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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth being sent to Arzenal for here.

Please list your recommendations below. Those self-recommended by their authors will be zapped.

Original Fics

''A Better Tomorrow by SolarisAce

  • Recommended by: jmf6401
  • Status: Ongoing (Chapter 8 as of 8/23/18)
  • Pairings: JillxOC
  • Summary: Alektra Maria von Loewenherz and a man known as "Eugene Valentinus" are old comrades from the original Libertus, each carrying their own scars. But with the arrival of an exiled princess, hope for a new revolution looks like it's beyond the horizon. With the same goals but differing methods, can the two compromise what they view as necessary actions? With one of them desiring vengeance no matter cost, and the other fighting to maintain his morals and ideals in his pursuit of freedom, can each be the support the other needs? Can the two of them, with the aid of their comrades, bring to fruition a dream of a better tomorrow?
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  • Comments: Another decent Fix Fic focusing on OC Eugene Valentinus, a survivor of the ancient folk and resident XO of Arzenal. Some slight shipping with Jill but most of the story focuses on his mentor/student relationship with Ange. Story tends to drag in the early chapters but still a solid read.

Cross Ange Futatsu Sekai No Border by

  • Recommended by: Wise Man 23753
  • Status: On Hold
  • Summary: A year after Aura is released, Sylvia rallied a group of survivors to rebuild the collapsed Mana society. However, her dreams to create a true peaceful society is broken when suddenly their old enemies, the Norma, appear and massacre civilians in revenge for their past treatment. Her team’s struggle for survival eventually leads to another war with Aura. This time, to finish the job they started.
  • Comments: A decent fic that paints Sylvia and other Mana users in a better light than in canon. Also shows the consequences of the Libertus and their efforts only intensified the violence among each other, not to mention switching places between oppressors and victims. Has some moments between Sylvia and (little) Hilda as well.

Shipping Fics

Cross Ange: The Knight of Hilda by Eric Michael Kline

  • Recommended by: jmf6401
  • Status: Ongoing (Chapter 19 as of 11/9/18)
  • Pairings: HildaXOC, AngexTusk
  • Fanfiction Summary: A retelling of the series diverging from the canon story at the end of episode 9. Following her disastrous reunion with her mother, Hilda is rescued from the police sent to capture her by a mysterious figure who gives his name only as Rio. Sent to "conduct" her, Rio is an agent of the Network, a Pro-Norma sympathist group with ties to both the Ancient Folk and Arzenal.
  • Comments: A self-admitted Fix Fic, notes by the author cite his influence as a desire to correct what he perceived as the two greatest flaws of the canon series; the lack of prominent male characters and what he refers to as the "absolutist" stance it took regarding the humans' persecution of the Norma. The main OC can be a bit of a Gary Stu at times but to the author's credit, Rio doesn't steal the limelight away from the Canon characters (Ange is still the chosen one) and he rather nicely deconstructs how a scenario like the one he describes would play out. The one major flaw is the author seems to be overly fond of Gundam references and expies (the OC leader of the Network is a self-admitted expy of old Joseph Joestar from Stardust Crusaders).

Crossover Fics

CROSS ANGE: Rondo of Angels, Dragons and Unicorns by CasualFictionWriter23

  • Recommended by: Wise Man 23753
  • Status: Ongoing (Chapter 5 as of 4/6/17)
  • Crossover with: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Fanfiction Summary: Banagher Links is sent to the World of Mana after a piece of experimental equipment goes wrong. The young boy find himself in a world of magic, but heartlessly oppresses other races, specifically the Norma who can't use magic. After an encounter with First Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, he escapes the Empire in his Unicorn and finds himself on the military base of Arsenal. Establishing residence on the island, he earns his keep with the misfit band of Norma and other nearby residents. Following his journey back home are the Sympathizers, Mana users who see Norma indifferent from humans and suffer from the status quo just the same.
  • Comments: Has some interesting potential to expand on areas of the Cross Ange world the original anime touched lightly. Can also likely become a Fix Fic to diverge from its storyline.
    • One of the few well written Cross Ange Fics. Unfortunately, the author has a habit of sporadically updating. As of 11/17/2018, it's been a year and half since his last update

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