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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is an affectionate parody of the Magical Girl genre, and it definitely has some hilarious moments.

Episode 1


Episode 2

Episode 3

  • An all-boys school has a monthly Pretty Boy Contest. That's all.
  • The Pretty Boy Contest picture also looks very familiar.
  • The introduction of the soon-to-be Monster of the Week features him twirling around inside the bathhouse, with his towel falling down just in time for Atsushi and En to come in and get an eyeful.
    • Made even funnier when Yumoto doesn't understand why the two senpai are embarrassed.
    Yumoto: I love it. Seeing it and showing it!
    Yumoto: But isn't it great to have a bare-all relationship?

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

  • Io freaking out because someone used his toothbrush.
  • Atsushi was loooking for "Danran" (happy family) Beach. Thanks to a conversation with someone, he accidentally brought them to "Danran" (wild man) Beach.
    • Or, in the Funimation subs, looking for Nacho Beach and ending up at Macho Beach.
  • Right before the nightly test of courage Yumoto came up with, En suspects Ryuu would be afraid in the dark woods and cling to Io, which Ryuu fiercely denies to ever happen. Of course in the next scene we see him in, he's... clinging to Io's arm.
    • En tripping and getting his arms around Atsushi's waist causes him to comment on Atsushi's thin waist. Atsushi immediately thinks En might have a thing for him while En freezes up and thinks "Crap! I should totally not have said that!"

Episode 8

  • The final straw that causes En and Atsushi to get into an outright argument? Atsushi making longer replies and using more emoticons when he's e-mailing Yumoto compared to when he's e-mailing En.
    • This causes Atsushi to complain about En's monosyllabic texts with no punctuation and a five word limit.
  • "Give me back my can't-be-bothered, listless En-chan!!"

Episode 9

  • En's impression of Yumoto's excited "WOW!".
  • The Melon Monster gives the Defense Club some melon-related riddles and challenges them to solve them... but they're easily able to look up the answers on the internet.

Episode 11

  • To keep Mr. Tawarayama from decaying, they've put him in a cold storage containment unit.
  • This little hypothesis from Ibushi:
    Kinshiro: By the way, I haven't seen Lord Zundar yet today.
    Akoya: He's been going out a lot lately.
    Ibushi: Maybe it's mating season!
  • The Battle Lovers and the Caerula Adamases have found out each others' identities and are in full battle mode. Io's main concern?

Episode 12

  • The entire episode is a parody of nearly every magical girl show finale. It is both awesome and hilarious.
  • Episode 12's Stinger gives Mr. Tawarayama a happy ending by offhandedly mentioning that one of Wombat's people healed him.


  • This frame from chapter 6, making use of Bishie Sparkle and shojo roses.
  • Perlite teasing Argent with the names of attacks the silver chevalier had made up while under control of the Hot-Blooded monster in chapter 7.
  • The Defense Club and student council are duking it out in a game centre... then it shows a frame with En and Atsushi, sitting on a bench drinking from cans. (chapter 8)
  • Immediately after that, the eight get into a purikura and end up getting a picture with Yumoto knocking everyone over bar En, who just looks on casually, and Atsushi, whose mouth is open in surprise. Even funnier when you notice Arima's motion blurred face in the resulting picture or the end of that chapter where Akoya gets addicted to the purikura.
  • Also from Chapter 8, how the eight end up in the game center together. After Akoya and Ryuu, and Kinshiro and En start arguing, Yumoto gets annoyed, throws a stuffed toy at Akoya's head and then proceeds to literally drag the Student Council to the game center—by the hair in Akoya's case.

Season 2 - Episode 1

  • Sand Clock monster tries to attack Yumoto, En, Io and Atsushi while they are bathing. It is stopped by Gora who is infuriated the monster is disturbing the bath (and left sand everywhere) and threatens it with his axe. Monster runs away scared.
  • While watching the Battle Lovers fight with Time Stopper monster, Haruhiko says Battle Lovers are as slow as turtles. Akihiko responds by saying it is insulting... for the turtles.
  • After Wombat hands the boys their new lovracelets (the previous ones were dissolved by Sand Clock monster attack), Io and En are surprised they have different costumes. Wombat comments that in season 2 costumes and powers always change, "it's a primal rule of the universe!"

Episode 2

  • En starts yet another Seinfeldian Conversation on what separates the main character from the side character. He reasons that people who appear after eight minutes of the show can't be the main characters while Atsushi says it's okay as long those characters get a lot to do in "the second half". The whole conversation takes place at 7 minutes 25 seconds into the episode.
  • While still on the topic of Main/Side characters, Io compares Atsushi (who claims he is a side character) to be a leading character, "like tofu in a broth":
    Ryuu: I love tofu. You can kill people with it!
  • Yumoto almost tells the Beppu twins their house looks like a love hotel, only to be stopped by the other boys giving him a collective Dope Slap. After Beppu twins leave, Yumoto realizes he doesn't know what a love hotel and innocently asks about it. Hilarity Ensues.
    • A while later, Yumoto ask Wombat and Goura about what a love hotel is. Their reaction is priceless. (Goura even does a Spit Take!)
  • Zundar Needles are So Last Season. To turn a person into a monster, the Beppu twins have to transform while singing a song about themselves and then throw Dadacha (a green, flying squirrel like creature) to their chosen victim's face. Special mention goes to Dadacha introducing the twins' "performance" using perfect English (and a hilariously deep voice).

Episode 4

Episode 5

  • The many mentions of balls. Somewhat justified due to one of the Monster of the Week's themes being "volleyball", but then there's this one:
    Munakata: But Yumoto, you must be more aggressive with my balls.
  • Munakata is sent flying through the air after being knocked away by the black Bobayan monster...
    En: I think something went flying.
    Io: Looked like Munakata.
    Atsushi: Yumoto's right. Lots of things really do come flying and falling down in autumn.

Episode 7

  • En of all people gives the idea of holding a Christmas party in the Kurotama bathhouse. Everyone is understandably confused.
  • After being invited to the Chri-pa by Gora, Haru and Aki happily sings "We were invited! We were invited!" and are bursting with enthusiasm... until Dadacha reminds them they just sent a Christmas monster into town.
  • Ryuu shading Haru and Aki by saying "Those two are serious idols at our school... at least for now".
  • Haru and Aki being absolutely Adorkable during the whole party while trying to get Gora to notice them. Special mention goes to them deliberately putting cream on their faces after seeing how Gora wipes the cream of Yumoto's face. Gora and Yumoto are entirely oblivious to all this and the rest of the Defense Club just pass it off as "Christmas madness".
  • The Defense Club's several attempts at leaving the Kurotama bath to avoid transforming in front of the Beppu twins while Haru and Aki trying to inconspicuously give them a way to do so, just so the Battle Lovers could defeat the Reindeer monster and they could get a present from Gora. They failed every time, either because of the Reindeer monster thwarting the attempts or Gora falling for Yumoto's Bad "Bad Acting". Finally, they decide on just letting the Reindeer monster party with them.
  • Haru and Aki almost confessing to Goura, TWICE. Gora and Yumoto again are entirely oblivious.

Episode 12


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