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The first season:

  • First episode:
    • That flashback. "Japanese girls are so scaryyy!"
    • Shino thinking hair chopsticks are a deadly weapon.
  • Episode 2:
    • Shinobu constantly misleads Alice and Youko on the origins of the word "moe".
    • They spot a plane in the air, and Alice poetically wonders if it's headed to England. Aya kills the mood by saying that it's probably flying to Tokyo.
  • Episode 3:
    • The part where Aya gets her nickname "Ayaya", stemming from Karen misinterpreting Aya saying "Aya yo". Youko and Karen constantly chanting "Ayaya" sells the moment.
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    • Karen revels her childhood promise to Alice, and her motivation for going to Japan — she wanted to return the pencil she borrowed from Alice.
  • Episode four:
    • Isami refuses to let Shino use the computer because she fears Shino would collect pictures of blonde girls like a stereotypical high school boy collects pornography.
    • Youko receives a letter in her shoebox and Aya spends the day fretting over it. They finally open the letter at the end of the day... and it turns out to be a practice letter written by Shinobu.
  • Episode 5:
    • Youko is a convenience store. One pork bun, please!
    • The segment where they draw pie graphs of what the others are comprised of. Shinobu says that Youko is 100% comedic retorts. Karen corrects it to 50% kindness and 50% comedic retorts. She then draws a graph for Aya, which is about 10% intelligence, 10% shyness... and 80% Youko.
  • Episode 6:
    • Yukari manages to expand Shinobu's blonde fetish to blue hair as well.
    • The "golden Karen, golden Alice" (golden axe, silver axe) dream sequence. There's no way Shino could ever choose!
    • While camping in the mountains, Aya noticing Shino, in "forest fairy" attire, floating downstream after she fell into the river.
  • Episode 7:
    • Alice and Karen's nice singing is supplanted by Shinobu's ill-fitting chanting and clapping.
    • Shino, Alice and Aya struggling to jog in P.E. class while chanting "fuwa fuwa."
    • Aya and Youko are eating lunch. Aya attempts to romantically feed Youko after watching a girl feeding her boyfriend saying "Aah." When Aya tries it, it comes out as a demented, monotone "AAaa--AAaaa."
  • Episode 9:
    • Aya says that her parents are out for the night, which the others acknowledge and then go back to their own conversations. Aya then clutches Youko with a teary look on her face, and Youko exclaims that Aya should just say if she wants everyone over.
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    • Aya thanks the others for staying with her overnight so that she wouldn't be lonely. Too bad they're all in another room telling scary stories.
    • Aya's attempts to emulate Karen, and failing adorably at it.
  • Episode 12:
    • Aya is worried that the group will be split up in the new year, and Alice doesn't fret it too much, as not even national borders can separate them. Cut to them looking at the class assignments, seeing that Alice and Shinobu are in different classes, and Youko remarking that a classroom wall separating them. Alice lets out a high-pitched scream at the revelation.
    • Shino's story.

During Hello!

