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Despite referencing tons of otaku series, there are quite a few that get by without resorting to a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo:

  • Every episode title references a given piece of media. Episode 3 references Hunter × Hunter.
  • While coming up with names for Neko-sensei, Minoa comes up with Nyako, Tama, and almost namedrops Doraemon before getting shushed by Neko-sensei himself.
  • The club's list of classic anime includes a lead character getting killed off in the third episode.
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  • Kai's examples of different uses of unusual battle tools includes paper, coins, Electricity, and cards.
  • When talking about pulling off a Wham Episode, they point to a standard Magical Girl battle suddenly ending with the girl getting eaten and putting all the effort into a debut concert, only to have nobody show up as examples.
  • Episode 4 has a picture of Miko as drawn in the style of Leiji Matsumoto.
  • The camera specifically lingers on AnoSuba when talking about how good sales will invokedlead into surprise second seasons.
  • Erika at one point is shown in a flower field version of the NERV council setup.
  • Ayame imitates Conan's famous "the criminal is among us!" pose and quote when trying to take down the Anime Club.
  • The idol anime Nakano plays imitates an infamous episode of Aikatsu!, where Ichigo goes into the woods to cut down trees with an axe. The chant the girls do as they work ("Onotoki") is similar to the "Aikatsu" chant in its inspiration, and the outfits a red version of the Dream Academy uniforms.
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  • Before crafting the Drama Club's costumes, Erika clenches her fists and looks down in the Ganbaruzoi positioning.
  • Arisu has Maruko and Chun-li lookalike outfits among her costume haul.
  • When Beibei talks about "old shows", the visual coming afterwards is of her in Ranma's clothing, with Shenron and Ramenman behind her.
  • When Neko-senpai reminices about idol anime in episode 4, he talks about how they used to use magic. Specifying "back in the day" means he's either referring to Full Moon o Sagashite or Magical Angel Creamy Mami.
  • "Our rainbow days have begun" references Nijiiro Days.
  • In episode 7, Minoa makes one of Kazuo Umezz's infamous scare faces when she hears about the Student Council's plan to shut down Anime Club.
  • The magical girl anime Erika proposes in episode 7 has its heroines transform into characters that look quite a bit like Cures Peach and Berry. She also mentions that PreFae is "getting into magic" at current.
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  • The anime Arisu has Sebastian make, Arisuborg Alpha, is very clearly a reference to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
  • In the English subs, Erika exclaims "It's morphin' time!" while reciting her lines.
  • The Anime Club does JoJo poses in the middle of deciding anime production roles.
  • "Not even Mom's hit me!"
  • Minoa's dad gives her a "believe in the you that believes in yourself" pep talk, complete with Badass Arm-Fold and eye shine. Minoa, however, recognises it as a reference to Guren Daran.
  • Rather than use the regular ending for Episode 8 (it was used as a concert scene earlier in the episode), the Student Council sings the ending theme at a karaoke bar, with a static shot of the hallway just outside their door.
  • The entire sequence of clubs coming to the Anime Club for advice had these:
    • Among the people coming for advice are students that look like Joe Yabuki and Kumiko Oumae.
    • A soccer player dynamically kicks a soccer goal with extra emphasis on the kick.
    • A lot of quotes they throw at the students belong to the anime they parody, not to mention that the students' clubs either match the genre or topic of the anime themselves. This includes Saki ("Mahjong is fun"), Slam Dunk ("I want to play basketball), Guren Lagann ("Aniki/Bro", "Pierce the heavens with your drill"), and Euphonium ("I want to get better").
    • One of the girls fawning over Neko-sensei mentions that he looks a bit like Yabanyan. He even turns the appropriate shade of red after being pressed up against the girls!
  • Yui's replacement running shoes (read: rocket boots) look like a pink version of Iida's boots for his Ingenium costume.
  • A Go-Volleyball club forms in episode 9, mimicking the I-Go Soccer club.
  • In episode 9's preview, Neko-sensei dresses in Zero's cape.
  • Nakano tells the rest of the club he has five identical loser brothers at home, and mentions he used to work at a high-end coffee shop before transferring to Sakaneko (referencing Todomatsu's job in "Todomatsu and the Five Demons").
  • The episode 10 eyecatch has the cast drawn in a Super-Deformed style reminicent of Nendoroid promotional art.
  • Yui gets a reference to Maicchingu Machiko Sensei in episode 11.
    Yui: "Yuicching!"
  • Episode 12 straight-up name-drops A Sister is All You Need. It helps that both anime aired in neighboring time slots during Fall 2017 and share a few voice actors. Minoa also directly quotes Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with "My drill will pierce the heavens" and uses a Mazinger Z-style Rocket Punch.
  • The school is shown with an upside-down apparation above it.
  • In the episode 12 preview, Neko-sensei references Tsurikichi Sanpei.
    • Only parody/citated Burn Up, Strange Dawn, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Galaxy Angel, Rahxephon, A Dog of Flanders, Hoero! Bun Bun, Kimagure Orange Road.
  • The episode 12 eyecatch has the main 3 girls dressed as the heroes of Cephiro.
  • The english subtitles refer to Tennis no Wagasama as "Fresh Prince of Tennis".

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