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Funny / Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

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  • Episode 12. All of it.
    "The twister brought Jaws!"
  • One episode featured Mr. Kouhei as an eccentric parody of American stereotypes that sells hot dogs while dropping F-bombs that could give the AVGN a run for his money.
    • Especially with the "Kaching" sound effects used to censor said F-bombs in the G4 airing.
  • Defeating mini-boss Mune Mune by throwing snails at her.
  • Remember how the English Dub decided to represent the Osaka dialect as Texan drawl? Sasshi's (very deep for a 12-year-old) English VA was Luci Christian, who apparently lost her voice for a short while after finishing the show. In the ending credits of the very last episode, there's a line 'In Memory of Luci Christian's vocal cords'.