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The Press Society fish is an alien.
This has been talked about ever since the Press Society showed up for the first time - mostly on the ground that it seems to fill the same "club mascot animal" role as Wombat and Zundar do. While it hasn't spoken (yet), the very last shot of episode 9 is the fish smiling, which means it is somewhat capable of things fish normally don't do. Not to mention that this smile seemed like a reaction to what Kou said, which would mean it understands human language. In any case, it doesn't seem to be a normal fish.
  • The end of episode 10 confirms this.
The Press Society fish is the true Big Bad
I mean, just look at his goddamn smile.
  • pretty much confirmed in Episode 12
Wombat is the true Big Bad.
Let's face it. It's really suspicious how the monsters started appearing exactly as he forced the boys to become Battle Lovers. Besides, their loveracelets hurt when they refuse the call. Something is really wrong with this guy.
  • Maybe he's not neccessarily evil, but perhaps at least on the same team as Zundar and Hireashi...
Yumoto's brother Goura is secretly a Magical Boy himself.
He was able to recognize Yumoto while he was still in his Battle Lovers getup, and the Conquest Club wasn't able to recognize him. Maybe he has the same identity-hiding technology they do?
  • Confirmed as of Episode 12
Some of the students may have had actual special powers since before they were chosen.
Akoya seems to always have been able to feel one's true intentions, while En tends to always guess everything right. And if the beginning of Episode 9 is any indicator, Arima might very well be a cartomancer.
Episode 7's "Onee-chan" is actually related to the Press Society.
She was at the beach specifically to spy on the boys. After all, if the unspoken laws of anime character designing are right, someone with such a colorful, flamboyant and eye-catching design simply can't be a 2-second gag character.
Absolutely everything in the series was Arima's plan to reconcile Kinshiro with Atsushi.
Unfortunately, way too many things went wrong.
The Caerula Adamas existed once before, and it used to have four members.
Instead of being Gold, Silver and Pearl, they used to be Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pearl. But the one who was Chevalier Bronzite, instead of giving the ring back to Lord Hireashi when the show was once cancelled, hid it and pretended it was destroyed or lost. He now pays the price for it and the Caerula Adamas is down to only three members. Said Chevalier was Goura all along.
  • Jossed. The actual thing was much more glorious than this.
There have been teams of Battle Lovers and Caerula Adamas on other planets.
Episode 11 reveals that Zundar has been conquering other planets before together with Hireashi, apparantly for intergalactic entertainment purposes. I could be possible that he had been assigning the titles of Caerula Adamas to inhabitants of these planets, maybe even together with Wombat to keep up a good show.
It is no coincidence that Atsushi and Kinshirou ended up on opposing teams.
Before Zundar and Wombat turned up on Earth, humankind has been thoroughly scanned for people in a setup that would lead to maximum drama and put them on different teams to milk this drama for all its worth so that the show Zundar and Hireashi have apparently put up would sell better. Additionally, Zundar could have manipulated Kinshirou into thinking the situation between him and Atsushi is worse than it had actually been for him, toying with his feelings and accentuating them until he ultimately managed to reach his Dark Aurite form.
Lord Hireashi is in league with Condesce.
Both are fish aliens who conquer worlds. It can't be a coincidence.
The star Atsushi and Kinshirou wished on as children was actually Hireashi and Zundar's spaceship.
The timeframe even works,
if you assume it's when they're taking up with Goura. Besides, where else can that footage of them as kids have come from?
What is season 2 going to be called?
Not held on TV Tropes, but on the Tumblr magicalgirlsandcerulean. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Answer: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! LOVE!. Who got it correct out of the many Tumblr participants? Only one - the one who originally posted the question. Interestingly, it was noted that Binan Koukou Chikyuu More Better LOVE! was relatively common as a response to the post because of the 11th-Hour Superpower's name.
Season 2 will reference Tanabata.
With the air date being on 7/7, the ending song being named "You're a Distant First-Magnitude Star" and both twins' names (Akihiko and Haruhiko) sharing kanji with Hikoboshi's name, it's probably bound to happen. One has to wonder who would be their Orihime...
Season 2 continues the reality show revealed at the end of season 1.
When Wombat gave the Battle Lovers the new Lovracelets, which gave them new magical outfits, he notes "in season 2, the items and designs always change." While it may have been a joke Leaning on the Fourth Wall, it's possible that he could have been referring to something else.
It's Dadacha who works for the Beppu twins, unlike last season.
In previous season, The Conquest Club referred to Zundar as "Lord Zundar" as he was the one who gave them powers on the condition Kinshiro, Arima and Akoya will be filling his orders. Also, they spoke and treated Zundar with high respect. The Beppu twins refer to their squirrel friend simply as "Dadacha" and treat it more like an actual home pet. Also, Dadacha doesn't give them orders to attack a specific person, the Vepper's decide who will be their victim. It implies it is Dadacha who works for the twins (for whatever reasons) instead of manipulating them into working for him, as Zundar did with the Conquest club.
If there ever is an English dub it's likely gonna be a Gag Dub
Mostly because even though it's clearly not supposed to be taken seriously to begin with, the premise of
Bishounen Magical Boys fighting other Bishounen Magical Boys will likely be an Audience-Alienating Premise to many Westerners thanks to the Girl-Show Ghetto, especially since masculine men are desired more strongly and (as many who have read pre-release reactions to the series may attest to) the series definitely doesn't help weaken the "YAOI FANGIRLS HAVE RUINED ANIME!" mentality some older otakus have. So it's likely that they'll make up for it by keeping the camp nature, but slightly localize it to cater to a more American sense of humor (for better or for worse) a la Hetalia. That is of course assuming it'll even get a dub to begin with ,but considering how Funimation and Crunchyroll have merged, we'll see.

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