  • Episode 1:
    • Shino trying to reach out mentally to Alice two classrooms down... And Alice actually mentally feeling the message (though she gets the actual content wrong).
    • Shino playing around with Karen's hair while the latter dozes off in class, and later on, utterly failing in giving Karen a message via finger poke to the back.
    • Basically any interaction between Karen and Kuzehashi-sensei.
  • Episode 2:
    • Poor, poor Kuzehashi-sensei's attempts at smiling, and her class' reactions to it.
  • Episode 3:
    • Alice and Karen treating Aya to a delayed "April Fools".
    • The twins' reaction to Aya coming clean to them about her own troubles.
    • The "Alice Meter".note 
  • Episode 4:
    • Delinquent Alice and Ayaya. Far more cute and far less intimidating than it should be.
    • Karen then demonstrating what a real delinquent is like, only to get in trouble with Kuzehashi-sensei when, as part of her delinquent impression, she jokingly talks about breaking the school's windows.
    • Alice and Ayaya eventually pressing Shino's Berserk Button when they talk about dying Alice's hair black to make her more like a delinquent.
    • Alice has gotten used to being in a class without Shinobu... because she has a Shino-based dakimakura that Kuzehashi-sensei made for her. Karasuma confiscates it, and when Shinobu goes to talk to her later, she's sleeping with it. Shinobu is pleased with the scene.
    • Aya puts a cardboard box with a cute face drawn in front of it on her head because her bangs got cut too short. She tries to hide her identity from Youko, but Youko figures out it's her when her blush is seen right through the box.
  • Episode 5:
    • Shino's "street clothes" (a princess gown complete with small crown).
    • Alice's attempt at emulating the Straw Millionaire story in real life succeeding, or backfiring, culminating in her realizing the real "lesson" to the fairy tale.
  • Episode 6:
    • Youko's body rejecting the mega-parfait she was trying to finish.
    • The "Blonde Alliance" between Honoka and Shino.
    • A young Karasuma taking out a yakisoba-bread bun from within her cardigan to give to Kuzehashi.
  • Episode 7:
    • Karen's mother punishing her daughter by eating a piece of "super yummy cake" in front of her.
      Karen: Please! Have mercy on me!
      Karen's mother: No way.
    • Shino invites Karen to sleep in her bed with her. Alice warns against it as the bed is small and Karen moves around a lot in her sleep. Shinobu's solution: Put Karen on the wall side so that, if Karen does kick Shino off the bed, she'll land on Alice's futon and "I'll still be in heaven." Given how the Imagine Spot of the solution involves Shinobu landing on top of her, Alice's sees it as "more like Hell!"
    • The Stinger, where Alice returns home after walking Karen home, only to find Shino, worried that she hadn't returned home after thirty minutes, filing a missing persons report over the phone.
  • Episode 8:
    • Karen and Alice are in line to order some food. Since this is Alice's first time, she's observing Karen to see what she's supposed to do. Karen adds "and a smile" with her order just to tease Alice.
    • Youko wears some glasses for studying, even though she doesn't need them. As expected, they mess with her vision. After Aya points out that they haven't studied at all, Youko and Karen put glasses on and say that they can't see reality.
  • Episode 9:
    • The pre-title sequence, with Karen and Alice parodying a scene out of Ace no Narae, complete with Karen sporting her hair in Ojou Ringlets.
    • Karen showing up in Alice and Shino's room first thing in the morning... and announcing that she wants to break watermelons then and there.
    • Aya's flashbacks of the previous summers of Youko showing up and asking for help with her homework.
    • Aya trying to call Youko... and ending sounding like a pervert as a result.
    • Youko and Aya caught red-handed tussling with each other... while while Youko is still in her underwear.
    • Youko's siblings bring her and Aya a popsicle to split. Aya breaks it off improperly, so Youko takes a bite out of Aya's extra piece to even things out. Naturally, this embarrasses Aya greatly, and the siblings just look at each other and smirk.
  • Episode 10:
    • Following up The Stinger in episode 7, the girls realize that Shino has gone missing while Alice was getting a drink for her, for only them to then hear an announcement on the beach's PA system about a "missing child" that matches Alice's description.
    • Karen and Aya play beach volleyball in a scene that's practically identical to episode 9 of the first season. Karen even points out as much.
  • Episode 11:
    • Flavored shaved ice as a new torture method.
    • Karen sitting around waiting to surprise Honoka... only to be surprised by Kuzehashi-sensei instead.
    • Karen then confusing Kuzehashi by asking her "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?", all with a knowing smile on her face.
    • Honoka notices that Karen's skirt is dirty and says to pat it out or her mother will get mad. Karen then tells Honoka to pat it out for her, which Honoka quickly turns down.
    • Youko is trying to do laundry, but her siblings are having a water gun fight. After getting squirted from both sides, she tosses the basket to Aya and takes the two down. She then looks at Aya to retrieve the basket... but it's flipped over on Aya's head and the laundry is everywhere.
    • The entirety of Shino's dream.
  • Episode 12:
    • Karen pretending to be Shino for Alice... except Karen's now tired of doing so.
    • Karen's recording a "Depressed Alice misses Shino" video collection, which serves as a Brick Joke for later in the episode.
    • Alice finally being able to talk to Shino after a week... only for her to start babbling in English because she's so nervous.
    • ... Followed by Karen abruptly hanging up on Shino after her own turn.
    • Shino taking too long to prepare for Alice and Karen's arrival, only to reveal that she's going out in her usual Western cosplay.
    • Isami finding the video camera Karen left on the table, and playing it for everyone... to reveal the same video series Karen had recorded in England, to Alice's shock.
    • Karen ascribing different skills to Shino, and Shino failing at them all.
    • One skill involves ventriloquism using puppet versions of Alice and Aya. When Youko arrives asking Shino to repair Mitsuki's teddy bear, Aya actually uses the puppet version of herself to respond to Youko.

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