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Oh so very many.

  • At the very start of the story, Shinobu wakes up to a naked girl in his bed. The normal MC reaction would be something along the lines of "OMG, boobs". Shinobu: a comical version of My God, What Have I Done? as the first thing that comes his mind is that he accidentally kidnapped a young girl while half-asleep.
  • Elni's first meeting with Shinobu has her stealing his hot dog and asking for more.
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  • Luna's disastrous first attempts at house-keeping
  • Shinobu has a tendency to play up his Delinquent image in front of his class, and then fall into depression when they believe him.
    • On the other hand, he will sometimes sarcastically proclaim his greatness, expecting a retort, and instead the girls will promptly affirm it.
  • Chapter 9 features an argument between Nazuna and Luna:
    Nazuna: I saw on TV the other day, than women like you spoil men! You're too kind to Onii-chan, he takes advantage of that and he'll turn into a NEET!
    Luna: Shi... Shinobu-san won't become a NEET!
    Nazuna: You can't tell! What will you do if Onii-chan becomes a NEET because of you?!
    Luna: If that happens then I'll take responsibility and feed him!!!
    Shinobu: ...Just how pathetic do you two think I am?
  • Kaouru is effectively the offspring of the Troll and The Gadfly with neither expression nor restraint.
  • When Hijiri tries to exorcise Luna, Shinobu promptly threatens to spread rumors around school that she's a sword-wielding lunatic.
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  • Minami after her confession and rejection acts very similar to a large and very friendly puppy, to the point that Shinobu swears he can see her tail wagging at one point.
  • Everything involving Shinobu cross-dressing, but most of all the fact that everyone who sees him falls head over heels for his female self. One of the customers at the school maid cafe proposes to him on site, despite knowing he's a boy.
  • Shinobu's "assistance" during the match between Kaoru and Hijiri: He tries to distract Kaoru by complimenting her boobs in the middle of the fight, and both combatants forget what they were doing to yell at him. Kaoru is flustered for probably the first time. Hijiri, on the other hand, is upset that Shinobu wasn't talking about her too.
  • Machina has a character trait of being tricked and following along before realizing she was tricked halfway through. For example:
    Random Person (probably Shinobu/Elni): Hey Machina, do X (something embarrasing)
    Machina: *does X*
    Machina: What did you just make me do!?!?
    • Machina is a freaking goldmine of these delayed tsukkomis. An example from manga chapter 21context :
      Machina: Nice one, Shinobu! Now SPANK!
      Shinobu: Take that! You dirty pig!
      *Shinobu spanks Machina's butt*
      Machina: (surprised) Yaaahhh! (delighted) I could get used to- (enraged) NO I CAN'T! STOP MESSING AROUND AND HIT THE MAID!
      Shinobu: (with a straight, serious face) I'm sorry, I'm a gentleman. I cannot do something so uncivilised.
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  • When Shinobu first meets Tamaki and every single conversation with her:
    Tamaki: (in a threatening low voice) Who are you?
    Tamaki: In-Indeed. *beat* Wait, that wasn’t what I was asking!

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