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  • Ange inadvertently giving the Norma system the middle finger when she buys Momoka with cash she got from wiping out a squadron of dragons all by herself. The fact that Jill approved of it was icing on the cake.
  • Salia in episode seven gets one when she instructs Ange, who has just arrived in the nick of time since she was sick in this episode, to go to the top of the dragon and make Ange attack a part of the horn to disable the gravity field. She also calls out Ange to stop pulling off her I Work Alone tendencies and manages to solve most intra-squad issues afterwards.
    • Ange pulling a Rider kick at said horn.
    • Props to whoever in the staff wrote Ange's apology letter in Surprisingly Good English.
  • Ange, Momoka, and Hilda escaping Arzenal. Also Ange and Hilda finally burying the hatchet.
  • The preview of episode 9. HSQ will happen when Ange with Momoka takes on the entire former Misurugi Empire just to rescue her sister Sylvia with nothing more than guns and an Iaria hover board.
    • The reason why the two ships crash? Ange tosses a grenade at one of the planes.
  • The breakout in episode 10 is a sight to behold:
    • Ange defying all the mana-using people by singing her mother's favorite song, all the way to the gallows, promptly shutting up everyone in the vicinity.
    • After Tusk rescues her, Momoka comes to her aid and Ange just kicks the magic cuffs. Then Momoka and Ange tag team to bust a few guards (with Momoka protecting Ange and Ange charging in). Finally, Ange calls out her siblings, calls the humans foul beasts and throws a shuriken at Julio's face.
    • Same episode, after she ends up in the same detention cell over at Arzenal: Ange getting Hilda out of a Despair Event Horizon by asking if she wants to join her in "destroying the world", after the latter has been rejected by her mother and now by her two friends, Chris and Rosalie. The two former rivals are equally frustrated at a world that has turned its back on them with irrational hatred and given them a lot with no real future, and wish to get a little payback by changing it.
  • Episode 11 finally has the first mail VS mail of the series with Ange and Sala going toe-to-toe against each other.
    • Sala's glorious Golden Super Mode tornado move where it takes out half of Arzenal.
    • Ange finally unlocking the Villkiss' Golden Super Mode and firing the same tornado move as Sala's mail. And how does said Golden Super Mode activate? Singing. Ange sings a much more energized version of the Eternal Song and if you listen closely, Sala joins in towards the end.
    • Props for the Arzenal staff for being Crazy-Prepared of when a DRAGON invasion appears very near their position. Too bad about the left side where Sala wipes it all out.
    • Ange jumping out of Hilda's Para-mail and free-falling towards Villkiss who's piloted by Salia but is in a Heroic BSoD because Villkiss won't move for her. And no, she doesn't have a parachute. She then makes it hilarious when she tosses Salia out and tells Hilda to catch her.
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  • Props to Fukuda for trolling the fanbase in episode 12 thanks to a certain voice actress who is a Chronically Killed Actornote  not dying in the episode despite tripping a lot of death flags.
  • Episode 13's preview. Embryo's pose certainly won him quite a bit of Draco in Leather Pants points from viewers.
    • Really, a lot of episode 13 has tons of moments, mostly from Ange. Her accomplishments include:
      • Runway blocked? Shoot the debris alongside the soldiers to free it up.
      • Villkiss Michael-Mode, the red one, destroying all the ships all on her own, one of them ramming it with Villkiss' Flight Mode.
      • Sniping Julio with a handgun also counts.
      • Ange trying to shield Tusk from Embryo's Shoulder Cannon move which then transforms Villkiss into Ariel-Mode, the blue Villkiss, and teleports out of his way.
    • While Chris is afraid the invading troops will kill everyone before they can escape, Hilda, seeing the predicament as the chance she's been waiting for since episode 10 to deliver payback to the humans for ruining her life, not only gamely accepts, but declares that she won't let anyone on her squad go down, to which effect she takes a bullet for Chris.
    • Embryo killing Julio by singing El Ragna. The latter definitely had that coming. Too bad Embryo turns out to be a sociopathic murderer episodes later, thereby negating this.
