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  • In the prologue, child Takashi and Meguru are talking, Takashi declares his intention of becoming stronger... And Meguru suggests a gun.
    • Gets even funnier when Takashi, during the main story, finds himself in a fight with four criminals and actually makes sure to keep any of them from reaching the one gun in the room, breaking the hand of the one who tried.
  • After his first (incredibly hard) training session with the professionals, Meguru, at home, ties up some sheet to test on them a few holds... And his sister walks on him while he's on top of the makeshift mannequin.
    • The following morning, Meguru wakes up, starts rising from the futon... And discovers that the side-effects from the professional training have appeared during the night and he gets blocked in a most inconvenient position. The right position to see his sister's panties when she comes to wake him up, and for her to stomp on his face in retaliation.
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  • After Maria takes over as striking instructor, Yudai doesn't want to take lessons from a woman, so she challenges him to a spar. A Curb-Stomp Battle later, Yudai learns he provoked Netherlands' former kickboxing national champion.
    "Why didn't you warn me?!"
  • After first meeting Maki, Meguru and Yudai talk about "the 1.8m giantess". Maki protests she's only 179 cm, they turn... And demand to know why she's disguised as a high-school girl. They also find out she's sixteen... And they are seventeen.
  • During their first spar, Meguru managed to hit and scare Maria (and getting mauled for it). A few days later, Maria gets reminded... And tricks him into walking on Maki while she's naked in retaliation.
  • After being convinced to enter a MMA fight, Maki takes part in grappling training... And immediately points out that a bunch of sweaty, shirtless guys grabbing and throwing each other to the ground look very gay, much to everyone's consternation... Except for Watanabe.
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  • Maki demanding rematch after rematch after Maria decides to show her why exactly she needs to learn the basics of grappling before her MMA match.
  • At a party, the Wimp Fight between a drunken Maria and Maki trying to retaliate for her previous sexual harassment.
  • For their professional fight early in the series, Furuya and Urasawa had to diet to get in the weight for the match. The day after, they are already chubby.
  • The ridiculous face that Meguru makes every time he wins a match creeping out everyone. Except for Maki, who just wants to beat him up.
  • Ogasawara, the opponent in Meguru's first victorious match, suddenly turning into a stalker.
  • After seeing Kaoru, her opponent for her first MMA match, Maki declares she won't lose... Against her breasts.
  • Momoko's triumphal debut:
    • When she first comes at Fighters' Brew she stops near the training area to spy... Then Maki, who wants to come in, gives her a push with her foot, leading to Momoko rolling in, using the roll to start standing up, and hitting her head on the ring post before she can fully stand up, leaving her with the skirt lifted and the butt upward.
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    • Being denied a Panty Shot due Momoko wearing gym shorts under her skirt, Tamiya take points from her with Urasawa nodding. Then Maki reveals that nowadays all girls do that, throwing them in full despair.
      Meguru: "That's the sound of their lecherous dreams being shattered."
    • Having an older sister, Meguru wasn't surprised by Maki's reveal, but was curious to know why Momoko was there. Maki, being her classmate, reveals she was looking for a place to continue training after their school's Judo club closed down, and at Meguru's surprise that a school would do that she explains that they go at an all-girls school. This is when Meguru has the horrified reaction.

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