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Shout Out / Amagi Brilliant Park

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  • The show's opening song "Extra Magic Hour" is a reference to the "Extra Magic Hour" early admission option at Disneyland.
  • Moffle, of course, is based off Bonta-kun, Kaname's favorite mascot from Gatoh's previous work Full Metal Panic!. Lampshaded by Seiya, to the point that he calls Moffle "walking copyright infringement".
    • Bonta-kun happens to be by the same author, who did acquire the rights.
    • He goes far enough to use the Dragon Slave attack from Slayers, though Seiya fortunately stops him before it kills a dragon.
  • The blue crocodile mascot Crocky is an obvious ripoff of Totodile.
  • Isuzu's general demeanor while she is unable to lie thanks to the "Heart-on-One's-Sleeve" bean is just like Fletcher in Liar Liar right down to bashing her head against any nearby surface when she's about to say something embarrassing.
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  • Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramie's "You Maggots" routine to the new part-timers in episode 6 is taken word-for-word from Full Metal Jacket.
  • Jaw, the shark employee, is an obvious reference to Jaws. He even briefly shows the iconic look when he's introduced.
  • During episode 8 of the anime, Seiya (actually Macaron in disguise) gets right in his teacher's face. This looks very similar to a scene in another of KyoAni's adaptations.
  • When Latifah gets captured by Ironbeard, the scene looks awfully familiar.

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