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  • Sento's way of forcing Kanie on a date in the first episode. She calls him up after school then pulls a gun on him.
  • Kanie's Awesome Ego in general, particularly when he's alone.
    Sento: Kanie-kun, can't you do something about your superiority complex?
    Kanie: [matter-of-factly] But I am superior. That's a fact.
    Sento: [sotto] O Goddess Libra, please smite this man.
    Kanie: You said something?
    Sento: No.
  • The tomfoolery that Sylphy gets up to, often in contrast to what's going on around her, including:
    • Sliding around on rolling office chairs while the other fairies check in with Isuzu.
    • Doing assorted yoga and Buddhist meditative poses, while wearing shark hand puppets, as real pirates attack the pool and capture everyone.
    • Playing a board game with, losing and bowing in reverence to another mascot who is an inanimate statue.
    • Strapping various sparklers and firecrackers to herself then lighting them all with Salama's flame when she's not paying attention.
    • Shoveling sukiyaki into her mouth while the others are trying to have a serious conversation with Latifa.
  • The fairy quartet is forced to show Kanie Sento's managing style...which involves threatening everyone with a gun, including for reasonable requests.
    Kanie: Oh my god, is this how you ran the park for an entire year!?
  • Episode 6. Most of the employee interviews, which get more and more absurd as the episode progresses.
    • Sento's struggles to keep her feelings in check after being tricked into eating a Heart-Sleeve Fruit by Maccaron. Particularly when she bashes her own head against a nearby wall or table to get herself to shut up.
  • The Beach Episode focuses on Amagi's water park area. The pool happens to be right on top of a gate to a major Mapleland harbor which was used to transport materials during the park's construction. A bunch of pirates—all humanoid seals—manage to bust through and start wreaking havoc. Highlights include:
    • Kanie holding his own against the pirates by tapping them on the head with a broom.
    • Moffle walking the plank into a pool full of tentacles.
    • All of the park goers thinking that it's some new event.
    • Isuzu the bikini pirate.
  • Episode 8. Full Stop. Consider all of it with the exception of the near end.
  • Any fights that Moffle and Kanie end up in. Bonus points if Sento has to break it up by shooting both of them.
  • The disastrous PV video for the park that Triken and Sento make in episode 13. Contains videos of dams, ironing during free-fall, Muse sleeping, bloody shootouts, fanservice (including an old man), and ends with a video of the live birth of a horse, in graphic detail. Kanie is understandably outraged.
    • When Kanie turns to look at Sento and sees that she's crying at what a masterpiece the PV was.
  • In the OVA:
    • Okuro passes out from heat exhaustion while filling in for Moffle. He then seemingly has a Potty Failure moment, though he claims it was sweat. Salama takes a picture of it, and Moffle is not happy when he sees it later.
    • The three part timer girls being forced to wrestle other mascots from a rival theme park. It goes about as well as you'd think for three girls who aren't exactly an Action Girl in the first place, though they ultimately win due to various things happening to their opponents.
    • Seiya trying to find another area to work due to his office air conditioner breaking down, only to constantly get interrupted by things happening around him, including working in a bathroom stall while someone is relieving themselves in the next stall over.
    • Isuzu, Latifa, and Muse all trying each other's jobs for the day, only to find out they're terrible at it. Muse wonders how Latifa manages to dice up a lot of onions and peel potatoes by herself all day, while Isuzu fails to act convincingly as the Elementario girls, and Latifa gets swamped by all the paperwork and requests.
    • Sylphy attempting to put a squid on the flowing somen noodles water.


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