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Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi is an ironically karmic reincarnation of Villetta Nu from Code Geass.
  • The latter was a proud and racist nationalist who wanted nobility and used people to that end, even in her purported redemption, which still involved a lie and resulted in the death of the main character and millions of others indirectly. Here, as Ange, she IS royalty at first, but finds out she is one of the dreaded "subhuman filth", is exiled and treated as persona non grata, and used as cannon fodder. Doesn't feel so good with the shoe on the other foot does it Ms. Nu?
    • Funny you mention Villeta because her seiyuu is in the series as Doctor Gecko, the blonde with the goggles in the second opening.
    • Emma Bronson faintly reminds of Nina Einstein, with her green hair, glasses and racism.

When this series gets in Super Robot Wars, Shinn will be Ange's buddy.
  • Who does Ange remind people of? Kamille; and they were best buds in Super Robot Wars Z.
  • Just for an addendum, the Game-Breaker page will include Villkiss because of size S which makes it hard to hit, a lot of its attacks having Ignore Size Modifiernote  since the Para-mails are always fighting against L-sized DRAGONs, a MAP attack, a combo attack, a Mirror Imagenote  proxy with Ariel Mode, Biosensor and Trans-AM having a baby and producing Michael Mode, and for sheer kicks and giggles, having an Abnormal Survivor-esque abilitynote  with Ange's ring, Ange having Prevail level 9note , and access to both Soulnote  and Zealnote . And her Ace Bonus be at 130 Will, +100 attack power, Ignore Size Modifier to all attacks, and +1 movement.
    • She actually ended up being a Magikarp Power as she starts off with zero kills and Vilkiss barely has any good load out when first obtained. However, Vilkiss does have a MAP and its custom bonus is some HP and EN regeneration plus Ange does have Prevail 8 and Soul but doesn't have Zeal, the MAP size is somewhat small, and no Accel.
  • Although it's still up in the air whether they'll be best friends or not, Cross Ange will be featured in Super Robot Wars V alongside Gundam Seed Destiny and Zeta Gundam.
    • So far, that title goes to Judau Ashta. Later on however, she has a few interactions with Kira and Lacus.
  • Super Robot Wars X meanwhile gave her a better Cool Big Sis relationship with both Wataru and Nadia.

Hotel Mu La Flaga has equipment that can do the impossible possible
  • Because it's Mu La Flaga dammit.

Embryo is Kane
  • Embryo and Kane are both powerful immortals with a sinister agenda.
  • Both use the power of a potent and mysterious material (Dracunium resp. Tiberium) to further their goals.
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  • Both elements have highly mutagenic properties.
  • Jossed, Kane lives.

  • Alternatively, Embryo will demand an exchange with Ange where he'll do the entire "revive only one person if she joins him."
    • They lived; after half of an episode of crying.

Momoka and Tusk are really dead
  • Even Cross Ange can't be so ridiculous to Revive both without a single explanation (or a lousy one like the frying pan). The Tusk and Momoka that appeared in Ep 22 may be just illusions made by Embryo to kick her chain even more
  • Alternatively...
Tusk was revived by Embryo.
  • Momoka at least had some decent credibility for survining; She did not bleed or fall over when shot, could've easily used Mana to shield herself from the fall/explosion, and had physical evidence ( The Frying Pan) To back up her claims. Tusk, rather suspiciously didn't and reviving him would definitely lead embryo straight to Ange, with the added benefit mentioned above of fucking with her for, well, not Fucking with him.
COUNTER-WMG: Tusk and Momoka were revived by Ange
  • Momoka's evidence is rather flimsy, and Tusk's is nonexistent. The reason Embryo wants her specifically is because she has a, perhaps until now, unconscious ability to affect her world much like his own, and it will be needed to fully merge and overwrite the worlds. Why she has it is something that will be explained later.
One more possibility: Parallel timelines
  • Tusk and Momoka died. The replacement Tusk and Momoka are from a timeline where they survived, and ended up in this world as a glitch caused by Embryo's space-time merging.

Everything after Ange's Despair Event Horizon mid-episode 22 is a Dying Dream
She did shoot herself in the head and, in her last moments, dreamed of a world where she did not lose Tusk or Momoka, found her strength to fight again, defeated the Big Bad, and created a new, happy world.

The one to kill Embryo...
  • ...will be Tusk, while the girls fight each other: Ange vs Salia; Hilda and Rosalie vs Chris; Ersha and Vivian vs Irma and the other girl.
    • Jossed with Salia VS Ange. While they had a brief skirmish, episode 23 sets it up for a Jill in Ersha's Ragna-mail VS Salia. Meanwhile, Ersha's now a Bridge Bunny aboard the Aurora, handling the main weapon system.
    • Both Tusk and Ange get the honor of killing Embryo. So.... partly confirmed?

The Light of Mana is Embryo's version of the Khala and Overmind.
Maybe he was disciple of not Amon, but Narud, sharing the Xel'naga's Omnicidal Maniac tendencies and using similar methods. Therefore, the Mana People's crossing of the Moral Event Horizon over and over again is not really their doing, but under the influence of Embryo.
  • Adding to this is how the Mana People's mistreatment matches exactly that of the Conclave. In a world where there are those who reject the Light (Dark Templar) or were born without it (Purifiers), they were labeled as heretics/dangerous being and exiled/contained elsewhere (Cybros and Shakuras to Arzenal).

Sophia is still alive.
  • And her soul is residing within the Vilkiss. To the fact Libertus was ultimately successful and Ange unlocked her Vilkiss' power simply because Sophia wanted to protect her daughter.


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