    • Embryo shows us why he's God when he starts reviving Chris and a child Ersha was holding.
    • Tusk finally showing off what he's capable of by blowing up an enemy transport, capping off two soldiers in the back of their heads, jumping over the one carrying Vivian, capping off the third one in mid air, bringing down his knife on the left solider upon landing, and finally capping the guy holding Vivian. All in one slick move.
    • It's worth noting that both Hilda and Rosalie did not get captured by the enemy thus proving that while Ange overshadows everyone, Rosalie's actually not that bad at piloting.
  • Episode 14: Tusk made Ange apologize. To put this into perspective, this is like CM Punk making Vince McMahon apologize on live TV.
  • Episode 15: Without drawing her weapon, Sala curb stomps Ange in their fight. Granted, Ange was unarmed as well, and Sala had the one-sided advantage of flight, so all it took was a good knee to the neck.
  • Episode 16: Ange sings the duet alongside Sala, unfortunately Villkiss isn't completely repaired yet leading to Villkiss falling down. Ange then demands that Villkiss work again and sure enough, her ring activates and Villkiss self-repairs itself.
  • Episode 17: Vivian making a Big Damn Heroes moment by falling from the sky, grab one of the cables that was tying down Villkiss, attach a bomb, and gets out and land's at Tusk's ride.
    • Embryo luring the entire DRAGON army into a trap while revealing that he knows that Liza is a DRAGON.
    • Ange telling Sala to retreat and covering her escape. This is coming from somebody who always charges in with no plans.
  • Episode 18:
    • How strong is Jill? Strong enough to pull a Neck Lift on Ange with her metallic hand and back handed Tusk with her other hand. Granted, said arm gave her an advantage in the former department. Considering he fell down from a single back hand though, that is one hell of a powerful back hand.
    • Tusk's Crazy-Prepared plan in case the negotiations break down. And Vivian was in on it.
    • Ange vs Jill. Jill may have had a bleeding leg, but she still had a lot of fight left in her, and it was still very satisfying to watch. Especially Ange giving Jill a "Shut Up, Hannibal!", dodging her metal fist and finally scoring a knockout against her.
    • Rosalie has one of her own by training three new riders while above the Aurora. Unluckily for her, they're more interested in Vivian.
  • Episode 19 may as well be called "Ange is awesome, the episode".
    • Ange owning Salia, Irma and Tania, proving she's still the resident One-Woman Army with nothing but a pen. And then boasting that only Salamandinay was the only one who curb stomped her.
    • Ange almost falls for Embryo's hypnotism and stripped naked in front of Embryo (with Embryo noting that she's strongly resisting against it) and almost falls for him by sealing it with a kiss. Until she remembers her passionate kiss with Tusk back in episode 14. Then she resists, bites Embryo's tongue, then points the gun at him. And then Embryo bows down to Ange, noting that he has been looking for someone like her for a very long time.
  • Episode 20 has a lot of awesomeness from the cast.
    • Ange grabbing Embryo, stabbed his hand with a knife, climbs to the top of the table and steps on the knife, then finally stabs Embryo. This would have been impressive if it weren't for the fact that this is only episode 20 out of 25-26. Which was then followed by Embryo casually no selling all of that, grabbed her arm in an arm lock, and brainwash Ange.
    • For those who think Salia got redeemed, she tells Ange to escape because she doesn't want to see Ange in a pitiful state. Followed by Ange, who's still reeling from the brainwashing, delivering a choke hold towards Salia while saying thanks to her for giving her an escape route while trying to cover for Salia.
    • Momoka rescuing Liza, but not before telling Liza that she should apologize to Ange for putting her through hell.
    • Hilda, Rosalie, Tusk, and Vivian's plan to escape Aurora to rescue Ange becomes a mission to corner an insane Jill who's wearing a rider suit and is about to take off. Followed by Maggy slapping Jill for hiding the factors behind the failure of the first Libertus.
