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  • Ange and Momoka's backstory when Momoka accidentally breaks Ange's doll. When Ange notices that Momoka's bleeding, she rips off her dress and dresses the wound with Momoka wondering why. Ange claims that dolls can be replaced, dresses can be replaced, but there is only one Momoka. This is when Momoka decided that she would be loyal to Ange to the end despite Ange being a Norma and Momoka knows that.
    • Really, any Ange and Momoka moment could induce this.
  • Whether you like it or not, the last few minutes of episode 14 count, given this:
    Ange (noticing Tusk leaving the bed): Aren't you... ?
    Tusk (blushing): N-no, no, no, no, no. I'm the knight of the Villkiss. I can't get involved with you.
    Ange: Do you... not like me?
    Tusk (blushing further): Of course not!
    Ange: Then...
    Tusk: So, um... Y-You're awe-inspiring. Ten years ago... Well, I guess 548 years ago now, Libertus failed. Alektra lost her right arm, and she could not pilot the Villkiss anymore. My parents and friends all died. I was left with nothing but my duty as the Knight of the Villkiss. But I was afraid. To fight and die for someone I'd never known, let alone met...
    Tusk: I ran from that duty into the deep forest. I couldn't find a reason to fight, or even to live. I just ran.
    Tusk: That's when I met you.
    Tusk: You were fighting. You were resisting... with your small body.
    Tusk: My eyes were opened. What was I doing? That's when I finally found purpose in being a knight. I stepped forward. I wasn't forced into duty. I chose it myself. So if I can protect you, that's good enough for me. I mean...
    Ange: Loser. But you're pure at least. I'm blood-soaked. I killed humans and DRAGONS, and even even drove my brother to his death. I'm soaked in blood, crime, and death. I don't deserve a protector like you.
    Tusk: That's not true. Ange, you're beautiful.
    Tusk: No matter how blood-soaked you are, I'll stand by you.
    Ange: I'm violent, unpredictable, and fussy. Even then?
    Tusk (sounding reassuring): Even then.
  • Vivian's reunion with her mom in episode 15, and the feels continue hard in episode 16 and 17. Also,...
    Vivian's Mom: Quiz Time.
  • In episode 18 Why Ange rejects Jill's plan. Both heartwarming and funny at the same time.
    Ange: (to Jill) Doing things your way. We won't be able to build Café Ange.
  • The latter third of episode 22.
    • Ange and Tusk FINALLY go all the way with no Mana users or DRAGONs to interrupt.
    • Ange can only laugh at how Tusk AND Momoka are both alive and with her now.
    • Ersha's Heel Realization in this episode on how she was manipulated to fight her friends.
  • Episode 23:
    • After ALL of the crap Ange and the audience had to endure, Ange's tough love moment with Sylvia scaring the heck out her to get her to RUN away; and telling her to fight so she can stay alive was pretty touching. Even if Sylvia didn't deserve it.
    • Hilda finally confesses that she's in love with Ange, but was afraid she'd be rejected since Ange already was in a relationship and had a close relationship with Sala. Ange then proceeds to pin Hilda against the wall and kisses her, claiming that she's important to her just like everyone else and that she needs her in the new world after the final battle. A tearful Hilda simply embraces her afterwards. Its hard to believe they started the series so antagonistic to each other.
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    • Kind of a mix between this and a Funny Moment, but Ange invokes The Lady's Favor on Tusk...except she doesn't have anything to give. So she decides to give her panties and asks Tusk not to look, which he respect and promises to return them to her.
  • Episode 24:
    • Embryo brags to Tusk about how Ange is "A fine beast for taming." Tusk shoots back that he knows and loves Ange as a person, Warts and All, not as some perfect prize to be taken. Added funny: During the argument Tusk reveals that he knew of the moles in Ange's Inner thigh. Seems that all those times when he would end up in between Ange's legs really paid off in pissing off Embryo more. Still, it's the thought that counts.
    • Rosalie and Chris burying the hatchet, which, combined with Rosalie's Anguished Declaration of Love, becomes a bit of a Tear Jerker as well.
  • Episode 25:
    • Ange's tears of joy when Tusk rescues her from Embryo, by once again "accidentally" planting his face in her crotch? It's because she knows for certain that he's the real deal as only Tusk could or would do that, not an Embryo illusion.
    • Vivian gets to met her FATHER in the credit scenes, much to the surprise of Ersha and Salia.
    • True to their word, Cafe Ange is open for business, then later Ange and Sala fulfilling their promise to face off once more... In Karaoke.
    • The fact that the Norma and Dragon folk are living peacefully together. Consider the fact they've been enemies throughout the entire series and discriminated against by everyone, this stands out a lot more. They're finally able to live their own lives without the prejudice of society.
    • Sylvia, apparently taking Ange's words to heart, leads a group of survivors while wearing the same clothing Ange wore during the rescue attempt. It seems like Sylvia remembered the love of her sister, if a bit too late.

  • You'd think the Self-Parody High School A.U. Spin-Off Tenshi to Ryuu no Gakuen wouldn't have any moments like these. Well you'd be wrong. In Chapters 8 and 9 the characters are doing a School Festival. Hilda's mother comes to visit. Dawwww....
    • And in Chapter 11, everyone thanks Salia for all the hard work she's done. It moves her to tears.

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