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  • All-Star Cast: Most of the voice actors already have a lot of notable roles underneath their belts. However, prior to this anime, most of the Defence Club's voice actors and the two main VEPPer voice actors had only a few notable roles - Boueibu was one of the reasons their popularity rose.
  • Anime First: A web manga was released, but this is one of those cases where the manga is an advertisement for the anime. Even when the manga was actually centred on the Defense Club, it was mostly to bring hype to the anime.
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  • B-Team Sequel: As noted on the main page, the animation studio changed for season 2. Also, some of the major production roles changed hands between staff, with director Shinji Takamatsu being one of the only ones returning.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Due to the long cumbersome title note  and the unique take on the Gender Flip Magical Girl genre, some fans simply refer to this anime as the "magical boys anime".
    • Director Shinji Takamatsu believed the acronym would be 美L (pronounced the same way as "BL") but the fandom went with "Boueibu" instead. However, some people use "BL" to shorten "Battle Lover" or "Battle Lovers". As of season 2, Takamatsu uses "Boueibu LL" (read "Boueibu LOVE! LOVE!") to signify production tidbits on Twitter - "Boueibu LL" seems to be a standard Japanese fandom name.
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    • DADacha for Dadacha, even if him wearing an apron makes him more like a Team Mom to some fans.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Vesta... Battle Lover, asteroid, goddess or senshi?
    • With the advent of Go! Princess Pretty Cure's character, is Scarlet a Battle Lover or a violin player?
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: There was a call from the official twitter and site to give ideas for a monster, and that monster ended up being the Hot-Blooded monster.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Talking to Himself: Hiroki Yasumoto voices Zundar and Dadacha. The two characters are revealed to be brothers in Episode 11 of the second season, and he spends a good part of the episode switching between the two voices.
    • A monster and Goura share the same voice actor. Said monster is only ever seen on the Beppus' TV, in the process of having his butt handed to him by Maximum Gorar.
  • Throw It In!: Mugihito adlibbed the "Nightinggales" line (episode 5) and Yuichiro Umehara put an honorific in it when it was missing from the script (when En refers to Shozo Iizuka in episode 4).
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  • The Wiki Rule: Here.
  • What Could Have Been: The original title of the anime was "Battle Lackluster" and was more obviously a Sailor Moon parody, down to the five boys sharing the characters' surnames and having names such as "Battle Lackluster Mercury", "Mars", etc. There were even plans for a human girl to appear in a Tuxedo Mask-like role, but she was ultimately scrapped. It was noted that the title "[needed] work".
    • Another revision shows Atsushi's hair would've been shorter, Io would've have a more definitive bowl cut and Ryuu would've looked more like Megawa.
    • Yet another version shows Ryuu with black and purple gradient hair while Yumoto's and Io's eyes are a bright shade of yellow. To add to that, the Binan uniform is a green-yellow shade. Since En's hair colour matches his final version though, at this point it was likely to be close to what we know it as today.
    • The end of season two could have ended with the twins staying in space, but Takamatsu realised during editing that they wouldn't do such a thing and so they went back to Earth.


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