    • Salamandinay, Naga, and Kaname's Big Damn Heroes moment towards Ange who is still reeling from the effects of Embryo's brainwashing, chased by four Ragna-mails, all while having Momoka as a passenger.
  • Episode 21:
    • After Chris proves she's no longer pulling any punches the moment she snipes the Villkiss, Hilda, still stuck in a vastly inferior Para-Mail, gamely engages her in combat... and still manages to match her former comrade and her Ragna-Mail blow for blow. Not for nothing was she made the new captain of the squad.
    • Chris managing to snipe Villkiss. Nothing special except Villkiss was in Michael Mode and the shot still manages to drain its entire energy reserves, sinking Villkiss down the river, proving that Michael Mode isn't invincible against beam weaponry, though evidently it takes an equally high spec mech to deliver the firepower needed for such a feat.
    • Momoka's Dying as Yourself moment. Having figured out the implications that Embryo can easily capture Ange while she's still alive, she decides to try and take down Embryo with her by running towards him. She does get shot, but she still manages to stab him with his rapier, summons a vehicle and ram the both of them, falls down a cliff, and the vehicle finally explodes. Unfortunately, Death Is Cheap for Embryo and it only bought both Tusk and Ange a few seconds till he reappears.
    • Ange having to fight her way through the building filled with Misurugi citizens all under Embryo's control like she's walking through a Zombie Apocalypse. All while dragging Momoka with her despite having known the implications that Momoka's presence allows Embryo to find her and she's not willing to part with Momoka, even telling the latter that "she has no idea".
  • Episode 23 is the episode where shit hits the fan:
    • Aurora's takeoff revealing that it's just like the Hagane, Hiryu Kai, and Kurogane battleships. Followed by its own Wave Motion Gun, freezing the Dawn Pillar.
    • Ange's Rousing Speech especially when Hilda makes her The Captain.
    • Jill's She's Back moment, piloting Ersha's Ragna-mail. At one point, she even pulls off Gun Fu with the Ragna-mail. And finally caps it off with her saving Ange, thus starting Jill VS Salia.
    • Ange shooting at Sylvia barely missing her on purpose, forcing Sylvia to run away on foot confirming that her legs were healed a long time ago and that all of it was just mental trauma.
      • And right before that scene, when the cowardly citizens start requesting her help due to the loss of Mana, Ange just washes her hands of the situation. She even shoots down one of them when they were beginning to get violent again and the others promptly get the hell out of Dodge. She may have undergone some Character Development, but Ange does not forgive and forget so easily. After all of the unrepentant shits they gave to Normas, forced on them by Embryo or not, and not even bothering to ascend beyond it unlike Momoka and still acting like pampered kids, no way in hell Ange is going to give them the "Get out of Jail Free" Card.
    • Another Red Shirt's gonna die? Not on Vivian's watch who saves her by throwing the boomerang.
  • Episode 24 has quite a few:
    • The DRAGONs Big Damn Heroes moment, saving Ersha who would have been torn apart if they were late for a few seconds.
    • Ersha deciding to pilot her Hauser again to support the defense of the Aurora. And decided to lure the Killer Yoyo machines to save the Aurora, fully knowing that she was gonna die.
    • Hilda saving both Rosalie and Chris from falling since Rosalie forcefully ejected Chris out of the cockpit.
    • Jill being smart enough to freeze Embryo. Too bad Embryo's a troll and turns out that part of his body is in the Hysterica.
    • Tusk is the first one to truly get under Embryo's cool facade. How does he do that? By proudly declaring that Embryo doesn't know anything about Ange and that he's already slept with her himself.
  • The final episode has quite a few:
    • Vivian has to get the award for the only Houko Kuwashima character in a Fukuda show to not die.
    • Salamandinay's awesome kill against the Ragna-mail by impaling it and shooting it with her Bifurcated Weapon.
    • Salia and Hilda being able to finally activate their own Super Mode and makes quick work of the other two Ragna-mails.
    • Ange and Tusk finally killing Embryo with Ange delivering the final blow by slicing Hysterica with a Laser Blade BFS.

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