoming a Person of Mass Destruction even Dragons and Norma can't counter if left unchecked. Now that he's dead, and there are still plenty of Dragon corpses laying around...

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