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Funny / Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

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  • Narumi gets insecure when she notices Hirotaka's figure collection are all buxom so she makes them face the wall.
  • Kabakura gets bribed into crossdressing in exchange for a figure of Yuudachi Kai-II.
  • During a conversation about First Love, Naoya accidentally lets it slips out that Hirotaka actually did end up with his first love. Hirotaka, embarrassed, sends him one hell of a Death Glare to get him to drop the subject that ends up scaring both Naoya and Tarou.
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  • Narumi and Hanako start a heated argument over which of their boyfriends would be the top in a hypothetical yaoi relationship.
  • Hirotaka takes to hanging out with two of his coworkers. Unfortunately for them, Hirotaka keeps getting their names wrong.
  • The misunderstandings of the group's coworkers regarding the relationship between Narumi and Hirotaka (due to Narumi wanting to keep their relationship a secret at work).
    • Aiba and Baba notice Hirotaka's interest in Narumi without realizing he's her boyfriend. They consider him bold and cheer him on when he gives his 'unrequited crush' a White's Day gift.
    • One of the group's coworkers is a romantic and becomes deeply invested in Narumi's love life. Initially, she assumes Narumi and Hanako are in a relationship before remembering Narumi has a boyfriend. Then, after seeing Narumi with Hirotaka, she assumes Narumi is trapped in a failing relationship and pining for Hirotaka.

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