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Literature / The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard

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The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard is one of many intentionally profane books by author Shawn Wunjo. It was published in 2010. The book was available on Shawn Wunjo's website (, but the site was shut down several years ago. The book is now circulated on various independent websites and file sharing networks as a PDF file. The book consists of twelve chapters, each roughly three pages long.

Lucifer Niggerbastard lives a mediocre life, which he hates. That changes one day when Mr. Moneyballs fires him from his job at the Analsausage Fuck Factory. The next thing he knows, he is on a quest among friends to give birth to a nation of Niggerbastards via his prophetic Vagina Ass.

The Niggerbastards are said to conquer Italy in about eighty billion years. The evil Latin League, led by Turnus, are all that stand in the way of the Fellowship Of The Vagina Ass. And so, Lucifer, the Burbling Sack Of Babyshit, Rojir The Razor-Bladed Dildo and Prince Pallas have to defeat the evil trio.

Tropes featured:

  • Alternate Continuity: Dick Niglet & The Shit Wizards of Asscabin has an alternate ending to the story.
  • Anyone Can Die:
    • The Fellowship Of The Vagina Ass dies.
    • Griswalda dies.
    • King Dicksalsa dies twice.
    • Queen Latina dies.
    • The Dyke Queen dies.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the end of Chapter 11, Lucifer says, "Shut the fuck up so this chapter can end & we can go kill that nigger, Turnus.".
  • Contrived Coincidence: It just so happens that Griswalda came to Lucifer's house to tell him about the Prophecy. Meanwhile, Lucifer is sick of his life, before Griswalda makes his appearance to tell him his purpose.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • While in Cumay, the Priest Of The Dildo Staff informs the Fellowship that they will be facing the Latin League, which they do. Prior to that, King Dicksalsa informs them of the same thing.
    • Juno says she fucked Turnus, Pallas and Camilla. This is before the respective characters were introduced.
  • Jerkass: Sack teabags the corpse of his first victim.
  • Living Legend: Those who have read the Prophecy Of The Vagina Ass (with the exception of Griswalda and Turnus) regard Lucifer highly.
  • Omnibus: In 2013, a 522-page book titled Some Motherfuckin' Sweet Ass Books and Shit was released, containing this book along with the other Shawn Wunjo books, and new original stories in between. As his books have been banned from publishing website Lulu several times, many of these books were impossible to find, quite literally, and the omnibus edition was the only way to get some of these books. However, now this volume itself is now very hard to get; it is listed on Lulu under the censored title SW Omnibus Edition with the author name listed as SW, and even worse, even under that title it's not publicly listed on Lulu; with the disappearance of Wunjo's website, there is no known way of getting an ebook, but if you have the private Lulu link that circulates on blogs, you can buy the book in paperback and have it sent to you uncensored. But generally the omnibus is considered very rare.
  • Really Gets Around: Juno name-checks a whopping 103 suitors, including Mercury, Turnus, Pallas, and Camilla, and mentions over 200,000 more (including an entire city) during a spat with Jupiter. In response, he calls Mercury over and asks point blank if he's having an affair with her.
    "Begging your pardon, fuckwit, but who hasn't?"
  • Running Gag: Lucifer killing his allies with the Magic Shotgun.
  • Satire/Parody/Pastiche: This and the other books by Shawn Wunjo are written in satire toward society's norms.
  • Theme Naming: Vulgarity. Lucifer Niggerbastard, Burbling Sack Of Babyshit, Rojir The Razor-Bladed Dildo, Griswalda The Magical Ass Fairy, etc.
  • Vulgar Humor: The title alone consists of two anatomical references, a racial slur, and whatever kind of vulgarity "bastard" is. Any of these on their own would've been shocking, but combining them together is just comical, and the book's actual content is right along the same lines.