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Ho Yay / Cross Ange

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Considering the majority of the characters are females, the majority of which have only been around women for most or all of their lives, this is inevitable.

  • There's Momoka who crushes on Ange so much that Undying Loyalty is an understatement.
    • Subverted so far in that, when she heard about Ange being with Tusk back in episode, she seemed okay with it.
      • Of course, that didn't stop her obsessing that she could dress up Ange in episode 19. And even held a panty up high like it was the greatest thing of all time.
  • Salia really wants to be Jill's favorite.
  • Episode 11 has a couple:
    • Hilda blushes when Ange hugs her from behind and presses against her back. But when Salia does the same later in the episode Hilda just comments how it's totally different from Ange.
    • One of the visions Ange and Sala see is Ange and Sala naked in bed and another is a soldier (Sala) meeting a nurse (Ange) and said nurse giving flowers to said soldier. It also showed that it ended tragically.
  • And then there's the 2nd opening of the series.(pictured)
  • Episode 16 is basically an Ange and Sala episode. The highlights were the series of games they played (especially the twister where Ange, trying to win, tries to make Sala fall by pushing her, Sala countering by using her tail as a substitute and Ange biting Sala's tail), the shower scene, the duet to save the civilians, and finally Ange giving Sala a nickname.
  • Episode 18 has a moment with Ange and Hilda in the bath with Hilda groping Ange, ending it with a kiss on her right shoulder. Hilda was relieved after Ange, when asked if she and Tusk "did it", answered "no".
    • And then episode 20 outright has Rosalie telling Hilda that Hilda loves Ange which the latter doesn't deny. Meanwhile, Rosalie has a heart to heart talk with Hilda and wishes that she could save Chris.


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